Vampire Knight Fanfic: Bloody Kiss

Chapter 1: Rumors

It was as if she was peering through frosted glass. Everything the brunette saw was blurry, yet eerily clear enough for her to see the little girl's hand tugging at her sleeve, pointing into something in the distance. The little girl was telling her someone was there, the bubbly laugh ringing in Yuuki's ears.

Then, without any warning, everything vanished into thin air, leaving no trail of the girl. Feeling anxious, Yuuki frantically stretched out her hand and reached into the air, hoping to get hold of the little girl again…but she was already long gone.

Feeling disoriented and confused, she took a few steps forward and tried to find the girl.

"Wait! Where are you little girl?," she cried out desperately –

A pair of almond-colored irises fluttered open in the darkness of the night. Yuuki was startled by this weird dream and her heart was in her throat. She tried to steady her ragged breathing and felt beads of perspiration slid down her forehead.

It was just a dream.

Yuuki sucked in a deep breath and exhaled, attempting to calm herself down but nothing could soothe her racing heartbeat.

"You alright Yuuki?"

Yori's voice broke the silence in the room. Even in the dark, Yuuki could hear the underlying concern and worry that was in those these words. The bed beside her creaked as Yori got down from her bed and perched herself at the edge of Yuuki's bed.

"Uh-huh! I'm okay!"

Yuuki managed a cheery smile and forced a laugh into the darkness that enveloped them.

"Ahaha, some dream it was."

Under the dim moonlight that shone across their beds, Yori eyed her best friend suspiciously and reached out to touch Yuuki's forehead in one fluid motion. Her slender fingers pressed lightly against Yuuki's forehead for a brief moment.

It's not exactly warm like a fever, just slightly cooler than normal. Yori thought to herself. Yuuki was indeed telling the truth. She withdrew her hand and shrugged.

"Guess it was just a bad dream then…"

Yori returned to her bed while Yuuki heaved a silent sigh of relief.

Geez, Yori can be such a paranoid sometimes…She ranted in her head. Her train of thoughts was broken when Yori said the golden sentence.

"By the way, your most favourite breakfast set meal is going to run out fast -"

Even before Yori could utter another word, her best friend was already up and out and stationed at the door.

"Let's go!"

"Another day at school…" Yuki muttered to herself before heaving a sigh as she opened her locker to retrieve her textbooks.

"Everyday is a new day Yuuki," Yori chipped in cheerfully while cradling a stack of books in her arms.

Yuuki pouted as she rummaged through her messy locker, trying to find her worksheets and notebooks.

"But," Yori spoke again, albeit more hesitantly. Yuuki halted whatever she was doing and cast a curious glance at Yori.

"Today seems… and feels a little different though…like something is going to happen," Yori noted in a whisper, her eyes scanning the passing crowd along the walkway. Armada and armada of students were talking to each other in hushed whispers. Yori caught a "Did you know that yesterday…" from a nearby passing crowd but the rest of the words were lowered a tone to a mere whisper. She continued to survey her surroundings, trying once more to catch the gist of what everyone else was muttering.

Then it all happened too suddenly.

Someone dashed towards her and knocked her to the ground. One minute Yori was falling, the next she was seating on the floor, her butt screaming in pain from the unexpected impact. Her books were sprawled all over the place.

"Ouch, what's the meaning of this?" She cried out in agony.

Flabbergasted by the sudden crash, Yuuki snapped out of her shock and bent down to lend Yori a helping hand. She shook her head in dismay.

"Can't the person apologise instead of running off to where he or she was running off too?" The brunette growled and narrowed her eyes angrily.

"What a bad start to a day!"

The next period was Math class, but the teacher was late, so her classmates took the opportunity to talk. Students began crowding in groups and chatted. That left Yuuki and Yori feeling a bit awkward as both of them were unaware of the rumors that had been circulating around the school.

Sensing the uneasiness of those two, a classmate seated nearby divulged the duo with the news.

"Hey, you too look so lost. Didn't you hear that yesterday, someone actually confessed to Zero?"

Yuuki's mouth fell wide open. Waves of disbelief and shock washed over her as she tried to believe what her classmate said. Her mind was still processing the fact that someone actually had a crush on Zero. Of all people.

"Someone…had the guts to confess to that cold guy?"

Her classmate continued, "Well, she obviously got rejected, but the juicy part is that Zero told her he liked someone else. So…everyone is guessing who he likes." She leaned even closer to Yori and Yuuki.

"It is believed that the girl who knocked down Yori this morning was the girl who got rejected."

Yuki's brows furrowed together at her recollection of this morning's crash. But there was a problem that needed much more immediate attention: Zero.

Zero, why are you such a jerk. I can totally imagine how cold and unfriendly your rejection was. Do you know how fragile a girl's heart is? Can't you reject her in a more cool manner?

Before she could continue her mad rant at Zero in her head, her teacher arrived and the next class started.