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Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Chapter 1

The Rangers had finally broken through the Earths gravimetric pull and were following the co-ordinates that the Black Box had given them.

"Alpha is it safe to de-morph yet?" asked TJ.

"It would be safe but if you do you will not be able to Morph into the Turbo Rangers again so I would advise you to wait" said Alpha.

"Alpha where are we going?" asked Justin.

"We are travel to a Pre-arranged location to reach the Astro Megaship" said Alpha.

"A Space Ship?"

"Yes Justin one that Zordon had built and it should be equipped with everything we will need"

"Need for what?" asked Carlos.

"To go after Divatox and find either Zordon or Dimitria" said Alpha.

"Can't we go after them in the shuttle?" asked TJ.

"No it doesn't have any weapons and is not fast enough to catch them"

"So where is the Astro Megaship waiting for us?" asked Justin.

"It is in deep orbit of Titan" replied Alpha.

"How long till we get there?" asked Cassie.

"A few hours" replied Alpha.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Meanwhile back in Angel Grove.

In the Juice Bar Lt Stone, Bulk, Skull and other residents were watching the Rangers head into space.

"Well their goes Earths protectors" said Stone.

"They will be back though the Rangers would never leave us completely defenceless" said Bulk.

"I guess your right but I won't be here to see when they come back"

"What do you mean?"

"I have re-joined the Police Force and am moving to Mariner Bay"

"But what about the Juice Bar?" asked Skull.

"I have sold it to Adelle Ferguson she wants to keep it running but change its name, she's going to run it as the Surf Spot and she will need help in re-decorating and you two would be perfect to help her"

Jerome Stone handed the Key's to Adelle and said his last farewells and left.

"So what can we do to help?" asked Bulk.

"Well we'll need paint, Surfboards and any other beach like objects you can find" replied Adelle.

"Ok we'll head off and see what we can find" said Bulk as he and Skull left.

Once outside Bulk stopped Skull and said. "We also have a responsibility to make sure the legacy of the Rangers is up held while they are away"

"Yeah" said Skull.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Back in Space the Space Shuttle carrying the Turbo Rangers had reached Titan and found the signal of the Astro Megaship. Alpha and Justin took the controls and docked with the Astro Megaship before Alpha lead them all to the bridge where he connected the Black Box and placed it inside the control panel beside the Navigation Array.

"Intruder Alert Identify yourselves?" said a female voice.

"I am Alpha 5 and the purpose for your creation has happened" said Alpha.

"Who are the Teenagers in Jumpsuits?"

"They are the Power Rangers"

"They are not wearing the correct Astro Megaship uniforms or Powersuits"

"D.E.C.A we have only just got on board and activated you, now if you please move on we are here because Zordon and Dimitria have been captured we need you to follow Divatox's vessel, while I get the Rangers in the correct outfits"

"That is acceptable Alpha 5. I have locked on to the signal and am following at top speed"

"Thank You D.E.C.A"

"That Computer is a bit bossy" said Justin.

"Yes it is D.E.C.A has been in deep orbit waiting for centuries for this time it is likely she will need some time to adapt" said Alpha.

"Alpha what did she mean by we are not wearing the correct Astro Megaship uniforms or Powersuits" asked Carlos.

"There are new Morphers and Powers on the ship and a Uniform is provided for the operators to wear so if they are dealing with any situation that involves mass transport of life forms then the operators can be easily identified" said Alpha.

"Can you take us to the new Morphers?" asked TJ.

"Yes follow me to the Vault"

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

20 minutes later they reached the Vault and Alpha began entering the codes to open the Vault when suddenly the ship shook and jolted, the Rangers and Alpha ended up on the floor then an alarm went off and D.E.C.A's voice came through the on board ship communicators.

"Brace for impact we are having to land on the planet we are going by to make repairs we appear to have hit a clocked mine field, but the Planet also appears to have hundreds of strange creatures on it"

"Thanks D.E.C.A, Alpha continue working on opening the vault we'll go out to fight off the creatures with whatever power the Turbo suits still have left" said TJ.

"Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi good luck Rangers" said Alpha.

"D.E.C.A which way to the nearest exit?" asked Justin.

"Follow the illuminated corridors they will take you to the nearest exit" said D.E.C.A.

The Rangers headed off while Alpha continued inputting the required codes while D.E.C.A assisted as best she could.

After a few minutes D.E.C.A reported the Rangers were fighting off the creatures.

"I have got it yippee" said Alpha as the door to the Vault opened and Alpha collected the 5 new Morphers and he headed towards the exit the Rangers had gone out through.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

The Rangers had found out the creatures were in fact an Army of Divatox's Piranhatrons.

"Uhm TJ that's more than we've ever faced before?" said Carlos.

"It doesn't matter we're still the Power Rangers and have a job to do no matter the size of the task in front of us" said Justin.

"Agreed" said the other 4 Rangers and they headed out to fight of the Piranhatrons.

The Piranhatrons easily took advantage of their monumental number advantage and soon the Rangers had been separated and were losing Power Ashley, Cassie and Carlos de-morphed first and retreated back towards the Astro Megaship. Then TJ came flying through air hit the ground hard and de-morphed.

"Where's Justin?" TJ asked.

"Still fighting" said Carlos.

By now Justin had realised he was the only Ranger still morphed that was until 2 Piranhatrons combined sword shots forced him out of his morphed form, but he still had to fight his way back to the others, using his now much smaller height he was able to easily avoid the Piranhatrons and made his way back to the others.

"Justin you ok?" asked Carlos.

"Yeah sometimes being small has its advantages" said Justin.

"What do we do know we used up the last of our Turbo Powers" said TJ.

Several Piranhatrons advanced towards them ready to finish them off.

"Whether we can morph or not is irrelevant we are the Power Rangers" said Justin.

The others agreed with him and tried to fight on without their powers only to eventually get beaten back by the numbers of Piranhatrons.

"Rangers get back to the ship I have your new morphers" said Alpha.

"Ok Alpha we're on our way?" said TJ.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

After a few minutes the 5 de-morphed Rangers returned to the Astro Megaship and found Alpha waiting for them with their new morphers.

"Alpha we used up what was left of our Turbo Powers but it's not enough there must be a couple of hundred Piranhatrons out their" said TJ.

"Yeah Divatox really doesn't want us to follow her" said Justin.

"Don't worry Justin we will find her and rescue Zordon and Dimitria" said Alpha.

"Yeah but for now let's give these new powers a try by taking out those Piranhatrons" said TJ.

"Ok TJ let's do it" said Justin, as the Rangers grab the morphers and start to head back out on to the Planet.

"Rangers wait let me explain how to use the new morphers" said Alpha.

"Good idea Alpha" said Justin stopping and the others did as well.

"To morph you flip the hatch open then press 3-3-5 and then press the button marked EJ"

"Awesome but we obviously don't call Shift in to Turbo Alpha what do we have to call out?" asked Carlos.

"Oh yes sorry I forgot you call Let's Rock It then do the rest of the morph sequence" said Alpha.

"Right let's give it a try" said Justin.

"Let's Rock It?" they all called out while following their morph sequence and when it ended their stood TJ as Red Ranger, Justin as Blue Ranger, Carlos as Black Ranger, Cassie and Pink Ranger and Ashley and Yellow Ranger.

"We will discuss your new weapons later but for now your Astro Blasters will suffice" said Alpha.

"Right" said all 5 Rangers as they head back out to finish off the Piranhatrons.

The Rangers quickly split up and went in separate directions and soon managed to blast their way through the remaining Piranhatrons.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

They made their way back to the Astro Megaship and de-morphed back in to their normal outfits.

"Wow these new suits are fantastic Alpha" said Justin.

"Yeah they are" said the other 4 Rangers.

"I'm glad you all like them, now it's time to give you your uniforms to be worn on the Astro Megaship when un-morphed unless you are going undercover or need to blend in with other Planets inhabitants" said Alpha.

"Ok we understand" said TJ.

Alpha handed them their Uniforms and Justin then said "Now we have taken out the army of Piranhatrons are we able to take off and follow after Divatox?"

"Almost we have some urgent repairs to see to in the Engine room that D.E.C.A is unable to fix since it involves somebody going in there, plus we need to neutralise the mine field around this planet D.E.C.A is trying to work on that part of the problem" said Alpha.

"Justin, how about you go help DECA, and Alpha can show the rest of us to the engine room" suggested TJ.

"Ok sounds like a plan?" said Justin as the Rangers separated and Justin headed to the bridge while the others followed Alpha to the Engine room.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

A few minutes later Justin entered the bridge and said "D.E.C.A can I see the scans that were taken of the mine field then maybe we can come up with some way to neutralise them"

"Ok Justin the scans are on science station 1" said D.E.C.A.

Justin was looking through the scans and then he stopped and said "D.E.C.A can the results of the scans show all the mines?"

"Negative we can only detect the mines directly in front of us" replied D.E.C.A.

"Ok so can we send an energy wave at them to detect the location of all clocked mines?"

"Good idea Justin we just need to work out what sort of energy will detect them"

"What about a few low frequency laser sweeps that would then be able to pinpoint the mines?"

"Yes that will work then once we have them the Mega Lasers can destroy them from a safe distance"

"Will the Planet we're on provide enough protection from the remains of the mines?"

"Negative it would be beneficial to be in orbit then the gravitational pull of the Planet will pull the remains out of orbit and they will crash into the surface"

"Right so I guess we should find out if TJ and the others have finished fixing the engine" said Justin as he activated the Ships internal communicator.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Meanwhile in the Engine Room the other 4 Rangers and Alpha were trying to fix the engine.

"Alpha what do we need to do?" asked TJ.

"The separated cables need reconnecting but before we do that we need to deactivate the pump that allows the two types of fuel enter the engine so it does not explode while the cables are being reconnected" said Alpha.

"Right Carlos can you and Ashley deactivate the fuel pump?"

"Sure TJ" said Carlos as the two of them climbed a ladder on to a gantry above the engine and found the control panel and deactivated it.

"Fuel supply has been deactivated" said Alpha.

Now TJ was able to start reconnecting the cables as Cassie passed him the one he asked for and after several minutes they were finished.

"Uhm Alpha what does this cable go into?" asked Cassie.

"Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi where did that cable come from?" asked Alpha.

"No idea it was on the floor that's why I asked you"

Alpha looked at the Computer diagram of the Engine and the layout of the cables. "There it is Yippee I found where it goes" said Alpha.

"Well Alpha are you going to let us know?" asked TJ.

"It is the cable what powers the ships Weapons"

"So where does it connect to?"

"Into the computer terminal over there and then into the computer terminal up by Carlos and Ashley, then we can contact the bridge and D.E.C.A can restart the ship and get us back on course"

They connected the final cable and then Carlos and Ashley reactivated the fuel pump.

"Hey guys have you finished the repairs to the Engines" came Justin's voice over the on board communicators.

"Just finished give us a few minutes and we'll come and join you on the bridge" said TJ.

"Right hurry up then me and D.E.C.A will get airborne while waiting for you then we can show you what we have come up with to neutralise the cloaked mines"

"Ok see you in a few minutes" said TJ as the communications ended.

Power Rangers in Space 2.0

Up on the bridge Justin followed D.E.C.A's instructions and soon had the Astro Megaship ready to take off.

"Ok D.E.C.A all systems read clear we are ready to take off" said Justin.

"Right I need you to press the fire thrusters button and we can get back in orbit and take care of the mines" said D.E.C.A.

"I'm on it"

"Good next hold the two manual thrusters steady so we don't veer off course"

Justin held them steady as the other Rangers and Alpha arrived on the bridge.

"Ok everything is good to go" said TJ.

"Excellent. Ok D.E.C.A let's begin laser sweep"

"Right Justin laser sweep underway, results will start to appear on the main viewer" said D.E.C.A.

Everyone looked at the main viewer and slowly the cloaked mines started to appear.

"Oh my god there's thousands of them" said TJ.

"No not thousands more like Millions" said Justin.

"There is no identifiable pattern to the Mines dispersal pattern which means I think we may have lost Divatox's trail" said D.E.C.A.

"Well I guess it would give us time to train the Rangers in their new Weapons ready for the next fight we find?" said Alpha.

"Let's get rid of these mines and then we can find a safe planet to orbit while we train" said TJ.

"Ok Justin activate laser firing program 1" said D.E.C.A.

Justin activated the program and the Rangers watched as the Mega Lasers tracked onto the first several hundred mines. TJ was about to say that they would need to reposition to hit the next lot when he saw the Mines behind started to explode and then the mines behind them went as well and so on until all the mines had been destroyed.

"Amazing a domino effect but how did you know it would work?" asked Alpha.

"We didn't Alpha once the scans revealed the amount of mines D.E.C.A looked through the scenarios we programmed for and choose the option that was to be the most successful" said Justin.

"So with having lost Divatox what location should we head for?" asked TJ.

"Let's stay here for now we can land and then get the Rangers trained with using their new weapons" said D.E.C.A.

The Rangers all agreed with the idea.