Flaming Veil

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Chapter 9 (Bloom's p.o.v)

I walked towards the ball room ad entered i had several eyes fall on to me like there was a spot light on me as i entered the room.

"Bloom, hey you made it. Wow you look great" i heard a voice said and saw it was Brandon .

"Hello Brandon and thank you, you look nice yourself" i said smiling at him.

"Haha thinks it is just or school uniforms, can i get you something to drink?" Brandon said/asked.

"No im good thanks for asking, how have you been?"

"You welcome and i been good busy with school and all Master Codatorta has been real hard on us, and yourself?" Brandon said.

"I been doing good had some run in with a few of the girls cause they dont like my family which dont bother me i never been popular so no sweat" i said while inwarding rolling my eyes at him.

"Oh wow, umm would you like to dance?" Brandon asked.

"Sure why not" i ansewered him.

He led me to the dance floor and we started to dance. It was Nice then a couple of guyd carried in a large treasure chest in. I took that as my cue to subtly leave before shit hit the fan. Brandon and went over and came back with an decroated egg.

"Excuse me Brandon i need to go use the ladies room, i'll be back soon" i said to Brandon once he came back to me.

"Ok no problem here Bloom i would love for you to have this on behalf of Red Fountian" He said with with a flourish which always irked me something. Smiling i took the egg from him with no intention of openin it but am gonna use it on something else.

"Thank you so much Brandon i love it so much" i said to him turning and walking out of the room. getting about half way down the hall i heard screams erupt form the ball room. Curious i went back peeked in and then turned and left alittle sick to my own stomach at the site or shit and vomit being shot all around. Damn those 3 witchs if they prove i can trust i see some fun in the future.

(well that is chapter 9 i may skip either to the voice of nature test or the reality chamber test in the next chapter hard to say right now im not sure about the day or Roses yet either. again so for not updateing anytime soon will try to do better. hoped you enjoy and dont worry i will try to go back and fix the first few chapters)