Appearance: Slender, copper skin, with twirl curly hair in a thick braid, gray eyes and pointy ears. Dressed white lace zumi pants with an navy blue skirt and a cowl hood crop top of the same color. Does not wear shoes.


Species: Half Elven

Occupation:Princess of the Forest/Warrior Princess,

Family:Queen Aurelia of the Forest(mother), and Ekon(father/deceased)

Powers:Nature Channeling to some degree, ecological empathy like all of her race, and minor

Weapons:Two daggers and a bo staff.

Skills:Hunting, tracking, swordsmanship, aerobatics, reflexes, marksmanship, horseback riding, tree climbing, and combat.

Personality:Layla is a warrior at heart, quick, strong, bold, straight-forward, and proud. She is a is a hard-worker, she has great love for her home and people. She does not take kindly to strangers very well, harsh to others but does not mean to be. She can be very defensive, as well stubborn, refusing to ask for help, not one to back down, she can blunt which she only sees as telling the truth. Though she seems hard-headed, she can be friendly and fun. Though she is clueless about the world outside her own. She prefers to be left alone, it is because she has trouble connecting with others. Layla does not take kindly to injustice, and will stand up for others, as it is the honorable thing to do. She likes to prove herself if someone belittles her, she does have a slight temper, but it is because she doesn't know how to be social. Which makes her awkward. She more at home in nature. Which she displays a slight different personality, she more calmer.

Queen Aurelia

Appearance:Slender woman with fair skin, red lips with long dark brown hair, grey eyes which she shares with her daughter. Royal purple sabriel adventure dress with silver diamond belt around her waist. Jeweled Forroniere with a emerald in the center. She like her daughter does not wear shoes.

Family:Layla(Daughter), Ekon(mate/husband/deceased)

Occupation:Queen of the Forest

Personality:Queen Aurelia like her daughter has a warrior's spirit as well heart. But she is more regal than her daughter. She is a strong and compassionate.



Powers/Abilities:Those of her race, high magic user.

Friend(s):King Roland(a close and dear friend)

Kingdom Name: Kingdom of The Emerald Sea