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Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Chapter 14

A few days had passed and Andros, Zhane and Karone had finally been fully introduced to the Former Rangers that had arrived in town in the past few days, only two Rangers were missing Justin was due back from LA in a few hours and Kat would be their later that day Carlos was waiting for Kat to call and let them know she was boarding a flight in Boston that would bring her to Angel Grove. When she called he would go to the Airport to pick her up and bring her to what Tommy was calling a Ranger reunion.

"I'm looking forward to finally meeting Justin face to face and to thank him for saving us the other day" said Andros.

"I'm sure he feels the same" said TJ.

"And I should think he will bring his Girlfriend with him as well to tell us all about what they got up to in LA" said Tommy.

"So what do we do until then?" asked Andros.

"Anyone want a drink?" asked Trini getting up.

"Yeah can you just ask her for another round for everyone" said Adam.

"Would you mind ordering me a plate of hot wings while you are up?" asked Rocky.

"Sure no problem guy's" said Trini as she went over to the bar to place the drinks order and the food order for Rocky.

"So I see some things are still the same" said Aisha smiling at Rocky.

"What can I say I'm hungry" said Rocky.

"Nothing new there" smirked Aisha.

"So when should we book the next martial arts class for?" asked Adam.

"Maybe we should do it tomorrow it'll allow Lauren a chance to rest up I bet she'll be tired from all the travelling" said Tommy, actually having an ulterior motive having listened to TJ and Andros recount their interactions with Justin and the mysterious Red Ranger.

"Anyone want a quick practice match, it's been a while since I use any advanced moves" said Jason.

"Sure you're on just watch my back" said Rocky as the two former Red Rangers headed over to a small practice area that had been set up for the martial arts lessons that Tommy, Rocky and Adam gave to members of the A.G.D.L.

"What sort of classes do you teach?" asked Andros.

"Just basic self-defence for the basic foot soldier attacks and anyone who displays promise can join the more advanced class and there have only been two people to advance from that but we're hoping soon for a third " replied Tommy.

"Who were they then are they former Rangers?" asked Karone.

"Well one is and the second still is and the third may be in the future" said Tommy.

"What are their names?" asked Zhane.

"Well theirs Billy the original Blue Ranger who now lives on Aquitar, there's Justin the current Blue Ranger and Lauren his girlfriend is the third person" said Tommy.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Meanwhile up in space a Space ship approaches the Earth and on the bridge was General Havoc.

"Now let's see what is left of the planet after Divatox defeated the Power Rangers" Havoc said.

The viewing screen on the ship flashed and showed the Earth appeared to be in one piece there was no evidence that Goldgoyle had been there or that the Turbo Rangers had been defeated.

"What is going on did Divatox lie to everyone?" questioned General Havoc.

"News reports from that Day reveal that a set of Dormant Zords came to defeat Goldgoyle although it is unknown whether the Turbo Rangers piloted them" said the computerised voice of the ships computer.

"Well I guess it's time to test what sort of defence this planet truly has, the failure of Rita, Lord Zedd, Master Vile and the Machine Empire seems suspicious" said Havoc.

"So what is your plan?" asked the computer.

"Easy I have researched some of the more dangers monster that have previously been sent down to try and defeat the Rangers and the one that stands out to me is Lord Zedd's Nimrod Monster. So I think I will recreate that monster and send it down there to confront whatever defence force they have"

"I must remind you General Havoc the Monster Generator has yet to be tested" said the computer.

(The Monster Generator is essentially a large 3D printing device)

"Then we must test it before using it on Nimrod" said General Havoc

"But on what, do you have anything you want to create with that Monster Generator machine of yours?" asked the computer.

"Well some foot soldiers would come in handy since almost every other villain already has them. And I have seen an image that I think I could use with a few modifications" said General Havoc.

"Who are they and what modifications?" asked the Computer

Well they are known as Combatant Wumpers they are from a Japanese TV show I want to recreate them but change their colour to a metallic Silver and call them Chromites" said General Havoc.

"I have found and image of the creatures and have made the modifications and sent the image to the Monster Generator" said the computer as the machine fired into life and created the creatures that General Havoc would call his foot soldiers.

"Excellent now that I know it works Nimrod is next" said General Havoc.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

On the interstate a blue jeep was driving back to Angel Grove and behind the wheel was Justin and beside him was Lauren.

"So how do you think your new teammates will work out?" asked Lauren.

This was the first time that either of them had spoken about Ranger business since returning from helping save the Rangers a few days ago.

"They mostly seem nice even though they were in there suits" replied Justin.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Lauren.

"Well I had a feeling that the Gold Ranger wasn't happy that we both left so soon after the fight and never revealed our identity's to him" said Justin.

"I bet he will push to find out who I am then" said Lauren.

"Don't worry I won't tell him your identity he will just have to deal with not knowing" said Justin.

The two of them held hands as the drove in to Angel Grove and headed towards the Surf Spot where they knew the rest of the Rangers would probably be, and to escape being seen Justin activated Storm Blasters Camouflage mode.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

A Mechanic in a green suit with a bald head was just taking a break after fixing a car when he looked up and could have sworn he saw two kids driving by in a Blue Jeep that suddenly went invisible

"I have got to get my eyes tested" said the Man.

"Hey Damon you finished with the car yet?" asked another Mechanic.

"Almost just screwing the final part back on" said Damon as he tightened the last screw recovering the tail lights of the car that had needed replacing.

"Good because the owners kicking up hell wondering why it's taking so long" came the reply.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Back in the surf spot Jason and Rocky were sparring and as promised Jason stayed away from hitting any hard shots to Rocky's back and neck but he was slowly increasing the force he would attack with testing how close to 100% Rocky was. After a few minutes they stopped sparring and called it a draw as Rocky's order of Wings had arrived.

"So how much longer do you think repairs will take on both Megazords?" asked Tommy.

"Well Alpha 5 and 6 and I have been making steady progress I think maybe by the end of the week we should be back in business" replied Karone.

"I'm sure Justin will help you as well after all he is super smart" said Adam.

"Yeah and I could help a bit I mean Billy did have me helping him fix the Zords on several occasions" said Trini.

"Well any help would be welcome I mean Andros can be a little bossy thinking things shouldn't take as long as they do" responded Karone.

"Hey I just want things to get done" protested Andros.

"Yeah but sometimes it takes time to make sure things are fixed properly" said Karone.

"I guess you are right I just don't have the patients to wait" said Andros.

"Well now you're here we can help keep you distracted while the repairs happen then they won't seem to take as long" said Tommy.

"So what time is Justin due back?" asked Andros.

"Any time now" said Tommy.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Up in space General Havoc was in a good mood his Monster generator was working and he was waiting for the machine to finalise the creation of the Nimrod Monster.

"General the Machine has finished the creation process" said the Computer.

"Excellent send the Nimrod down to earth and attack Angel Grove" said General Havoc.

With a flash the door to the Monster Generator opened and Nimrod stood there before being surrounded by a bright light and then vanished making its way to Earth.

Nimrod landed in Angel Grove park and began to destroy things.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

The alarms suddenly went off in the Power Chamber and the Viewing globe fired up revealing the Nimrod Monster attacking Angel Grove park.

"Ai-yi-yi-yi yi the Nimrod monster is back we need to alert the Rangers" said Alpha 5.

"Yo-Yo-Yo don't blow a fuse Alpha I'll just contact the Rangers for you" said Alpha 6, as he pressed the button on the control panel to contact the Rangers.

In the surf spot the Rangers communicators went off alerting them to danger.

Tommy looked round and made sure no one was paying them any attention "Ok coast is clear" he said.

"This is TJ go ahead Alpha" said TJ.

"Rangers there is an emergency in Angel Grove Park a monster called Nimrod has appeared" said Alpha 6.

"Right we are on it" replied TJ.

"You want some help?" asked Tommy.

"We should be ok but if we need it we'll call you" said TJ.

"Ok Be careful Nimrod can call two sisters to fight alongside it" said Tommy giving them a little bit of helpful advice.

TJ nodded in thanks and the Space Rangers all got up and headed out.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

On the road heading into Angel Grove Justin had heard the call about the Nimrod monster and said to Lauren. "Lauren can you take Storm Blaster back to the Surf Spot I have to go and help the others?"

"Sure Justin just don't do anything to get yourself hurt" replied Lauren.

"I won't I promise" replied Justin as he gently kissed Lauren on the cheek as Storm Blaster came to a stop and Justin got out and he watched as Storm Blaster drove off before he went to find a quiet place to Morph and then headed to the fight.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Meanwhile in the park the rest of the Space Rangers had reached the scene and saw the Nimrod Monster standing there attacking everything that was in its way.

"LETS ROCK IT" called TJ as he, Carlos, Ashley and Cassie pressed 335 on their Morphers and their suits covered their bodies. While the four other Space Rangers pressed 335 Andros, Karone and Zhane pressed 2580 and there suits covered their bodies.

"You look different Power brats but it matters not, I am Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel and I shall destroy you." Nimrod told us.

The Nimrod then fired a laser blast at the 7 Rangers. Carlos and Ashley then tried to attack it but their attacks got deflected leaving them vulnerable to a Laser Blast from Nimrod.

"You two ok?" TJ asked.

"Yeah but let's not try to attack like that again." Carlos replied as he helped Ashley back to her feet.

"How about some voltage Rangers." Nimrod suggested as it then fired a green electric beam at us.

"Duck guys." Andros said.

We all duck the electric beam going over us.

"I'd say she is trying to electrocute us." Karone said.

"Yeah." Zhane agreed.

"That's seems to be her plan." Cassie stated.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Justin had been running through the park towards the fight and had heard the Laser blasts and the electric beam that had been fired at his friends, so he doubled his efforts and got their faster than he would have normally. Justin jumped over a bush and landed beside TJ and said.

"So what's the situation TJ?"

"Monster no foot soldiers" replied TJ.

"Right" said Justin.

Nimrod had seen that another Ranger had arrived and said "You know I think it time to even the odds a little I would like you to meet my sisters AC and DC."

Just then two more monsters that looks a lot like her appeared.

"What the now there are three of them" Andros said in disbelief.

"What's so surprising Andros, Tommy did tell us about this" said Karone.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Meanwhile up in space General Havoc was watching the fight he couldn't believe how well it was going but he needed to create more chaos and try to get some Rangers away from Nimrod, AC and DC.

"Chromites go and make a nuisance of yourself in down town Angel Grove and see if we can get some of those Rangers away from our main attacking force" said General Havoc.

The Chromites flashed and vanished reappearing near the surf spot, and began creating chaos.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Lauren and Storm Blaster had just pulled up at the Surf Spot and saw the Chromites attacking and she knew she would stand no chance herself even if she were morphed so she ran inside the Surf spot knowing the Zeo Rangers would likely be waiting inside for her.

As soon as she saw Tommy she ran over to him and said "There's some strange foot soldiers out there attacking the downtown area not too far from the Surf Spot"

"Right thanks Lauren we will go and take a look and see what we can do to help" said Tommy he then turned to Jason, Trini, Aisha and Kimberly and said "Sorry guys we have to go, people need saving"

"Good luck bro" said Jason

With that said Tommy, Adam, Rocky and Tanya got up and left the Surf Spot to investigate the creatures that Lauren had saw.

Once outside they saw what appeared to be silver looking foot soldiers and they were causing chaos two of them had cornered a little girl who was maybe 5 years old and separated her from her family the others were making a nuisance of themselves.

"Tommy you help the girl, we will see if we can do anything about the rest of them" said Adam.

Tommy nodded and headed for the two creatures that had cornered the girl and with a leg sweep took them both down before picking up the girl and looking for her parents he spotted them and motioned for Adam to get them free which he did and they came running over.

"Kendall thank god you are ok" said her mother hugging her tightly.

"Where is your sister Kendrix was supposed to be watching you?" asked her father kissing her little girl on the head.

Then a scream was heard and on top of one of the building was a Chromite with a teenage girl hanging over the edge of a building.

By now the news had heard about what was going on and were reporting on the heroics of Tommy, Adam, Rocky and Tanya trying to help others but they were now all uneasy not knowing what to do with what seemed like a hostage up on the building.

In the Surf Spot Lauren was sitting with Jason, Trini and Kimberly watching the news report and saw the situation she knew there was no other way to save the girl so she snuck out of the Surf Spot and got in Storm Blaster telling the jeep what the plan was and it beeped in understanding.

Once Storm Blaster had moved far enough out of view Lauren pulled out her Samuraizer and called "Go Go Samurai" then she painted her symbol in the air before morphing and then in Storm Blaster they flew through the air to the building and saved the Girl before bringing her back to where Tommy was standing with the rest of the girls family.

"Thank you Red Ranger I don't know how we would have saved the girl without your help" said Tommy.

"No problem but now maybe you should let me deal with these things we wouldn't want anyone else getting hurt" said Lauren.

Tommy nodded in understanding and as Lauren pulled out her spin sword and began attacking the Chromites Tommy and the others snuck off to morph and come back to help while the rest of the news and civilians just watched wondering if the new Ranger would be victorious against the Chromites.

In a nearby back ally the four Zeo Rangers had regrouped and were ready.

"ITS MORPHIN TIME" called Tommy.




"ZEO RANGER FIVE RED" called Tommy.

The four Zeo Rangers stood there morphed and ready to fight then they left their morphing spot and returned to where Lauren was being outnumbered by the Chromites.

"About time back up arrived" said Lauren jokingly.

"Well we couldn't let you have all the fun now could we" said Tommy

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

General Havoc was watching on from the bridge of his ship in space he wasn't worried about the numbers advantage now after witnessing Nimrod, AC and DC blast a combined electric beam at the Rangers flooring them.

"Now it's time for you three to grow and finish off the Rangers you are fighting then go and deal with the other Rangers" said Havoc.

And with that he pointed a giant remote and the three monsters and made them grow.

"Now Rangers it is time to witness your destruction" said Nimrod as the three monsters stood there as giants.

"We need Astro Megazord power now" called TJ.

"Delta Megazord we need you" called the Gold Ranger.

The two space ships arrived and transformed into their Megazord modes.

"Three on two we now have the Numbers advantage and will make full use of it" said Nimrod as AC and DC both converged on the slightly larger Astro Megazord while Nimrod faced off with the Delta Megaship.

The fight wasn't going well the two Megazords were out powered by the three monsters and were in dangers of being defeated.

"Andros to TJ come in" said Andros.

"What's up Andros" said TJ.

"We need a new plan to defeat these three" said Andros.

"Tell me something I don't know" replied TJ.

"What if two of us return to the Power Chamber and go through the schematics for both Megazords and see if we can come up with something" said Justin.

"Good think you and Karone return the Power Chamber and see if you can formulate a new plan before it is too late" said Andros.

With that said Justin and Karone teleported to the Power Chamber.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

In the Power Chamber Justin, Karone and both Alpha's were going through the schematics of the two Megazords while looking for anything that could help them defeat the three monsters.

"I think I found something" said Justin after a while.

"Really what Justin?" asked Alpha 5.

"Look" he said as he pointed to a spot in the middle of both Megazords.

"Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?" asked Karone having seen the same part and now drawing the same conclusion as Justin.

"Yeah combine the Zords the power boost we should receive should see us defeat the three of them" said Justin.

"What do we need to make your plan happen?" asked Alpha 5.

"We will need a few components from a garage to combine the two as both Megazords will need the same components fitted to each other to make it happen" said Justin.

"How do we get them?" asked Alpha 6.

"Where's Storm Blaster Karone and I will head to a small garage I saw on my way back to town earlier today and see if they have the required components" said Justin.

"Storm Blaster is currently helping the Zeo Rangers and the Red Ranger who helped you rescue the space rangers, it saved a girl from being dropped off a building" replied Alpha 6.

"Ok we'll take Lightning Cruiser instead" said Justin after pausing for a few seconds after hearing the news.

Karone had a feeling she knew what was going through Justin's head but decided not to say anything since Justin was obviously intent on not revealing anything.

"Let's go then the sooner we get there the sooner we can get the components and fit them into the two Megazords the better" said Karone.

Justin nodded and the two of them jumped in Lightening Cruiser and drove off to the garage that Justin and Lauren had been by on their way back to Angel Grove.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

The Zeo Rangers and Lauren were having a tough time the Chromites had regrouped and were now starting to get the upper hand against the 5 Rangers.

"It's time for the Zeo Power Weapons" said Tommy.

As He, Adam, Rocky and Tanya brought out there personal weapons.

Lauren placed her Power Disc on her sword and locked it in place before spinning it and calling out "Fire Smasher"

Now that Lauren and the Zeo Rangers had their weapons out the Chromites were once again on the back foot and were quickly defeated.

The people who had been rescued were cheering now that the Chromites had been defeated and thanking the Zeo Rangers and the one Samurai Ranger for what they had done to help.

"You are all safe now, but we must head off our fellow Rangers need help" said Tommy coming up with an excuse for them to leave.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Justin pulled Lightning Cruiser to a stop at the garage and he and Karone got out headed inside and were greeted by a Mechanic.

"Hello what can we help you with?" asked the Mechanic.

"We are in search of two parts to help with a way to make our Zords stronger in battle by combining them both together" replied Karone.

"Let me call our chief Mechanic if we have the part he will most likely know where it would be" said the first Mechanic as he went to the door to the workshop and called "DAMON can you come here a second"

About a minute later Damon appeared at the door.

"What's up?" asked Damon.

"These two Rangers could use your help they are looking for a mechanical part" said the other Mechanic as he left Damon to deal with the Power Rangers.

"What parts are you looking for?" asked Damon.

"We need two Remote Flux Overthruster Core Reactor's" said Justin.

"Ok well I know we don't have any, what components do you need to make it?" asked Damon.

Justin and Karone gave him a list with the components required to build the machine.

"Well the good news is we have the parts and if the three of us work together we should be able to make them fairly quickly" said Damon.

It took twenty minutes and the first one was built and they got to work on the second. And that came together in again twenty minutes then Damon and Justin ran the two parts through a test to check they were working right.

"Were good to go" said Justin to Karone.

"Right let's just hope the others have been able to hold the monsters off until we get there with these and can install them" said Karone.

"Thank you for your help Damon we appreciate it" said Justin as the two Rangers left the garage.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

The Zeo Rangers and Lauren had made their way to the Power Chamber so they were ready to help if they were needed.

"Alpha 5 contact Jason so he can tell the others where we are" said Tommy.

"Right making contact now" said Alpha 5 as he called Jason and relayed Tommy's message.

Just then the computer beep and Justin's voice came through the Power Chambers communications system. "Alpha we have the parts contact TJ and Andros let them know we are on our way back with the two parts"

"Acknowledged Justin we will let them know" said Alpha 6.

"What's going on Alpha?" asked Tommy.

"Justin and Karone went off to find two parts that could combine both their Megazords to make them strong enough to fight Nimrod, AC and DC" replied Alpha.

"Will combining the two zords have enough power to defeat the Nimrod and its two sisters?" asked Tommy.

"I don't know" replied Alpha 5.

"Well are we just going to stand here watching or are we going to help?" asked Lauren.

"We need our 5th Ranger to create either of the Zeo Megazords" said Rocky.

"I can still fight, I have a persona Zord we could add if we need it" said Tommy.

"Do you think you can control your emotions against three opponents?" asked Adam.

"I don't know we'll have to see if we get to that situation" said Tommy.

"There is something else I would like to know" said Rocky.

"What is it Rocky?" asked Tommy.

"Our new friend in Red who are you?" Rocky asked.

"She is a friend" said Tommy.

"You know who I am don't you?" asked the Red Ranger.

"I have my suspicions, but I won't reveal anything to anyone unless you want them knowing" said Tommy.

"Thank you and I would like to keep it quiet for now"

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Back at the battle against Nimrod, AC and DC things were not going well the two Megazords had taken some serious damage and needed to recover.

Justin and Karone returned to the Megazords and saw the situation the Megazords were in.

"We need to install these parts ASAP" said Justin.

"Right lest get to work" replied Karone as she headed back inside the Delta Megazord and Justin entered the Astro Megazord.

Just as they both entered the engineering section of both Megazords an energy surge shot through the two Zords after AC and DC had fired a combined electrically charged beam at the two Megazords flooring both Megazords.

"Justin you alright down there?" called TJ through the ships intercom.

"Yeah. But do you think you can do anything about those three while I connect this thing up" said Justin.

"We have taken a huge beating from the three monster, the Delta Megazord isn't in a much better shape than we are" responded TJ.

"Do you think the Goldgoyle trick would work?" asked Carlos.

"No we would need Kat back for them to be able to call the Super Zeo Megazord, they only responded to us because our colours matched back then plus the Zeo Rangers hadn't recently morphed" replied Justin.

"So what do we do?" asked TJ.

"Contact the Power Chamber, and route it down to me I have a plan" said Justin.

"Right" said TJ as he followed Justin's instructions.

"Justin to Power Chamber to you read me?" called Justin.

"Loud and clear Justin" replied Alpha 6

"Are the Zeo Rangers with you?" asked Justin.

"Yes along with your friend in Red" replied Tommy.

"Tommy we need two Rangers to create a distraction with Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser while Karone and I finish installing the components in to both Megazords" said Justin.

"Ok Samurai Red and I will pilot the vehicles in question" said Tommy.

"Thanks Tommy" said Justin as the communication was ended.

"TJ contact the Delta Megazord let them know a distraction is on the way and when they get here we will go for transformation and hit the Nimrod with everything we have" said Justin.

"Right I'll pass the message over" said TJ.

Justin had soon finished connecting the Remote Flux Overthruster Core Reactor and made his way back to control room of the Megazord.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Meanwhile in the Delta Megazord Karone was having a tougher time connecting the Remote Flux Overthruster Core Reactor to the ships power systems.

"Karone you finished yet?" asked Andros.

"Almost I have two more wires to connect" replied Karone.

"TJ has indicated they are ready and have given us a rundown of Justin's plan to get us back in the fight, we just need the OK from you" said Andros.

"We're connected up I just hope this works" said Karone.

"Once your back up here we're ready to go" said Andros.

"Send the Ok over to TJ they can start the plan while I'm on my way up to the control room" said Karone.

Andros decided that Karone was right and sent the OK to TJ letting them know everything was ready.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Justin activated his communicator calling Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser. "OK Tommy we are ready for the distraction"

"We're on it Justin, Lightning Cruiser is ready" replied Tommy.

"Storm Blaster full power" said Lauren from behind the wheel of Storm Blaster.

Then laser blasts could be heard and seen making contact with Nimrod, AC and DC which took their attention off the two downed Megazords for just long enough.

"Karone NOW" called Justin.

Both Karone and Justin keyed in the transformation sequence and waited praying the Megazords would combine.

Suddenly both Megazords were on their feet and the Delta Megazord split apart in to several sections and began connecting its self to the Astro Megazord and finally it stood there with twin Gatling guns on its shoulders as one big Megazord.

"Astro Delta Megazord Transformation complete" called Andros.

"Full systems check" called TJ.

"All systems fully operational but we should still end this quickly, we don't know how long we can maintain this power level for" said Karone.

"Giro Blaster targeting AC and DC just waiting for fire order" said Carlos.

"Fire" called Andros and TJ together.

The Giro Blaster (Gatling guns) fired rapid fire laser blasts and AC and DC before knocking them to the ground and then the Astro Delta Megazord turned its attention to Nimrod.

Nimrod looked shocked that its two sisters could have been floored so easily.

"If you're not careful Rangers History will repeat itself" said Nimrod.

"Maybe but not today" said TJ.

"Astro Delta Megazord Flying Power Punch" called Zhane.

And with that the fists on the Astro Delta Megazord shot off and flew straight at Nimrod hitting it several times before a final larger punch destroyed the Monster.

"Well done Justin and Karone you're plan worked fantastically" said Andros.

"Thanks Andros" said Karone.

"Now maybe we can finally meet Justin" said Zhane.

"Yeah I'll meet you guys at the Surf Spot first I need to get the two Alphas working to repair the two Megazords" said Justin.

"Right we'll meet you there" said TJ as the Rangers headed off leaving Justin to start the Auto repair and get Alpha 5 and 6 up to speed on the repairs needed to the two Megazords.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

In the Command Center Justin was standing in front of the Zeo Rangers and the Red Samurai Ranger.

"Thanks for your help once again" said Adam as he Rocky and Tanya teleported away.

"Ok you can drop the Act Tommy you have already figured it out haven't you?" said Justin.

"Yeah I have, it's Lauren isn't it but I don't know how or why?" asked Tommy.

"You are right and it is a long story I have heard everything from Lauren while we were in L.A together so I know the how and the why. To help you I will tell you Rita was not the first, just the first to go so public with her attack" said Justin.

"Are you ready to face Andros?" asked Lauren.

"Not really, I would like to know more about him first to judge his reaction to a kid being a Ranger" said Justin.

"Hey there are two kids as Rangers don't forget" said Lauren.

"I know but you don't what them to know so all he will think is I'm a Ranger and not you. But to be honest if he can't understand Zordon's choice then I would have to question his commitment to the cause" said Justin.

"Justin there is one thing you need to know first. Andros, Zhane and Karone are Survivors of the U.A.E attack on KO-35 Andros has said only a small percentage of the population of the planet survived to attack and he was badly injured in an attack on the U.A.E head base" said Tommy.

"So he has seen his fair share of conflict and does what is right I believe we should be ok then I think he will understand" said Justin.

"I'm coming with you and being beside you when you are introduced so I can help you if you need it" said Lauren.

Justin nodded and Kissed Lauren on the cheek and then Tommy told them it was time for them to go, the three of them teleported to the Surf spot and Tommy headed inside to join the other and give Justin and Lauren a few minutes to get themselves ready.

"So Justin ready to join us?" asked Jason.

"Yeah he and Lauren are just on their way" said Tommy.

"About time" said Andros.

Just then the door opened and in walked Justin and Lauren and headed over to the table.

"Hey Justin, Lauren it's good to see you, did you have fun in L.A?" asked Adam.

"Yeah it was great" replied Justin.

"Wait, What you, your Justin?" asked Andros.