You guys would think that Gaz being dead and Zim being killed off would be the end of the story, but no, not as long as my twisted mind still decides to plague me with a plot bunny.

Gaz saw everything.

It was the same show every day for the last sixty years.

She knew Zim loved her.

And that he misses her and if she was truthful with herself, she missed the little annoyance too.

But his desperation to have her around again was doing more harm than good.

"He's stubbornly wasting his life away."

She watched with morbid fascination as her husband cloned her yet again.

Gaz hated it, not because she thought he was technically cheating on her, far from it, Zim no longer cared to have a purpose other than to have the illusion of his wife.

The illusion of happiness.

"He's gone crazy." She thought "Well crazier."

Gaz could do nothing but watch as the alien crackles evilly, holding cloned hands in his gloved ones.

"This has to end" Gaz said "He needs to move on."

That was easier said than done of course for two reasons.

1) Zim was terribly pig headed when he had his PAK set to something.

2) She was dead, so Gaz couldn't exactly tell him to move on.

The spirit saw or more likely she heard the Computer's complains.

"Maybe I don't need to tell him."

Gaz way no longer be alive but she's far from useless.

Back in Zim's lab, his computer began to flash, almost giving a ghostly aura.

"This ends now."

An idea was set in his hardware, almost as if someone had given it to him.

"This is for your own good master."

The end result?

One desperate alien.


The hands disintegrated.

Self destruction seemed the only way out for him.

"I want my Gaz-Beast."

A flash of light soon came.

Zim opened his ruby eyes, rubbing them as if he was just waking up from a bad dream.

only to wake up to a bad nightmare.

He puts his hands over his PAK, to inspect any possible damage, only to be horrified that it was no longer attached to his back.


"Ah, you're awake." A voice said "Good... Good... Oh who am I kidding? It's not good."

The Irken volts from the ground, looking at every direction.

"Who said that?!"

"I did."

Zim turned to where he heard the voice coming from.

He was greeted by a tall creature with horns.

"Who are you?!"

"I am.."

"Who are you?!"

"I am..."


The entity looked at Zim for a second as if he was a moron.

"The living have several names for me, but you, you insect shall address me by my proper distinguished title Señor Diablo."

Zim raised an invisible eyebrow, having come across several depictions of what humans thought what came after the afterlife and who would greet them when they died.

"Can I call you Mr. Evil?"

"Yeah... That works too."

"Where are we?"

"Really?" The devil asked exasperatedly "You just came across the prince of darkness and your first question is where we are?"

"Do not question Zim!"

Señor Diablo began to massage his head "It's a wonder Gaz misses you."

Once he heard his wife's name, Zim's eyes widened, any thoughts of the location of his PAK flew out the window, "You know my mate?"

"Indeed I do."


The devil pointed to the fiery wasteland beyond the houses around them.

"Somewhere out there."

"Coukd you maybe gimme a map?"



"Don't yell!" The Devil requested, massaging his ears "You do that again and I might conveniently sent you to the human world again."

Zim, clenched his fists, if he wanted to be bear his wife again, he had to be more careful around the personification of evil.

"Does she know I'm here?!" He asked instead.

"Probably not..." Señor Diablo admits "See, that woman isn't very sociable and hates everyone and everything around her, so she chooses to be by herself."

The Irken chuckles darkly "That sounds like my Gaz-Beast."

"You want want to know this." Señor Diablo Continued "She crossed the nine circles of hell, if you want to see her? You most definitely have to go through that path and even if you did, there's no guarantee that you'll see her anytime soon."

The alien looked at the wasteland as if it was yet another enemy.

"Zim has nothing but time now."

He then began walking, he had a long journey ahead after all.

"Don't worry Gaz-Mate, Zim is coming for you."

For those of you who didn't catch the subtlety, Gaz managed to control Zim's computer all the way from gel, just to plan the idea of stopping the cloning, unaware that she would set in motion Zim's suicide.

In the end, I do believe this counts as bittersweet, Zim now is closer to Gaz but it will take him years to find her.

And no doubt the terrain in Hell will be quite the challenge indeed, Because there is no greater punishment for Zim that being apart from his mate.

So, what do you guys think?

Will Zim and Gaz be reunited or not? I'll leave that up to your imagination my dear readers.

Zim no longer has a PAK, because he's dead and no longer needs it, which is a bad thing considering the journey ahead of him.

Also, I apologise for any misconceptions of the afterlife snd such since religion is not in my area of expertise since I am atheists.

To each their own, am I right?

So, anyway I was merely following Jhonen Vasquez's description of what the Devil and Hell would look like as they appeared in JTHM as well as making a reference to Dante's Inferno.

Constructive criticism is always accepted and flames will be sent to hell.

... Yeah, pun intended.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.