New Horizons.

The Continuance

By Annie



Her daughter lay sleeping in her crib, the gentle breathing soothed the Slayer's strained nerves.

Kate Joyce Mary Kinsley was a beautiful child. She had her father's blue eyes and her mother's pretty mouth and everyone who saw her could see the strength resting within her.

Buffy closed her eyes as her husbands arms found their way around her and she leaned her head back a little.

She was scared, she admitted that. She was afraid that one day, when she wasn't looking, her daughter would slip out of her hands. Spike assured her that she wouldn't, that neither of them nor anyone they knew would ever let that happen.

Buffy knew he was right.

Still all she did was wait now, wait for the day her daughter was grown and could take her place by her mother's side. Wait for the day when Katie's powers refused to stay dorment and when she had to face her destiny.

Into each generation a Slayer is born.