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Summary: This story is an alternative version of Power Rangers in Space that starts at the end of Turbo with the fight against Goldgoyle so please enjoy the story and also please review it with any opinions you may have since they much appreciated.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Written By Kenn,Faith,Dawn

Story requested and ideas provided by ManuelMusical14


It was a lovely day in Angel Grove as it normally was and Doug Stewart was Walking home he had had a great day and couldn't wait to tell his Son Justin that he had received a new job offer in LA, Doug had decided to cut through Angel Grove Park and that's when he saw the latest monster attack.

The latest monster was called Goldgoyle and Doug watched as the Rescue Megazord arrived to fight it but the Rescue Megazord was easily over powered and looked like it was about to be defeated since there were electrical short circuits all over the out-side of the Megazord it slowly approached the Monster struggling to move and then it exploded the Rescue Megazord was destroyed but Goldgoyle look like he hadn't even been scratched. Then the Turbo Megazord arrived they hit their strongest attack but again it didn't faze the monster, Goldgoyle then charged up all the Energy he could and fired it at the Turbo Megazord causing it to catch fire and start exploding as well then the 5 rangers were ejected from the Megazord just as their second Megazord exploded they hit the ground in the Park not far from where Doug was so he decided to go and see if he could help. As he approached the downed Rangers he saw their suits flash in their colour and de-morph that's when he saw something he had never expected.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

(This time we see it from the Rangers POV)

Goldgoyle was attacking Angel Grove as the Rescue Megazord arrived to fight it, Goldgoyle was far too strong for the Rescue Megazord and it had sustained serious damage. In the cockpit of the Megazord Cassie and Justin were about to try and fix the problems but TJ had stopped them.

"There's no time Goldgoyle won't give us the time to repair the problem and we have to stop him otherwise he could destroy the Planet" said TJ.

"So how do we do that we can't get enough power our best attack did nothing?" asked Carlos.

"We Activate the Self-destruct and get in close to him" said Justin.

"It may be the only way to stop him" said TJ agreeing with Justin.

"He would never see it coming" said Cassie.

TJ and Justin activated the Self-destruct and set it to a 30 second time limit.

"Ok guys it's time for part 2 of the plan, we can't be sure this will work so Justin you and the others go to the Turbo Zord's I will take the Rescue Megazord in myself and get ready to form the Megazord in case this doesn't work and then I will join you" said TJ.

"Ok be careful TJ we will be waiting for you" said Justin as he lead the other three Turbo Rangers to the Turbo Zords the 5 other Zords were waiting.

Behind the wheel of the Turbo Zords the 4 Rangers were watching and waiting to hear from TJ or to see if Goldgoyle had been destroyed. They saw the Rescue Megazord launch itself at Goldgoyle and seconds later it exploded but as the smoke cleared Goldgoyle was still standing.

"Oh no it didn't work" said Cassie.

"Let's bring it together" said TJ as they formed the Turbo Megazord.

They went straight for the Turbo Megazords finishing move since it was its most powerful attack so they activated the Turbo Sword and span at Goldgoyle, the Rangers hit the move but Goldgoyle laughed it off and said.

"My Turn" he summoned all the Energy he could and fired it at the Turbo Megazord causing it to catch fire and start exploding as well then the 5 Rangers were ejected from the Megazord just as their second Megazord exploded they hit the ground in the Park and de-morph that's when they heard something they never expected.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

(Back to normal POV)

Divatox was celebrating the destruction of both Turbo Megazords and since they had de-morphed as they were thrown from the Zords she assumed they had lost their powers as well. As Divatox begins to celebrate in her submarine/space ship a floating head appears in front of her.

"Divatox it is time" said the head.

"What it can't be not in my moment of triumph"

"You have been ordered to Divatox"

"By who?"

"Dark Spector himself commands his forces to unite on the Cimmerian Planet"

The floating head vanished and Divatox looked to her minions.

"Well I guess those Rangers can't fight back against Goldgoyle anyway their powers are gone" said Divatox as the submarine/space ship left Earth and headed to the meeting point leaving Goldgoyle to finish off the destruction of Earth.

Once they were a good distance into their journey Divatox left almost all of her Piranhatrons on a planet and put a minefield around it just in case the Rangers somehow survived and found a way to follow her.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Back on Earth.

The 5 Rangers were starting to recover when they heard something they never expected.

"Justin?" asked a voice behind them.

"Dad" replied Justin.

Before anymore could be said the Rangers communicators went off.

"Go ahead Alpha?" said TJ.

"Rangers the Super Zeo Zords have broken out of their hiding places and are heading to town to help you will need to Morph to enter the cockpits of the Zords" said Alpha 6.

"Ok thanks Alpha" said TJ before turning to Justin and saying "Justin we still have a job to do?"

"Right lets finish this" he said as the Rangers all got their Morphers out.

"Shift into Turbo" called TJ.

"Mountain Blaster Turbo Power" called Justin.

"Desert Thunder Turbo Power" called Carlos.

"Dune Star Turbo Power" called Ashley.

"Wind Chaser Turbo Power" called Cassie.

"Red Lightning Turbo Power" called TJ.

"Justin we need to talk" said Doug.

"I know but we will have to talk later right now Angel Grove needs me" said Justin.

"Ok Justin please stay safe"

"I will" said Justin.

The 5 Rangers entered the Super Zeo Zords and TJ called for them to form the Super Zeo Megazord, the 5 of them activated the Megazord mode and the 5 Zords began to transform into the parts they were in the Megazord and as each part landed they connected together forming the Megazord, with its twin Saber's in hand.

"We call upon the power of the Super Zeo Zord Saber now" they all called together.

The two Saber's joined together and in a flash the blade of the Saber turned orange and became 3 times the length, and the Super Zeo Megazord brought the Saber down on Goldgoyle and the Monster finally exploded and was defeated.

The Zords retreated back to their hiding place and the Rangers except for Justin teleported back to the power chamber, Justin instead went to find his dad.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Justin reappears in the Park not far from where the Rangers had landed after the Turbo Zords had been destroyed and found his father sitting on a bench not far from his current location.

"Dad?" asked Justin unsure of what he should say.

"Justin I have some important questions to ask you and also some news to tell you" said Doug.

"Ok ask away Dad I'll answer as many questions as I can" said Justin.

"Right so first how long have you been a Ranger?"

"About a year"

"How did you become one?"

"I found out the identity of one by accident and when he became unable to fulfil his role he passed the power to me"

"The other 4 were they Rangers when you joined?"

"No, but I can't give you the names of the other Rangers it's one of the rules we accept before becoming Rangers"

"I understand. So what happened today?"

"Well our mentor left to go and help our former mentor who's planet was being attacked and our enemy decided to take advantage of this by sending that thing down to attack Earth we have lost both our Megazords in fighting it the only way we won was thanks to a set of dormant Zords from a previous Power Team"

"So you are not the 1st Team?"

"No we are the 4th team"

"What do you do now you have no Zords?"

"We will have to find another way to fight the monsters"

The two sat on the bench silent for a few minutes while Doug took all the information in.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

After 5 minutes Doug still hadn't said anything and Justin was starting to get worried.

"Dad, please say something?"

"What can I say I thought I had huge news but it turns out it could be a nightmare?"

"Dad what is your news?"

"It doesn't matter yours is more important"

"Dad please just tell me?"

"Ok I have been offered a job in LA, and if I accept it, it would mean leaving Angel Grove and I was so happy that we could be a family again"

"Dad please I don't want you to stay here and be unhappy but you can't ask me to stop protecting the Earth"

"Justin I want us to be a family"

"How do you know it won't be the same as the other jobs and I would be alone again?"

"Justin you can't stay here by yourself you're too young and I don't want you to go back to the shelter, and I know you are happy here so I would rather stay here and you can continue with being a Ranger"

"Dad I want you to be happy as well and this new job will do that, and you don't need to worry about me I'm sure one of the other Rangers will agree to me moving in with them"

"Who would you ask?"

"Carlos we have more in common than I do with the others"

"Ask him to come here and we can talk about it" said Doug.

Doug was silent as Justin activated him communicator and asked Carlos to come and see him and his dad.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

A few seconds had passed since Justin and Carlos finished talking and a Green flash appeared beside them.

"Hey so what can I do to help?" asked Carlos.

"Well here's the thing both Justin and I are being to stubborn so to reach an agreement we were hoping you would be able to help us both out" said Doug.

"Ok so tell me what's going on?"

"I have been offered a new job in LA but both of us are unsure what to do"

"So how can I help?"

"Justin wants to stay here but he also wants me to go but I won't leave without him either way one of us will be unhappy"

"So I was wondering if I could stay with you while Dad moved away for his new Job?" asked Justin.

"That would be great Justin, we do still need you on the team since you're the co-leader and the most experienced of us" said Carlos.

"Will you at least come to me for Christmas and your Birthday?" asked Doug.

"Of course I will Dad"

Just then Storm Blaster arrived.

"Uhm what is that?"

"Dad this is Storm Blaster, my car" said Justin.

Storm Blaster beeped and flashed its lights and the Glove box opened and revealed two Blue Communicators, Justin took them both from Storm Blaster and handed one to his dad.

"What's this for?" asked Doug.

"This is so we can always talk when the blue light flashes it means I'm able to talk when it doesn't it means I'm busy" said Justin.

"Ok I will miss you Justin while you are away from me"

"I will to dad but this is the best way, plus remember we can always talk with these"

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Meanwhile a long way from Earth

A space ship was doing a routine journey between an outpost and its home planet when the Ship detected something floating through space and altered course to investigate when it found the item floating the crew of the ship were stunned to find it was a robot.

"Bring it on board" said the captain whose feminine voice seemed familiar and as she turned round it was revealed to be Delphine.

The ship returned back to Aquitar and Delphine took the deactivated robot to a building and knocked on the door.

"Delphine what can I do for you?" asked a human voice as Billy answered the door.

"We found this floating in space and thought you should know" said Delphine as Billy saw the Robot.

"Delphine gather the others and I will activate him" said Billy.

Billy gets to work checking the circuits are ok before reactivating the robot, and just as he finishes Delphine returns with the rest of the Aquitar Rangers.

Billy restarts it and the 1st thing to be heard was "Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi where am I this isn't Eltar"

"Alpha calm down do you recognise me?" asked Billy.

"Yes Billy I know you and our friends the Rangers of Aquitar, is that where I am?"

"It is Alpha. Now do you remember why you were floating in Space?"

"I was on my way to Eltar with Zordon when we were intercepted they said they were there to escort us to Eltar we trusted them since they wore suits like Power Rangers do but they captured us and must of deactivated me because the next thing I remember was you reactivating me. Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi what happened to Zordon" said Alpha 5.

Delphine automatically started typing something on the computer and once the search was done with a sad look on her face she said "Zordon never made it to Eltar, Dimitria and the Blue Centurion had gone to Eltar to attempt to help them as they fought of an invasion force, Dimitria and Zordon have both vanished the Blue Centurion was found in pieces on Triforia, Trey has been struggling to rebuild him"

"Billy, You must transport me back to the Power Chamber, Zordon had made back up plans for when a time like this happened" said Alpha 5.

"Ok Alpha and then I will ask Trey to bring the Blue Senturion here and together maybe we can rebuild him" said Billy.

"Good thinking Billy"

"Right Alpha prepare for teleport"

"I'm ready Billy"

Billy activates the teleporter and Alpha teleports away.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Back on Earth

"Yo-Yo-Yo-Yo-Yo guy's we are about to have a visitor" said Alpha 6.

"What is it Alpha?" asked TJ.

"Unknown although it does give off a Ranger signature"

"We should call Carlos and Justin get them here as well in case its trouble" said Cassie

"Let's wait and see if we can deal with whatever it is first Justin and Carlos are obviously talking to Doug" said TJ.

Cassie, Ashley, TJ and Alpha 6 watch the readings as the Unknown Ranger Signal approaches.

"Alpha any idea who it is yet?" asks Ashley.

"It is the Phantom Ranger he says he has a urgent message" replies Alpha

"Ok I'm going to recall Justin and Carlos they will want to be here for this" said TJ as he contacted Justin.

"Go ahead TJ what's up?" asked Justin.

"We need you and Carlos to return to the Power Chamber" said TJ.

"Ok were just finishing off things here anyway"

"The sooner the better Justin" said TJ then the communication ended.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

"Dad we have to go" said Justin.

"Ok Son and please stay safe I don't want Carlos to have to call me with bad news" said Doug.

"I'll come by the house and pack my things later"

"Right son I'll miss you" said Doug trying to hold back the tears.

"Dad I will miss you two but I can always come and see you LA isn't that far away and I have Storm Blaster" said Justin.

"Come on Justin they need us at the Power Chamber" said Carlos.

The two of them teleported out of the Park and headed back to the Power Chamber.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Carlos and Justin arrived at the Power Chamber to see what the problem was.

"What's the problem TJ?" asked Justin.

"The Phantom Ranger is on his way here and says he has an urgent message" said TJ.

"Right maybe he's heard from Zordon or Dimitria?" suggested Carlos.

"But if it was good news he would just have contacted us and not come here himself" said Justin.

"Unfortunately I agree" said TJ.

"So you think we should prepare for the worst?"

"Unfortunately yes I do"

A Black blur arrived in the Power Chamber and the Phantom Ranger landed and almost collapsed, Justin and Carlos place him on exam table while Alpha 6 runs the scanner over him.

"Alpha what's wrong with him?" asked Justin.

"I would guess Eltar has fallen since his ruby is being drained of all energy supplied to it from Eltar"

"Can we do anything?" asked TJ.

"I don't know Rangers his power system is unlike anything I have seen"

"Can I see?" asked Justin, Alpha 6 nodded and brought up the schematics for Justin to look at.

After a few minutes "I have it" said Justin.

"What do we do?" asked Cassie.

"We have to infuse him with the Turbo Powers, Lerigot and Zordon once said the Turbo Powers were based off Lerigots magic key and were one of the most powerful energy sauces in the universe even if the boost is only temporary it could be enough for someone else to solve the problem"

Then the Command center shone a bright gold

"Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi I'm back at the Power Chamber" said Alpha 5.

"Alpha 5 it is great to see you again" said Justin as he hugged the small robot.

"Justin I'm so happy I got here in time" said Alpha 5.

"Hey-hey-hey there should only be one of us here at a time unless it's an emergency" said Alpha 6.

"It is Alpha 6 activate your hidden sub program coded Zordon last resort" said Alpha 5

"Understood" said Alpha 6 as he activated the program and waited for the files to load.

Meanwhile Alpha 5 told the Rangers to infuse Phantom Ranger as much as they could they would only need the power to Morph once more so they ramped up the power they were giving the Phantom Ranger.

"File loaded and instructions understood" said Alpha 6.

"I am fully charged but how Eltar has fallen?" said the Phantom Ranger as he sat up and looked to the Rangers.

"We infused you with our powers that should hold for now" said Justin.

"Actually it is worse than just Eltar falling" said Alpha 5.

"Explain?" queried the Phantom Ranger.

"Zordon and I never made it to Eltar we were attacked they said they were there to escort us to Eltar we trusted them since they wore suits like Rangers but they weren't, also Dimitria never got their either I don't know if the same things were responsible but they completely destroyed the Blue Centurion fortunately Trey found him and with Billy's assistance that are attempting to rebuild him" said Alpha 5.

"Ok so I will head there and assist any way I can, once again thank you my friends and I have left you a gift at NASADA use it wisely" and with a Black blur the Phantom Ranger left the Power Chamber.

"Ok next thing" said Alpha 5.

"Alpha what is going on?" asked Justin.

"Rangers return home and pack a bag we will be leaving the Earth" said Alpha 5.

"Alpha that's not telling us what's going on?" said Justin again.

"Ok Zordon had a feeling this might one day happen so he planned ahead and created this" said Alpha 5 as he produced a Black box that was full of codes.

"Wow is that what I think it is?" asked Justin.

"Yes it is inside are the secrets to the Morphing Grid and your future"

"Ok so how long have we got to pack a bag?" asked TJ.

"We leave in 30 minutes"

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

The Rangers had all gone to their houses to pack a bag and 4 of them gave their parents some made up story that Alpha had come up with and after they met up outside Justin's house while inside he and Carlos were packing a bag and Justin was saying his last goodbyes to his dad for a while he didn't know when they would next see each other.

"Dad can the rest of my stuff go with you and then I will have somewhere to come to once this adventure is over" said Justin.

"Sure son and don't worry I will never say a word to anyone about you and your friends identity's" said Doug.

Justin hugged his dad and kissed him in the cheek "I will always be thinking of you dad" said Justin and he and Carlos walked out the house and got in Storm Blaster and Ashley made her way over to join them and the two vehicles headed back to the Power Chamber.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Once back at the Chamber everyone loaded their bags into Storm Blaster and the Rangers got out heir Morphers.

"Yo-yo-yo-yo what are you going to do about leaving the Earth unprotected?" asked Alpha 6.

"We won't be Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster will be staying with you at the Power Chamber to keep peace while we are away but if you need us just call us" said Justin.

"Right we won't let you down" said Alpha 6.

"We know you won't" said TJ.

"Good Luck Rangers" said Alpha 6.

The Rangers nodded to him and the TJ called "Shift into Turbo"

"Mountain Blaster Turbo Power" called Justin.

"Desert Thunder Turbo Power" called Carlos.

"Dune Star Turbo Power" called Ashley.

"Wind Chaser Turbo Power" called Cassie.

"Red Lightning Turbo Power" called TJ.

Storm Blaster drove the Rangers to the NASADA Space Port where they were met by General Ratle.

"General we were told there was something waiting here for us" said TJ.

"Yes indeed there is Rangers the Phantom Ranger left a space Shuttle for your use we have it set up ready for immediate launch" said the General.

"Good we are in need of it now" said Justin.

"Then let's get you on board" said the General.

The rangers grabbed their bags and Storm Blaster drove off back to the Power Chamber.

General Ratle led them through the Space Port towards the Shuttle.

"Ok here it is" he said once they reached it.

"Thank you preparing the shuttle a head of time in case we needed it, we might still be able to catch her" said Justin.

"We will do anything we can to help the Power Rangers if it wasn't for your efforts the Earth would have already fallen" said the General.

The Rangers nodded and then with Alpha 5 leading the way the Rangers entered the Shuttle.

Once they signalled they were ready the countdown began.






Blast Off

The Shuttle took off and was soon well on its way to into space.

"Bye for now Earth" said TJ.

"Bye Dad" said Justin.