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Chapter 1

Felicity was sitting at her desk in the lair when she heard Oliver and Diggle enter and descend down the metal stairs. It had been a long night. They were looking for a new threat, Carlos Lopez, who was a weapons dealer and so far every lead had been a dead end. Even Felicity had to admit that he was doing a good job at covering his tracks, which made her think that he was not in it alone. Someone else had to be helping him, someone with hacking skills like her own. Ugh! She hated the word 'hacking', but it was the best way to describe what she did.

"You guys find anything?", she asked, although she was pretty sure she knew the answer.

"No, the guy's so called 'safe house' turned out to be an abandoned motel. We checked every room. Nothing.", Diggle replied.

She understood that Oliver wasn't in the mood for talking. He was, as usual, super pissed that it was taking so long to eliminate a new threat. When he suddenly decided to speak up, it stunned her into silence.

"I found a phone while I was sweeping the rooms. Thought I'd bring it back and see if you could pull anything useful off it?", he said, handing the phone to her. She took it immediately and started scanning through the data.

"And as usual, your sharp eye is much appreciated. And your arrows, which also happen to be sharp. Or so I think. I wouldn't really want to find out, just so you know. I'm not planning on going rogue and destroying the city or anything, not that I could if-"

"Felicity!", Oliver interrupted her babbling.

She nodded and turned to her computers. I have got to stop babbling around him she thought, even though she knew that it was inevitable. He was the reason for her babbling, most of the time.

"Okay so it looks like Lopez placed a few calls to another phone. I can't pinpoint the location where the calls were made, but they were made somewhere in the Glades for sure. Some of them took place in the last 7 hours, so we can't be that far behind. Street cameras are still looking for a hit on Lopez, but it might take a while."

Just then they heard the familiar noise of thumping music above them, indicating that the club had opened for the night.

"Okay, keep digging and let us know what you find.", Oliver replied and headed toward the training mat with Diggle to spar.

About an hour and a half later they stopped and Oliver went to change into his suit. When he returned his playboy mask had already slipped into place.

"I'm going up to the club to make an appearance. You guys go home, it's been a long night for everyone."

At that Diggle gave a short nod and left, leaving Oliver and Felicity alone. When she turned back to her monitors to continue her search, Oliver sighed.

"Felicity, you need rest. Go home, you can start fresh tomorrow."

She was about to protest when she gave a not-so-ladylike yawn. He gave her a small smile.

"Goodnight Felicity", he said and made his way up the stairs.

She quickly packed up her things, setting an alert for any news on Lopez. She then made her way up the stairs and in to Verdant. Almost immediately she had a headache. Although she could hear the thumping of the music in the lair, it was nothing compared to actually being in the club. She made her way through the crowd towards the front exit. When she saw that she wasn't getting there any time soon, she went to the back door which lead to an alleyway. She knew it was a bad idea, but making her way through a club full of drunk, dancing people seemed even more so. Oliver usually had someone escort her to her car, but it didn't really seem necessary since it was just across the street. She made her way down the alleyway and was almost out, when a hand gripped her arm.

"Where you going Blondie?", the man said and gave her a sickening smile.

He forcefully pulled her deeper into the alley with one arm around her waist, controling her movements. She started to struggle, trying to remember her training. She kicked him in his shin and heard him cry out. She only made it a few steps before she was grabbed again and pushed hard against the wall, hitting her head hard. He had his hand over her mouth and pulled something from his pocket. The knife glinted in the dim light. She tried to pull away, but he held her firmly in place. He thrust the knife into her side, making her cry out in pain. Her screams were muffled by his hand. She began to feel dizzy, as a result of blood loss, seeing black spots in front of her eyes. The man suddenly gave her a blow to the head and she fell to the ground, unable to stay on her feet. At the same time she heard the club door swing open and someone shout her name. Her attacker must have run away, because he was nowhere to be seen. The person came closer and she flinched away.

"Hey, hey, Felicity. It's okay it's me.", she heard Oliver say softly and immediately she relaxed.

"Ol'ver?", she slurred. Her vision started to blur and the simple task of keeping her eyes open seemed impossible. She didn't even realize that she'd closed her eyes until Oliver started yelling.

"Felicity! Come on Felicity, open your eyes! Please!"

He sounded so desperate and so broken that a silent tear escaped her eyes.

"Ol'ver...'m sorry...", she slurred back before everything went dark.

The last thing she heard was Oliver frantically calling her name.

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