Story Name: Between Heaven and Hell

Author : P.D-chan

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all the other Characters don't belong to me.

Author's Note: So, I will overlook and maybe rewrite all the chapters and then there will come finally new ones :)

Chapter 1

The pain was burning in him like a flame. A flame from deep within him, that tried to burn him alive. A flame from around him that tried to eat the flesh from his bones, layer for layer. And he was forced to feel every minute. To experience every second, every minute. The agony was dragging him down into the darkness of his own mind and he wished that he would fall into oblivion soon, so that he could flee from this pain. But it refused him to faint away. It refused him to flee. It forced him to feel.
And it forced him to hear. Hear his own cries of torment, hear them piercing through the silence around him.

Though he was the only one to hear them.

He was alone now. Nobody was there any longer. Nobody was there to hear his cries except himself. He had wanted it like that. Nobody should see him like this.
But soon he would not be alone anymore.

They had thought they could flee from him, avoiding his vengeance. But their were wrong.

Soon..everybody would pay for what they had done to him.

All... Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, wished for was a quiet year. Just one year where there was nobody who wanted to kill him, where nobody wanted his death. Just one year where he could relax and where he could only think of himself for once. One year without fear. Just one year that he could enjoy like a normal

Was this little wish really so odd? Many people cursed their boring lives. He wished he would be bored for once.

With a sigh from deep within him Harry leaned his forehead against the cool glass of the window of his Compartment. His wish would never be fulfilled. It seemed that a quiet year was not meant for him. What could possible happen this year?

As the Hogwarts Express reached a curve, Harry's head bounced slightly against the glass. He winced, but didn't move his head away.

The glass was cold. It felt good against his scar. He sighed again, a sigh from deep within him. He didn't hold it back. There wasn't anyone who could hear.

His scar. Since Voldemort's return it hadn't stop hurting. All his holiday long there had been a light constant pain in it, the whole day and the whole night. Like a knife that cut it's way slowly into his head. And there was nothing he could do about it. He hadn't found anything to erase the pain and he really had tried everything he could think about-except magic. But just, because it was forbidden to use magic in the school holidays. Otherwise he would have tried the anti-pain-spell that he had seen in one of his books.
But because he couldn't he had swallowed some of his Aunt Petunia's strong pill's against headaches that he had taken secretly from the bath, but nothing had succeeded in erasing the pain.

Now his only hope lied in Hogwarts and in Professor Dumbledore and Madame Pomfrey. Surely they would find a way to help Harry.
When not, when not even magic cold help him, then the only way to erase the pain would be Voldemort's death.

Harry raised a hand. Slowly he let his finger glide over the scar, over the evident proof of his survival. When he thought that there had been a time where he had loved it, because it had made him special. But since he knew the origin of it... his liking had slowly turned into despise.
That the day when he had become it was the day his parents had died, when they had tried to protect him. He not only despites it, he hated it.

With another sigh Harry let his hand fell back in his lap. It wasn't good to dwell on the past. That had he learned in his first year, where the magical mirror had shown him his greatest wish that what he yearned for: his dead parents. But sometimes it felt good.

"Great, just great" Harry mumbled silently to himself. He lost himself too much in his thoughts when he was alone.

A quiet rustle was the only answer he got. With a smile he turned his head to the only one who shared this train with him

"Well, Hedwig, what do you say to the great honour that we have the whole train alone for us. Just for us the Hogwarts Express takes the whole distance before September the 1st"

The white Owl blinked and threw a reproachful look to him, because of the sarcasm in his voice, before she closed her eyes again. Harry winced. Hedwig wasn't really glad to be in her cage and she was showing him exactly in what a bad mood she was. Not a very pleasant company to be with. But the only one he got.
He sighed again and leaned back into his seat. This journey was not quite so entertaining and fun when he was alone, when there was nobody to speak with, when there was no Ron and no Hermione. Not even the women with the sweets seemed to be there. He lay a hand onto his belly-and he was hungry.

God, he would even prefer to speak with his nemesis Draco Malfoy. Then he mustn't talk to himself. That he was already doing when he was with the Dursleys.

Suddenly with a loud rattle the door opened, startling Harry. Quickly he turned around, cursing himself that his wand was in his trunk...and found himself gazing into the wide smirk of nobody else than Draco Malfoy, standing in the doorframe.

When speaking from the devil...

"All alone, Potter?" With an elegant movement Malfoy stepped into the compartment, holding Harry's gaze with his silver-grey eyes.

Harry sneered. It seemed just his bad wishes would be fulfilled. Just wonderful. "What do you want, Malfoy? Are you even supposed to be here?"

The blond Slytherin smirk widened, so that it was nearly a real smile. "Friendly as ever. And yes I'm allowed here. Did you really think that the whole Hogwarts Express does this journey just for one person, even if it's you, the great and mighty Harry Potter!"

Harry groaned inwardly, watching how Malfoy's gaze went over his property, from his big trunk on one of the seats to Hedwig in her cage.

It was just his luck, that of all possibilities, it was his nemesis Draco Malfoy, who was with him in this damn train.

But why?

Hadn't Dumbledore written in his Owl post that he would be the only one?

Maybe he had lied, because he knew how much he hated the Slytherin.

Just great. A Gryffindor and a Slytherin alone in one train.

\\Will anybody of us reach the school whole and in one piece?\\ Harry thought.

"And why do you want to come earlier to school? Do you want to spy for your father or are you just bored?"

"Neither of the two. I just wanted to hear such sweet words from you again." Draco snickered and let himself fall back into the seat beside Harry. "But I'm hurt, Potter. I would have thought that you would appreciate my presence. I'm a far better company than that owl of you. And I've wanted to give you a chance to apologize."

Harry blinked. Apologize? Why should he...oh.that.

Slowly he let his eyes glide over Draco's body, which was already in his school uniform. But he didn't notice anything odd. All seemed to be normal-of what he could see. Though he noticed that Malfoy had grown a bit in the summer holidays. A bit too much for Harry's likes. So much he could see was the Slytherin now a good head taller than himself.

/Just great. Now he can really look down on me./

But otherwise... nothing had changed.

"I don't see a reason to apologize to you. There don't seem to be any after- effects from the curses we hit you with." Harry narrowed his eyes and looked down on his fingers. "And besides, you deserved it after saying such mean things about Cedric."

"Ah, stop it, Potter." Malfoy interrupted annoyed. "Don't tell me you still grieve about this Hufflepuff guy. That's just so you."

Harry closed his eyes and fought against the tears that threatened to well up in his eyes. Tears of anger and grieve. Oh, why couldn't he just pounce Malfoy to the ground now, no matter whether it will bring him detention later in school. Just letting his anger break free.
Warm breath brushed his cheek and Harry squeaked in surprise, nearly jumping out of his seat. Startled he turned his head- and found himself nearly nose to nose with Malfoy, his face just inches away from that of the blond. Just a few more inches and they would touch. He even could see the slightly darker grey sparkles in the silver-grey eyes of his enemy.

As fast as he could, Harry backed away, pressing himself as much as possible in his seat. "Damn, ...Malfoy!"

Malfoy smirked. "Problems, Potter?"

Harry shot him an angry look. "What was the idea of that, Malfoy?"

Malfoy just smiled. "Have I startled you? I'm sooo sorry."

He snickered slightly, leaning back into his seat, arms comfortably behind his head, but without letting Harry out of his gaze. Harry squirmed lightly, cursing his wild pounding heart. Why had Malfoy startled him so?

Damn this Slytherin.

Malfoy couldn't help but to snicker a bit. The look of Harry as he had found his face just inches away from his own had been so great. Alone that had calmed his sore heart. That and of course to smell, just for a second, Harry's sweet breath, mingling with his own. It had tasted so good...
And now that angry look out of these wonderful green eyes. Malfoy snickered again and leaned back into his seat, arms behind his head. He would rather lay his arms around Potter's slender body and press him to his own, but he doubt that the Gryffindor would appreciate that.

"You haven't told me yet what you are doing here." Harry asked him, his eyes still locked with his. "And don't tell me that it isn't my business, because it is."

Malfoy raised an elegant eyebrow. Now that was interesting. He grinned. "I'm your business? Wow, Harry, I didn't know that you are so much interested in my doings and me. I'm honoured."

Harry's mouth opened and closed, not able to produce a single word. And to Malfoy's delight a small blush crept his neck up to these soft cheeks. And the blush became darker as Harry noticed Malfoy's staring.
Really delightful.

Harry felt like he would explode every second. That damn blush.

And that damn, bloody, staring Slytherin. Under that silver-grey gaze his blush became worse and worse.

And just because of these damn words. What was it about these words that he had started to blush?

"Don't stare at me like that, Malfoy!"

Malfoy again raised one eyebrow. "Like what, Potter?" He sneered and Harry clenched his fist as he noticed the cold and depreciatory look in these silver-grey eyes.

"And I'm not staring, Potter. I'm just noticing your weaknesses. And look how many there are: your to small, to weak, to thin, you're to damn trustful and friendly, your is always a mess, your glasses are horrible and you're way to helpful for my likes."

Harry closed his mouth. He stared at Malfoy's hand before his eyes; on the fingers with whom he had counted his so called weaknesses. And then Malfoy did something that let his mouth fall open again: He smiled.

Not his usually smirk, but a real smile. Quite a sad one.

What was with Malfoy ? Why was he suddenly so nice?

"How do you want to fight Voldemort when you have so many weak points, Potter! He has no weaknesses and he will not hesitate to let you suffer, before he kills you."

Harry raised his look and gazed deep into the eyes of the blond. Has he heard just a friendly tone in his voice? Since when was Malfoy so nice to him ? And why ?

What happened in the holidays that...Wait..

Harry felt how he paled. "You met him, didn't you! You met Voldemort " He whispered.

Malfoy's smile vanished. Harry felt a shudder ran through his entire body. In the eyes of the Slytherin was a hate from such intense, he had never seen before. Not even in their biggest fights he had seen such hate.
It scared him.
For the first time he was scared of Draco Malfoy.

"Yes, I have met Lord Voldemort, the Leader of all Deatheaters." Malfoy said, his voice quiet and emotionless. "I've met him two days after we arrived London. My father brought me and my mother to a house and there he was, sitting on a big chair like a king on his throne and crouching around his feet were his snake and that rat from your weasel friend."

\\Nagini...and Peter Pettigrew\\

"And there where a lot more people besides my parents and me. All the Deatheaters who had escaped at the end of the war and their families. All of them bowed before their new-born Lord and some of had joined the snake and the rat, and where crouching around his feet like..."

"Stop it!" Harry shouted. He stared at Malfoy, who was still looking at him, still with those hate in his eyes. But he knew... this hate was not because of him. It was...

"Damn, Malfoy. Why are you telling me that? You're Slytherin, surely you're overjoyed that Voldemort is back. And surely your Dad has told you everything that happened the night Voldemort came back."

/It couldn't be./

"Yes, he has told me. He has told me everything."Malfoy sighed and suddenly the hate vanished from his eyes, leaving only a silent anger. And then, before Harry could react, he lifted a hand and pale fingers brushed gently over the scar under his hair. "He has told what Voldemort has done to you, but if you believe me or not, I haven't enjoyed it to hear it."

Malfoy moved his fingers and Harry shuddered as his fingers continued to stroke his scar.

Never had anybody touched it. And know Malfoy.

Harry must admit to himself that it felt...kind of good. And he didn't move away from the touch.

"Now that I've met Voldemort in person, and know him not only from the story's of my father" Malfoy continued, his gaze slightly over glazed as if he remembered something. "I have realized that he is not the heroic Wizard that my father has told of. He's a bitter old man full of hate, who wants nothing more, than that everybody fears and worship him. And he wants your head on a plate."

Malfoy's gaze returned to normal.

Harry swallowed. " you try to tell me that."

\\ It cannot be.\\

A big smile appeared on Malfoy's face, letting his silver-grey eyes lighten up. "Slow today, Potter?"

My first fancfiction from Harry is a long time ago that I started this...I hope now I can finish it. :)