Title: One For The Road.

Writer: Invader Johnny

Disclaimer: Victorious belongs to Dan, I own squat!

Plot: Every relationship has it's ups and downs, both girls find that out the hard way when Tori goes through a dark time and Jade being there to try and stop it, established Jori.

Author Notes: What can I tell you about this story? Originally this was meant to be a part of my "50 Shades of Jori" sequel I was writing but kinda grew into its own thing, that being said, this story will take place in the same universe as my "50 shades" fic and I will eventually post said sequel.

Anyways read, review and most of all enjoy it!

Tori was sitting on the couch, watching a movie or rather, hearing the movie, she was far more preoccupied with her phone and the text messages she was receiving every ten seconds.

"Why are you over at Robbie's watching the movie when you could be here watching it with me?" Tori wrote and sent.

A few seconds later she received a reply.

"Because Robbie won't try to make out with me every minute of the movie, and even if he did I would sew his lips shut slowly and painfully!"

Tori smiled, Jade really became an influence on her.

"I love you Vega, I really do but if we stay in the same room whenever there's something good on TV then I'll miss all the gory stuff"

Tori smiled, she knew Robbie and Jade were only friends, even if the term was loosely used and in fact had no trouble with them spending time together, especially after she found out that her girlfriend had a geeky side, she figured why not let her enjoy it with the only person in the group who shared her not so secret likings at least no longer a secret to the tanned girl.

"Jade, there's nothing gory about Planet of the Rats" She wrote back.

"Keep watching Vega"

"I will West"

"You better"

Tori looked at the movie, nothing much had happened, at least not something out of what she already knew from the plot, some astronauts landed on a distant planet where there was a primitive civilization of giant rats and from the looks of it they weren't exactly kind to humans.

Before she could really questioned why Jade liked this movie so much aside from being disgusting a knock on the door was heard.

"It's open!" Tori yelled out not looking up from her cell but still somehow paying attention to the film, but had she taken the time to notice who exactly entered her house, then the mood would have changed drastically

"Why do u think rats were chosen for the movie?"

"Maybe as ironic twist?" Jade guessed "I mean humans experiment on rats in real life, in the movie the shoe's on the other foot"

"I guess that makes sense"

"Damn right it does" The Goth wrote back "Now be quiet the best part's coming up"

"I'll be sure to cover my eyes then"

"You baby"

"Says the woman who was to afraid to hold a snake"


Tori snickered "It's ok, you still are big bad Jade West to me"

"Don't patronize me Vega"

"Hello Tori"

The teenager's eyes widened, she knew that voice, anywhere Tori slowly moved eye eyes away from her phone to be greeted by the last person she wanted to see, ever.

"What are you doing here?" Tori asked darkly.

"Is that any way to talk to your mom?" Holly said condescendingly.

"You're not my mom!" The girl snapped "My mom would have accepted me and loved me; you are just the woman who gave birth to me, nothing more"

"Tori, I didn't come here to fight"

"I don't care what you're here to do!" She bellowed "GET OUT!"

"Baby hear me out"

"I heard enough when you kicked me out a few months ago" Tori hissed "And I have no intention to hear what you have to say now!"

"Ok I'll admit I didn't handle your sexual orientation very well"

"You think?" Tori said with a snarky tone that would make Jade proud.

"But in my defense I was not expecting it" Holly tried to say calmly but bits of irritation could be heard in her voice "It's not every day you hear your daughter telling you she's into girls"

"Well there isn't exactly a manual you can use to come out of the closet now is there?"

"No I suppose there isn't" Holly agreed "But we're getting off topic Tori, I want to apologize for that, you're my daughter and I should not have called you an accident"

"Well the damage is done" Tori pointed out "You can't just apologize and expect me to forgive you or forget what you did to me for that matter, it doesn't work like that"

"I know, I know and I don't expect you to do so but maybe we still can be a family again" Holly said hopefully "Tori you're my little girl, I remembered that when you had a problem you always came to me for guidance, when you wanted to ride a bike for the first time or when you wanted to talk to me about when something was bothering you, I was always there to listen, and well I miss that, you always trusted me with your little secrets"

"But apparently when I wanted to tell you about a part of myself you couldn't accept me for me now could you?"

"Ok your hurt, I understand but please baby, I want us to be tight again, I miss you, don't you miss me?"

"A bit"

"So I ask you Tori, to give me the chance to make things right between us"

The younger Vega warily looked at her mother "I don't know"

"What do you have to lose baby?"

"I guess that's true"

"So what do you say?"

"Wouldn't hurt to try"

Holly widened her mouth, a smile slowly forming, she then opened her arms widely inviting her daughter for a hug, Tori reluctantly accepted it, as both Vega women were hugging the younger one of the two noticed someone was watching them from the other side of the door.

She slowly broke the hug with her mother when she noticed exactly who was watching them.

A priest

Tori looked at the man who only stared back with utter disdain; clearly this priest was one close minded individual who condemned those who didn't follow the bible to the letter.

The tanned girl looked at the tall man and then at her mother, one thought came to mind "You think he can pray the gay away"

"Tori just hear him out I'm sure he can make..."

"Get out"

"It's for your own good…"

"Get out!"

"You got to know this isn't right!"

"GET THE HELL OUT!" Tori bellowed angrily "Don't make me call the cops"

Her mother walked out the door "What happened to giving me a chance?"

"That was before I knew you had a reason for coming here" She replied darkly "Dont ever talk to me again!"

"Baby.. I was only.."

"Trying to change me" Tori finished "Get out, I'm death serious about calling the police"

"Tori... Please"

"I hate to see dad having to arrest his ex-wife" The girl said ominously.

The threats was clear, Holly reluctantly admitted defeat and walked out.

As soon as the woman left, Tori slammed the door and began to cry, she wasn't about to give her mother the satisfaction of seeing how much this affected her.

Slowly she made her way to the couch where her forgotten phone laid, noticing she had several text messages from her girlfriend.

"Let me guess, you changed the channel"


"Did the movie render you mute now?"

"Vega, this isnt funny, answer me now!"

Tori felt like she had been stabbed in the heart, after several more minutes she finally answered.

"Can you come over? I don't want to be alone"

"What happened?"

"My mom happened"

'I'll be there in ten minutes"

"Thank you"

That night despite being a minor, Tori started drinking.

Jade never forgave Holly for what she did to her girlfriend.

Here it is, the first part, this story won't be long, maybe around 7-8 chapters.

Sad I know, this is why I'm atheist, religion can put families apart.

Anyways, what do you think of it so far?

And five points to whoever catches the Invader Zim reference.

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