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Time toss Eva

Chapter 1


Captains log; Stardate 54932.1

"We have continuing our journey though the Balmore nebula at calm pace for the last few days. All readings have been normal…"

That moment Captain Jean-Luc Picard was disturbed by the beeping of his com-badge. He hit his com-badge." Picard here."

"Captain, we have some very strange readings over here. You might want to come to the bridge." 

"On my way, Number One. Picard out."      


"What do we have?"  Picard said directly when he entered the bridge.

"We are receiving telemetry which is very close to the Borg Time hole. Its origin is unknown."  Data responded.

Picard nodded and sat down in his chair. "Slow to quarter-impulse. Run a full range scan to see if we can find out where this is coming from." 

"Aye, sir." 


Time went by slowly. The strange telemetry was still coming in, but they weren't making any progress in finding out where it came from.

Picard was just preparing to hit his com-badge again, when a wooing sound was heard on the bridge. Everyone looked around, trying to find out where it came from. Suddenly one of the crewmen looked up and cried: "Look."

Riker looked up and his mouth fell open. Above him was a whirlpool of colors. Suddenly there was a bright flash a light. When everyone could see again, five human bodies were laying on the ground before him.


Everyone was stunned for a minute. Deanna Troi was the first to react and went down on her knees besides the humans.

The first was a man with shoulder length black hair and gray robes. Then there was a teenage boy with auburn hair. Another boy had black hair that was standing in every direction. The lasts were two girls. One with brown hair and the other with a long, red braid. The four teens were equal black robes.  

"Troi to Sickbay. Medical emergency on the bridge."  Then Deanna looked up at Picard.

He raised an eyebrow and turned quickly to Data and Riker, giving order about analyzing the data from the hole. Then Beverly Crusher rushed in with her crew.

All five were quickly loaded on anti-gravity stretchers and Deanna followed Beverly to Sickbay.


"How is their status, Beverly?"  Deanna inquired softly after Doctor Crusher was finished.

"Other then that they are unconscious, they seem to be fine. However, we found a few strange things on them." She guided Deanna to a table. There lay what seemed like five wooden sticks and four little trunks.

Deanna looked at the objects. "What could those sticks be? Weapons? Stacks to kill vampires? Magic wands?" 

Beverly laughed, shrugged and was about to reply when Picard and Riker entered.

"Doctor. Counselor."  The Captain acknowledged.

Beverly quickly gave a small report at his request. Picard and Riker studied the objects for a moment, before Riker turned towards Beverly again. "Can you wake them up?" 

Beverly nodded and injected the necessary hypospray's. Very soon the two boys and the girl with the brown hair started to stir.


Hermione felt her head pounding. Everything was black around. She could hardly remember what had happened. She had been on the Hogwarts Express, in a compartment with Harry, Ron, Ginny and Sirius in his Padfoot form. Suddenly there had been a lot of noise, two cries of Stupefy, another strange spell and then everything had become black.

After the pounding receded a little she opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was a gray ceiling. Slowly she turned her head, taking in her surroundings. Harry and Ron were laying left and right of her on strange kind of bed. A strange kind of bed…

Hermione sat up. "Where am I?"  Immediately she felt dizzy. Soft hands supported her and helped her to lie down again.

"Take it easy for a moment."  She heard a female voice saying.  


Beverly walked over to the biobed where the girl with the brown hair lied when she sat up, fear etched in her face. Quickly she helped her to lie down again. "Take it easy for a moment."

The girl looked up at her with big brown eyes. "Where am I? Who are you?"

"I am Doctor Crusher. You're in my sickbay." Beverly waited a few seconds, observing the girl. "Try to sit up again, but slowly." Doctor Crusher helped Hermione to sit up again, but calmly this time.

Hermione looked around her, taking in the futuristic surroundings. Then her eyes glided to the other people in the room. The doctor seemed nice enough and another woman with dark curls was watching her. The bald man en the man with the dark hair had very strict looks on her face.

"I am Hermione Granger." she said. Her eyes glided again around. The place didn't feel malicious or evil, but with Voldemort you couldn't be sure. She closed her eyes and reached out with her magical senses, like she had learned last year in DADA.


Counselor Troi was puzzled. The girl had been afraid first, but now she seemed calm, but cautious. She didn't seem dangerous or something.

But that changed when she felt a kind of probe going over her. It searched her for moment, then disappeared. It wasn't anything like a probe she could do herself.

Then her attention was diverted from a scream from the boy with the dark hair. "Voldemort!!!"


Hermiones eyes snapped open when she heard Harry scream. She hadden't sensed anything evil or dark magic.

She simply slit of the bed she was sitting on and walked over to the bed where her friend was sitting up. "Harry." Her friend looked over to her.

"Mione? What happened?" Then he looked around. "Where are we?" 

"I don't know. But Voldemort isn't here. I couldn't find anything evil." she said softly. Then their attention was diverted again by Ron who sat up with a shocked look on his face.


The four adults let the teens talking for a few moments. Finally Hermione looked at them again, followed by the two boys. "Where are we? Who are you?"

Deanna answered. "I am Deanna Troi. That is Captain Picard, Doctor Crusher and Will Riker. Who are you?"

"My name is Harry Potter."

"I am Ron Weasley." Rons looks glided to Doctor Crusher who was at Ginny's side. Then to the other side where Sirius lied. "Why haven't they woken up yet?"

"I am not sure, Mr. Weasley." Doctor Crusher replied.  

Hermione bit on her lip and looked thoughtful for a moment. Then something came up to here. She slit of Ron's bed and walked over to Sirius. There lifted his eyelids and turned back to her friends. "He's stunned." Then she walked over to Ginny and did the same. "Ginny too."

Then turned towards the adults. "Did you find some… objects on us?"

"We did." Doctor Crusher pointed to the table where the sticks and the mini-trunks were. Hermione strode over and picked up one of the sticks. She pointed it to Ginny and said: "Enervate." She did the same with Sirius.

Striding back to the table she picked up the other sticks and handed one each to Ron and Harry.


Will Riker looked in surprise how the girl walked over to both unconscious people, and then how she took one of the sticks, pointed at the people and said something.

He was even more surprised when both started to stir. Looking over at Picard, Beverly and Deanna he saw the same astounded looks.

They were startled by another shouted: "Harry."


Harry looked up when he heard his name being shouted. He saw Sirius sitting up, looking around franticly.

"Sirius, calm down. I am here." Harry was by his side in a few steps and grabbed his hand.

"Harry… I thought… Voldemort was there and…" Sirius still looked frantic.

Harry hopped besides him on the bed. "I am fine. See for yourself."

"I thought… I couldn't stand the thought of losing you after James and Lily…" 

"I know, Sirius. But you know, Voldemort has tried to get me before, but that isn't so easy." Harry said.

Sirius hugged Harry and Harry returned the hug. After they let go, Sirius looked around. "Where are we?" he asked.

"That's what I would like to know." A female voice behind them said. Everyone turned around to see Ginny looking around, supporting herself on one arm.

"Ginny! Are you okay?"

"I am fine, Ron. Just a bit confused about where we are."

"Maybe we can shed some light on that subject." A British voice behind them said.

Sirius looked towards Picard. "Who are you?"

Captain Picard quickly introduced himself, Will, Deanna and Beverly. After that Ginny and Sirius introduced themselves.


"We are in space!?" That was Ron, after Captain Picard had told where they were.

"Yes, you are in space."

"Well, if we are in space, I think it's safe to say that we aren't in the year 1996 anymore." Hermione said.

"You are right. This is the year 2376. 1 September in your data to be precise." Riker stated.

Sirius, Ron, Ginny and Harry were dead silent after that. Hermione looked thoughtful. "Well, Voldemort must have sent us forward in time." she said.

"Voldemort? You have used that name a few times before. Who is that?" Deanna asked.

"That is a very long story. It also involves who and what we are." Harry said.

"Captain, maybe it's an idea to continue in the staff room? That might be a little bit more comfortable." Deanna suggested.

"Good idea." Captain Picard invited them to follow him. Hermione handed Ginny and Sirius their wands and the four teens grabbed their mini-trunks.