Ancient Chinese Primers

Volume. I

Suzaku Seishi and Friends!

See Kouji.

See Kouji talk.

There is no one in the room.

See Kouji talk to himself.

Strange, Kouji, Strange.

See Tasuki.

See Tasuki run.

Tasuki can run very fast.

See Tasuki run from his psychotic sisters.

Run, Tasuki, Run!

See Hotohori.

Hotohori is sparkling.

Hotohori is calling himself beautiful.

See no one find this strange.

Sparkle, Hotohori, sparkle.

See Nuriko.

Nuriko is fruity.

See Nuriko cross-dress.

Cross-dress, Nuriko, Cross-dress!

See Tasuki laugh at Nuriko.

See Nuriko punch Tasuki through a wall.

Punch, Nuriko, punch

See Tamahome.

See Tamahome chase after money.

See Tamahome chase after Miaka.

See Tamahome get beaten over the head by a Tessen.

Poor Tamahome.

See Tamahome kick Tasuki through the roof.

See Mitsukake.

See Mitsukake heal Tasuki.

Heal, Mitsukake, heal!

See Mitsukake grumble because he doesn't have enough lines.

See Mitsukake go on a rampage and give everyone the evil eye.

See no one notice Mitsukake.

See Mitsukake streak through the palace halls.

See no one notice Mitsukake.

See Mitsukake catch a fish.

See Chichiri catch more.

See no one notice Mitsukake.

See Chichiri.

Chichiri is kawaii!

Everyone loves Chichiri.

See Chichiri going SD.

See a swarm of groupies Shang hai'ng Chichiri.

See Chichiri scream for help.

See Mitsukake just snrk and watch.

Bye bye, Chichiri.

And Helloooo.

heh heh heh

Do not see Chiriko.

Chiriko is short.

Chiriko only had twenty or so lines in his final scene.

See Chiriko lose it.

See Chiriko tie everyone in a lot of string and take away Hotohori's mirror.

See Hotohori cry.

See Chiriko cackle.

See Mitsukake cackle.

See them both wake up because it was all a dream.

See them sigh and go about their day.

See no one notice Chiriko or Mitsukake.

See Miaka.

See Miaka eat.

See Miaka glomp Tamahome.

See Miaka eat.

See Miaka glomp Tamahome.

See Miaka get into trouble.

See Miaka get saved.

See Miaka glomp Tamahome.

See Miaka eat.

See Miaka eat etc, etc.


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