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"Hey, Peeta! what are you doing?" Finnick answers his cell phone.

Peeta sets down the skein of rope he is rolling up. "Hey Finn, can you and Annie do me a favor tonight?"

Finnick chuckles, "Let me guess—"

They say together, "Can you keep the girls?" Both of them laugh. Finnick answers, "Yeah, we can. Will it be all night?"

Peeta shrugs, even though Finnick can't see him. "I'm not sure. I had a crazy idea to take Katniss down to the river—"

Finnick's chuckle interrupts him. "Are you going fishing?"

Peeta grins. "There might be some poles and bait involved. Are you sure it will be alright with Annie?"

"Yeah, in fact Katniss has probably already talked to her."

"No, actually this was going to be a surprise."

"You mean, she doesn't know? Do you think you can pull this off?"

peeta runs his fingers through his hair, unable to see how it stands the curls on end. "Lord, I hope so. We love the girls, so don't get me wrong—"

Finnick butts in, "You need a break."

Peeta repeats, "We need a break." He cringes when he hears the weariness in his own voice.

"Bring the rug-rats over and take your wife out. Go ahead and bring their clothes, I know Gracie would love a slumber party."

Peeta grins.

Katniss juggles the grocery bags while she reaches for the door knob. "Damn it," She swears as the one with the gallon of milk in it begins to rip. Right when it's about to hit the walkway, she tries to catch it before it busts, the kitchen door opens.

His hands lightly scarred from years of working in the bakery and then tying ropes, fumble with the jug. "Why do you try to do this in one trip?"

She straightens up and brushes past him into the house. "You know I hate making two trips and the girls aren't with me to help."

As soon as she sets the bags down, Peeta wraps his arms around her. She closes her eyes before she gets to see the excited look on his face. She does feel it in his kiss. They separate with a loud, juicy pop. She scowls at him. "What are you up to?"

He still hasn't let go of her and she giggles when he tickles her ribs. "The girls are gone."

"They are? Should I be concerned?"

He shakes his head. "Nah. You should get ready."

"Where are the girls?" She asks, but he doesn't answer because he is licking and nibbling her neck. She runs her fingers through his curls and tugs lightly, distracting him. "Peeta—where are they?"

He meets her eyes briefly. "They are at Finnick and Annie's," He says joyfully.

"And what do you have planned?" She asks, picking up on his excitement.

He kisses her on the nose. "Go change. I picked out some clothes for you."

"You did? Will you put the groceries up?"

He kisses her and "Mhmmmms," at the same time. He let's her go and smacks her on the bottom.

She starts up the stairs, but looks back at him and meets his eyes. "Are you sure we have to go anywhere?"

"Yes we do."

She exhales, and he can hear her say, "Fine then," under her breath as she continues up to their room.

He chuckles, and puts the food up for her. When he is finished, he heads up the stairs. She is still changing so he pauses in the doorway to watch his beautiful wife slide her boots on. She glances up, and his favorite grin appears. "Where are we going?"

Peeta steps into the room. He had picked out her favorite worn flannel shirt, her torn old jeans, and her old boots. "It's a surprise, Kitten."

"I would tell you."

"No, you wouldn't."

"That's true. Well let's go, I'm ready to find out where you are taking me."

For some reason, she isn't surprised at all when he leads her to his old truck. She tries to peek into the truck bed but he clears his throat, getting her attention. "You can't see what's back there yet."

"All that is back there are some boxes."

"Just get in. We'll be there in a minute."

She waits until they are going down the road, then she asks, "Did you bring something to eat? I'm hungry."

He pats her leg, and tugs. She follows his hint, and slides across the bench seat. He tucks her into his side, and she exhales. His arm crosses in front of her, so he can rest his hand on the gear shift. She hugs his arm and murmurs, "Have I ever told you how good this feels?"

She doesn't see the way he looks at her, because she has her eyes closed, enjoying the way he touches her. "You like this?"

She rubs her cheek against his bicep. "It's hard to explain. I feel safe, and protected. Like nothing bad is ever going to happen." She meets his glance, and continues, "I know that bad things are going to happen. That's life. But me being here with you, in this moment—I know everything is perfect."

He pulls the truck off of the blacktop onto a gravel road. She is quiet and is content to watch until he pulls up to a river. He slides the gear shift into park, and meets her eyes. "Surprise!"

"Where are we?"

He leans over and kisses her nose. "We, my beautiful wife, are going fishing."

"We are? Did you bring everything?"

"Of course I did." He opens the door and gets out. She follows him and while he heads for the truck bed, she walks over to the river.

"Why does this look so familiar?"

"We've been here before," He says in her ear.

"We have?"

He nods. "We have. Remember when we first went fishing?"

"It was here!" She hugs him and gives him another kiss. "Thank you."

"I have another surprise."


He takes her hand, and leads her back to the truck. He's unpacked an air mattress, that is now inflating, some blankets, and pillows. She also doesn't miss his bag. "Finnick said that we can stay as long as we want."

She turns in his arms. "We can?"

"The little girls are spending the night."

"They are?"

He nods his wide smile bright. "They are."

She nods towards the bed of the truck. "What is that for?"

This time, he smirks. "What do you think it's for, Kitten?"

"Are we going to take a nap or something?"

He kisses her before he nibbles her neck. "I was thinking we could work on the something," his husky voice in her ear makes her quiver all over.

"I think we can too," she murmurs back. They have been together almost four years now, and they still want each other as much as ever.

His hand skims down her side, stopping at the hem of her shirt. He slides his fingers under her shirt, his touch giving her goose bumps. She leans into him, and he kisses the end of her nose. "Don't move."

He steps away from her and turns back to the truck. She watches him unpack a new box and pull out a rolled up piece of vinyl. "What's that?" She asks.

Peeta unrolls the vinyl and digs out a cord. He gives the end to Katniss and asks, "Plug this into the cigarette lighter?"

She finishes pulling the cord apart and walks around to the driver's side. She opens the door and leans in. "Ok, you are good to go."

He flips the switch, and a loud noise echoes through the little valley. She joins him at the tail gate and they watch the mattress start to inflate. He wraps his arm around her shoulders and pulls her tight. The motor automatically shuts off when it's full, and she goes back to unplug it.

Peeta, with a huge grin on his face, pulls out his old gear bag. "It's been a while since I've seen that," She says behind him. He pulls out a skein of rope and slaps it against the palm of his hand. "Are we ready for the something?"

He faces her and lightly taps her breastbone with the rope. "Are you ready for me?" He teases in hoarse whisper.

She backs up a step and with a smirk, she pulls her shirt off. "I'm just glad that it's summer."

He shakes his head. "Do you really think I would bring you out here when it's cold?"

She rolls her eyes and slips her thumbs in the waistband of her shorts. "Are you sure no one can see us?"

"Nope. We are at least five, if not more miles from the road."

She smiles and eases her shorts on down. "Who owns this land?"

He grins at her. "We do, if you want it?"

She freezes and pulls her shorts back up. "What?"

"You love the forest and all this." He pauses as he motions to their surroundings. "So I thought we could maybe buy this now, then in a couple of years, after we have saved up some money, of course, we could build out here?"

She looks around her in amazement. "You mean, this, all this, could be ours? How?"

"The guy who owns it came in not to long ago needing some cash. He knew that we loved it out here, so he offered it to me. It's about ten acres, and this creek runs right through it."

"Can we afford a land payment?"

Peeta nods. "I think so. I mean we are producing more and more. Thankfully, we are selling more and more."

"What about the commute?"

He shrugs. "It's only twenty minutes more than what we do now."

"We could do this, we really could!" Her excitement in her voice makes him excited also. "The girls would love it out here!"

He grabs her waist. "You would love it out here."

She presses a kiss to his lips. "You will too."

"As long as I'm with you, I'll be happy anywhere."

She eyes the rope lying on the tailgate. "Where were we?"

He nods towards the mattress. "Hop on up there."

First, she reaches around to unlatches her bra. She stoops her shoulders so the straps fall off of her shoulders. A smirk appears on her face when she notices how he still watches every move she makes. She flicks her bra at him, hitting him in the face.

He jumps and she giggles. He nods towards the truck. "Go."

"You like me naked."

"I love you naked. Right now, I want you naked and tied up in the back of my truck."

She steps closer to him hooking her thumbs into the elastic around the waistband of her panties. Their gazes are locked as she slips them down her thighs. Stepping out of them, she takes them in one hand and dangles them in front of Peeta.

He snatches them out of her hand and growls playfully at her. "I'm going—" she holds out her wrists, and looks at him through her lashes. "Unless you want to start now?"

He pauses for a moment, and then agrees, "That is actually a good idea. Besides, you need a harness too."

Desire washes over her as he loops the rope around her neck pulling her closer. He places the organic bamboo rope in between her breasts before he twists it in a knot to rest on her breastbone.

She watches his nimble fingers tie two more knots before he threads it in between her legs. she pants as he feeds the rope and grabs it behind her. Before he pulls it tight, he gently runs his finger thru her folds, spreading her wetness around. She moans, "Peeta—"

"What is it, Kitten?"

Her voice is shaky when she whispers, "It's been too damn long."

He slides his index finger into her depths and smiles when her eyes flutter shut. He pumps in and out several times and pulls his finger out when he feels her knees buckle. "You can't come yet."

"Huh! But I really need to," She whines.

He walks around her, bringing the rope up and tracing her spine with it, after he laces it thru the rope around her neck. She loves the way he follows his touch with his kisses. He is still behind her when he brings the rope under her arms. He passes it thru the other end of the rope in between her breasts. He cups her breasts, and tightly twists her nipples, making her squirm against the knot that rests on her clit, which only adds to the growing sensation coursing through her.

"Not yet," He whispers in her ear before he gasps her waist, and lifts her into the back of the truck. "Sit."

His deep baritones dance along the nerves he's been teasing. She watches him as he unpacks some pillows and throws them towards the cab. he catches her eye and shrugs. "We do have all night."

"Did you bring blankets?"

"I did. Now come here," He says as he climbs towards the front of the truck.

Oh lord, she loves it when he uses his Dom voice. She is unable to tell him no as she crawls over the blanket and pillows. He grabs the ropes that criss-cross her torso, and pulls her closer. Instead of touching and kissing her, he says, "Lie down."

She immediately obeys. The vibrations of the second skein of rope hitting the mattress make her rub her legs together. The knot makes her gasp and he shifts his gaze to meet hers. "What are you doing, Kitten?"

She squirms and shakes her head. "Nothing."

He looks her over, doubt clouding his features. He scoots until he is sitting beside her. With the backs of his fingers, he lets his touch drift over her chest. Goose bumps erupt in his wake, making him smile at the effect he is having on her. "Give me your wrist."

She smiles at what's coming. He quickly ties his rope and eases her arm over her head. "Next," he commands. She gives him her other wrist, and it doesn't take him long to secure that rope around it. She puts it over her head without him telling her to.

Peeta still has ahold of the end of the rope and with a sultry grin, he takes the ends and trails them over the already present goose pimples adding to her want. He must have been able to sense that she is about to touch him because he grabs the rope and weaves it thru the truck bedrail. She mewls in frustration.

He stands up and when he leans over her, she has to gasp when his t-shirt brushes her already sensitive nipples, adding to what is becoming her agony. He looks down at her and she realizes that she must have grunted her frustration after all. "What's a matter?"

She looks between him and where he is still tying the knots on the other side of the truck bed. "Nothing."

He kisses her on the end of the nose. "You know that I'm going to take care of you, don't you?"

She has to nod, because she knows that he is right. "Are you going to tie my legs too?"

His fingers find the knot and he pushes it so it rubs against her clit again. "Do you want me to?"

"I need you," She replies.

He doesn't say anything as he reaches for some rope instead. He finds the middle, and pats her on the leg. "Bend your knee."

She listens to him and he begins to wrap the rope around her thigh. Soon, he repeats the tie on her other leg. "How flexible are you feeling today?"

She tries to shrug. "Normal, I guess?"

He smiles while tying the rope to the bed rail. He tugs on the rope and asks, "Still, ok?"

"Hmm, yes. I'm good."

He gently stands up and straddles her without touching her. With only a couple of twists, he has her legs splayed open. She sees the smirk on his face and he says, "Now that is a view that I like."

She shakes her head at him, and doesn't hide her smile. He bends his knees and cups her face. She leans into his touch. "And I've missed this, you ready for me?" He whispers.

"I'm always ready for you."

He shifts his weight so he is sitting by her again. "I know, but with the girls getting older and all, its hard to find time for us to play like this."

"I know." She watches his face and sees the conflicting emotions flit across it. "What's wrong?"

He runs his fingers along the web of rope expanded across her torso. "It's nothing, really."

"It's something."

He nods. "Everything is changing—"

"But its good changes. Right?"

He leans down and murmurs against her lips, "The best." Then he kisses her. It's not a lingering kiss, because he breaks it to say, "There is no where else I would rather be than here with you, in our little family, raising our girls. It's just there are times—"

"When you miss us?" He nods sheepishly. She continues, "I know things have been busy at the brewery, is that part of what is making you feel this way?"

"I think so," he answers. "I like working with Finnick—"

"But you miss the ropes and the studio too?"

"I do." He touches the patches of skin that are in between the bindings. "Can we talk about this later? I want you."

"Aren't you over dressed?"

He grins and stands up slowly. He removes his pants and shirt. She glances at him to see him setting in between her legs. He cups her breasts, and nibbles on her nipples. She squirms against the ropes, knowing that they aren't going to yield. One of his hands drifts down to the knot that has been driving her crazy with need. He parts the ropes and her folds. Her eyes widen when she feels his hardness enter her. "I didn't think—"

"What? That I'm ready for you? I'm always ready for you, Kitten," He growls as he snaps his hips, making her groan. He leaves her breathless as he grinds against her. Because he tied her up so, she can't move or even wiggle, so she makes sure that with every pump, he knows how he feels inside. She comes quickly, milking his cock as she does.

He stiffens above her, and she watches his face and the pleasure that he receives from her. He collapses on top of her and they pant together as they come down from their high. She lies there, with her eyes closed and it's not until she feels her legs give way that she opens them again. He moves quickly, and releases her arms before he gathers her to his side.

She is content to lie there forever if her stomach hadn't started growling, making Peeta chuckle. He doesn't move, but asks, "Are you hungry?"

"Hmm-mm," she hums.

He shifts so he can prop himself up on his elbow. "Well, I guess we'd better start fishing then."

"You didn't bring any food?"

"I did. To go with fish."

She shakes her head. "Oh, Peeta—"

Six weeks later—

Katniss pushes the handle on the toilet and washes her hands. She eyes the wand lying on the towel on the counter. It doesn't take long for the positive sign to show up. Instead of the panic she felt with the girls, perfect peace wraps around her. "Peeta! come here!"

She sees his blonde curls first coming from their bedroom. She leans against the vanity and nods towards the plastic stick. "What's that—" his sentence trails off as he looks at it for a long minute. "Is that? Are you? Katniss?"

"Peeta, it looks like we have a new person coming to see us soon—"