The Doctor had his feet resting against the grating- one of them tapping in time with the music that floated around the console room. Donna glanced at his feet, and slowly approached, holding two mugs of tea.

The Doctor was humming along, oblivious to her presence as he usually was when he was working on the TARDIS. She wouldn't have bothered him at all, if it wasn't the fact that she was bored- simple as that. Reading didn't hold any appeal today, and she had already wandered the TARDIS for some time, before she decided to bribe him with tea.

With any luck, he'd take her somewhere. She didn't even think she'd mind another swampy mess, or hours in the rain today.

"Doctor?" she called out, over the music. "I brought tea."

She had also brought a banana, in case he needed extra motivation, but she thought it was best to start low, and work her way up.

She heard a grunt, and then a zapping noise, followed by his feet quickly being withdrawn. She didn't know the exact translation of the next words that spewed from his mouth, but the tone was enough for her to understand their meaning.

She winced for him, as he appeared, shaking his hand. She blinked, and the feeling of guilt at causing him pain faded rapidly.

His hair was sticking up more than normal, trying to reach for the ceiling of the TARDIS with impressive tenacity.

"You caused me to get shocked," the Doctor whined.

"Sorry," Donna said, ,though she couldn't stop the grin. "Come on, tea...and a banana."

He brightened nearly at once, the zap seemingly forgotten, though his hair suggested there was no forgetting.

She sat the mugs on the jump seat, reaching over to help pull him from the grating, when she quickly yanked her hands back.

He'd shared his static with her, it seemed. She huffed, looking him over.

"Sorry," he said, but he was beaming at her. "I know I can be a bit shocking."

She shook her head, grabbing his mug and pushing it off to him. He took it happily, turning and flopping down on the seat, before jumping back up.

"Ow!" he said, pouting and instead holding still, away from anything, while he gulped down the tea.

"Is that going to go away?" she asked, motioning to him, sipping her tea.

"Yeah," he said, nodding. "I'm some point. Actually, I'll just pop off down the hall, and see if I can speed it along."

"Want some help?" she asked, smiling at him.

"No!" he said, quickly, shaking his head. "No...I mean, I'm fine, thanks. Won't take a moment, and we can...go."

He sat the mug down carefully, and hurried off. From the hall she heard another loud 'ow!' and she rose, gathering up the dishes.

Donna decided to give him a few minutes, as she wasn't entirely sure what his plan to rid himself of his charge would involve, and then she'd try to find him.

She washed up the dishes, lingering in the kitchen, waiting for him to come to her instead of the other way around.

She heard feet shuffling, and the repeated sighing of someone who was completely fed up with their current situation.

The Doctor appeared and as much as she wanted to be sympathetic to him, she couldn't help the laugh that bubbled up. He was covered in balloons. The brightest colors seemed to be clinging to his dark hair, and he kept batting one away from his face, to ensure he was still able to glare at her.

"This isn't funny," he said, batting at the deep purple balloon. "Don't just stand there, come help me."

She nodded, sniffing softly, and coming over. Every other step a giggle slipped to her lips, and she couldn't contain them all.

He'd bat and glare, but otherwise remained oddly silent for him. She started to pull the balloons away from him, pushing them off into the hall so they didn't quickly return to his side.

After the third balloon, and the third shock, she huffed.

"Why do you even have this many balloons?" she asked. "Do you have a whole room of them?"

"A room, Donna," he said, trying to help her, as the balloon slid back over to him. "Don't be silly." He looked her over, and then smiled slightly. "At least two or three of them."

"Martians," she muttered, going back to working on him.

He ignored her, wisely, and went back to trying to rid himself of the seemingly never-ending attachments.

"Ow!" She said. "Stopped shocking me, Spaceman!"

He huffed loudly, rolling his eyes.

"I can't help it, you know?" he said. "I'm a bit distracted by all these balloons."

She glared, before returning to work.

"Alright," she said. "I give. Why do you have rooms of balloons? Like to hold parties for yourself? Roll around in them when no one is looking? Go on, tell me, I won't judge."

He looked her over.

"No," he said, simply, as she pulled off the last balloon.

"Well, what then?" she asked, leaning against the door frame.

"I..." he said, hesitating, and attempting to push his hair down. She watched as it slowly rose again, and she waited. "For...birthdays?"

"Your birthday is coming up?" she asked. "Why didn't you tell me."

He blinked, surprise filling his features.

"Not mine, Donna," he said, in a gentle tone that made her breath seem to catch. "Yours."

She started to shake her head, before realizing. If she'd been back on Earth, it would be tomorrow. With everything that had happened, she had simple lost track of time. It wasn't as it had mattered all that much back then, in that life.

Any celebration, was planned, and executed by her own hand.

She cleared her throat, looking away.

"Don't do that, Donna," he said, in that same gentle tone. "We're supposed to be celebrating."

"Why?" she asked, unsure of how to feel. She hadn't bothered to remember, why should he?

He looked at her for a moment, his face so serious she could forget the crazy hair and the normally wild eyes. Now they seemed to be filled with sadness, but without pity.

Then he smiled.

"I really thought you knew," he said, shaking her head.

"Knew what?" she asked, starting to look away.

"Look at me?" he asked, and waited until she did. "Thanks. Now, why? Because you're amazing, because you take my breath away. And because you deserve it."

"Oh, stop it," Donna muttered.

"No!" he said, his eyes suddenly filling with light. "Donna Noble! I'm so attracted to you. I come into your presence and I feel a spark .I was shocked to find someone like you, and you have the power to be my equal. My real equal, Donna. Your hair is stunning, and your smile can illuminate the darkest parts of this old soul."

She preceded to hit him, repeatedly in the arm.

"Why are you hitting me?" he asked, stepping away."I was being honest."

"Did you just flirt with me in puns?!" she asked, not nearly as angry as she was pretending.

"No, Donna," he said, his face serious. "I just confessed my love for puns."

"I think I hate you," she said, crossing her arms.

"I think I have cake," he said. "So...maybe we can work on the cake...and a redo, without the puns."

"Let's start with the cake," she said, nodding.

"Brilliant!" he said. "Come on, I got four rooms of balloons to show you."