Avatar the Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra Questions & Answers

Here we are with the fourth Q & A story involving the ATLA and LOK universe. I'm glad at how well all my Q & A stories are going thanks to you guys who left so many questions. I appreciate it and I hope you all like this one too. Oh and to Guest, yeah Anna watched My Little Pony with Deadpool and both enjoyed it, but it ended when Wade blew up the TV when they started singing and Anna sang along.

The good thing was it wasn't my TV, it was his, but don't tell him that. Anyways, like before this story you guys can send questions on reviews or through my PM on FanFiction. They will be replied in the next chapter, but it is going to take two weeks. That way it will give everyone time to send as many as they want before the deadline is done.

Once I have enough they will be answered by the characters, but keep this in mind not all the questions will be in one chapter. If I have too much questions then they will be reserved for the next question. Although I will try to add as many as I can in one chapter for the characters to answer. Also nothing inappropriate please, don't need that around here.

Good luck, take care, and see you all next time.