Standing was no longer an option, and Georg led Maria toward the large bed, already turned down for the evening. Halting their kisses, he searched the top of her robe for the fastenings. Maria moved his hands aside, and undid the single clasp herself; Georg pushing the delicate fabric off her shoulders. The gown beneath was the same blush color, mostly satin with bands of sheer lace exposing more skin than he'd have imagined. Her most precious areas were covered; and that being left to his imagination just increased his desire for her.

"Tell me. Tell me what you want me to do." Her voice was barely audible, low and lush, caressing him with her words.

"Do what feels right," he answered, placing her hands on his chest, prompting her to unbutton his shirt. She quickly undid them all, and he tossed the offending garment to the side. Georg lay back on the bed, Maria sidling next to him, for the first time running her fingers through the mass of dark curls on his chest. Sighing with pleasure, he pulled her down on top of him, enjoying the warmth of her skin through the cool, silky fabric of her nightgown.

Their hands roamed over every inch of the other's body; they spoke volumes to one another without using a single word. Touching, tasting, kissing, caressing; the last of their clothing was removed. Georg's eyes swept up and down his wife's body.

"Oh, God, Maria, you are so beautiful." His declaration was followed by the gentle touch of his fingertips across her skin, leaving fire in their wake. Every cell in Maria cried out to him, and every cell in his body strained to answer the call.

His mouth next followed the trail his hands had blazed; Maria writhing with pleasure at every movement of mouth or tongue on her neck, down her shoulders, to her breasts. Each moan or sigh she made gave him new urgency and longing to be one with her. Even so, he promised himself to hold back, until he knew she was ready. Touching her in places she had never been touched before, she began to plead with him, her body going on instinct.

"Please, now," she answered. "I want you so much."

Georg leaned down and kissed her deeply on the mouth. "I'm sorry if this hurts you, darling. Stop me if you need to."

He lifted her hips to meet his, and slowly, gently they became one flesh. When he felt her body resist, he said a silent prayer, moving more deeply into her as Maria let out a brief cry. Holding her tightly, he stayed still, allowing her body to get used to the feeling of him. It wasn't until Georg felt her begin to move beneath him that he started the subtle rhythm that would bring them to the edge of bliss. He held back, not wanting to hurt her more, until the primal need to be as close as possible took over from reason. It didn't take long for him to explode deep within her, and Maria moaned in pleasure at the sensation.

"Maria!" he cried out, before falling to his elbows, burying his face in her neck as she cradled him.

"Oh, Georg, I love you. I love you so much," she whispered, over and over again.

Afterward, they lay together in contentment, drifting off to sleep.