Thirteen years earlier
No P.O.V.

"Fascinating, just fascinating!" the professor said looking through his telescope at the stars with the girls.

Blossom moved the telescope to the left. "Professor, what happened to the other planets?" she asked.

The professor turned to where she was looking. "I don't know Blossom, I don't know" he said. "Off to bed, I have to make a call"

The girls nodded and left. He picked up the phone and called Dexter. "Dexter, how active is planet Fuse right now? The rest of the planets have already been engulfed"

"Oh it's you Professor" Dexter said with his accent. He cleared his throat. "It's heading straight towards us and we have already sent a small troop to check it out. None of them have come back"

The professor hung up and turned the telescope to the huge green planet it was still a long ways away and definitely wasn't going to be at Earth for a while, but it was still troubling him. "We're in trouble" he said. A shooting star seemed to come off of the planet at high speeds and head straight towards his property. "Girls!" the professor said, but it was too late.

When it crashed it made a loud boom, but it didn't even dent the ground. The professor ran out of the house towards it and looked at it. It wasn't big, about the size of one of his kids.

He looked at it carefully, it wasn't even rock! It's metal. The same metal the people in the troop wore as armor.

Buttercup was the first out and saw it. She ripped it open to find a two year-old girl inside it.

Once Bubbles saw she freaked out. "Who would do such a thing?" she asked them, but nobody answered.

The professor looked at the girl. "Bring her to the hospital" he told Bubbles. "Don't tell them anything though"

Bubbles nodded and took off.

Emerald's P.O.V.

"Hey Blossom!" I said walking into the living room.

The nineteen year-old looked up from her book. "Oh, hi Emerald" she said smiling. "It's nice having a day off from battling Mojo and them" she said chuckling.

"Must be" I moved a strand of hair behind my ear. "The only times I usually get to see you is around twelve o' clock at night"

"Yeah" she said bookmarking the page and setting the book down. "How have you been?" she asked me.

"Great, thanks for asking" was all I said. "Too bad you have to go back to work next week and Ben surely won't be happy about having to do your job"

She chuckled at that last thing. "Hey, it's his fault for losing the bet" she laughed. This was the first time I've seen her so care-free. She's normally dead serious. "Oh yeah, the professor told me to take you to the Plumbers today"

"Why?" I asked curiously, but all she did was shrug. "Okay, let's get going then"

She stood up and grabbed my hand. "Sorry if the ride's bumpy" she said.

"The bumpier the more fun it is" I said.

She smiled and took off towards the base. Once their she met up with Max who was waiting for her outside of it.

"Okay, I brought her as the professor asked, now to go back to my book" she said leaving me there.

I walked up to the man. "You needed me?" I asked him.

He nodded. "The professor didn't have the heart to tell you for a while" he said. "You know about aliens right? Like the things Ben can change into" he asked. I answered with a nod, of course I knew about them. "Well, maybe this would be best coming from him" Max said as his grandson walked up to her.

Ben took a deep breath. "This doesn't seem right" he said to his grandpa who didn't respond. "Okay then, Emerald"


"You know how you're human right?" he asked me and I nodded. "Well, that's not completely true, remember all those doctor visits you used to always go on?" he asked and I nodded again. "The DNA test came back negative. You're only half-human"

My eyes widened and I took a step back. "Half?"

"Yes and the other half of your DNA is well..." he brought out a tablet from behind his back. It had a giant green planet on it. "This planet is named planet Fuse, ruled by Lord Fuse who plans to destroy Earth. He has an army of fusions who are dark copies of Earth's heroes" he said. "Your father was a fusion who detested Fuse's ways and your mom was one of the people who we sent up there to investigate. Fuse was going to kill you as he thought you were an abomination, so they sent you here, to Earth"

I took another step back. My breathing was quick and heavy. "I'm... I'm... I'm not hu-" I fell to the ground unconcious. My green hair scattered.

Ben picked me up and looked at his grandpa. "To Dex's place?" he asked and his grandpa nodded. He began walking away from the base.

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