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Chapter 1

The black, boxy portal floating in the middle of the sky began to dissolve after only a moment's time, square edges folding together and disappearing completely just as a golden object shot out of like a speeding cannonball. With a string of curses floating through the air the ejected thing came to a halt, jerking in place from the force, before spinning and flying back to where the supernatural tear formerly resided. Like a hummingbird it darted around searching for any sign of the doorway before releasing another loud expletive and slowing to a halt midflight. Far below was a veritable sea of sand; a vast desert filled with nothing but large dunes and the occasional rock. There weren't even any signs of civilization on the horizon and he was so high up with the better vantage point!

With a deep sigh, Naruto Uzumaki descended to the barren wasteland below and undid the gold and black transformation gifted to him through the power of the sage himself Hagaromo Oototsuki. The burden of releasing his Six Paths Sage Technique's potent chakra, coupled with the fact he'd been fighting against a bevy of overpowered enemies one after the other (and theoretically died for a few minutes, couldn't forget that either) caused the creeping exhaustion kept at bay to finally hit now that things were quiet and his body wasn't reacting to a fight.

He would've preferred something more bearable instead of having dry and humid wind coated with gritty particles blasting him in the face but it was all that damn Kaguya's fault. She just had to go and have a hissy fit when Naruto and Sasuke finally sealed her away thanks to Kakashi's timely Susano'o intervention. With her own chakra running low due to the taxing burden of excessive teleporting and dimension warping, the godly woman returned to the Elemental Nations to recharge while using her link to the Shinjuu actively draining the entire continent dry of its 'stolen' energy...a pity the others were able to follow but it simply made it easier for her to take their power in the long run. Partly merging with the transformed Ten-tails had ultimately been her downfall; being rooted deep into the planet meant the prehistoric biju, and in conjunction herself, could no longer move about freely. But with two Mangekyo constructs and a man able to use the collective consciousness and chakra of nine separate biju keeping her busy, it was only a matter of time.

The former princess slipped up and forgot one simple thing. A minor, minor weakness her doujutsu possessed which normally was dwarfed by her deity-like abilities:

The Byakugan's blind spot.

Nature chakra gained by his powerful transformation helped keep Naruto cloaked as he surrounded the tree/human hybrid with a massive onslaught of clones. The Uchiha got in close with his Susano'o tengu's flaming blade while Kakashi's quickly sliced through the main branch of the root that everybody trapped in the Infinite Tsukuyomi was attached to, held in place by Sakura's immense strength so the cut was clean and efficient. It was dangerous and highly risky but then again, what else did the resistance have left to lose? Sasuke managed to stab dead center into the thick trunk below their enemy's torso, his ethereal weapon channeling the power of the dark crescent moon tattooed on his left palm through it just as the mass of bunshin descended on what remained of Kaguya's real body.

She easily dispelled the mob with her Tomogoroshi no Haikotsu (All-Killing Ash Bones) but nearly missed the small kunai shooting towards the back of her head in the commotion. Just before it hit she turned to grab the knife but instead met with the original Uzumaki's bare ass in her face exploding out of the henge smoke. The few seconds of shock the unconventional mooning bought him allowed Naruto to twist around and pierce her right in the Sharingan/Rinnegan dead center of Kaguya's forehead with one of his staff-lengthened Gud┼Źdama (Truth-Seeking Balls). Like his rival, the blond shinobi channeled his half of the Rikudo Sennin's power through the weapon as the white moon on his right palm alit with a ghostly glow.

Knowing she was about to lose it all again the bitter female ripped open one last tear in reality and unleashed a powerful wave of chakra that could have been considered to be her 'death rattle' as the third eye on her face slowly closed, a sure sign Kaguya had lost it all. Sasuke was anchored in place thanks to his Susano'o but the poor floating jinchuriki was blasted away like a gnat. It was the last act of a desperate villain yet again being sealed from the world. If only she hadn't wasted so much energy teleporting around...already her sons' shared Chibaku Tensei (Heavenly Body Bursting From The Earth) created at the exact moment of sealing was beginning to rip apart the earth. The invasion of her children's chakra simultaneously began burning through the amalgamation of energy beast and person and it would only take another moment for Oototsuki Kaguya to be shut away in the primordial beast's instinctual mind. But as long as Zetsu existed it was possible to bring her back.

So to keep this same fate from happening a third time at some point in the future...the Rabbit Goddess did something she was forced to do only once before so very long ago and sent one of the annoying bugs into another dimension. Let's just see a Kamui try and find the person she stranded this time. The black half of Zetsu already fled its shelter in her sleeve but her loyal creature understood what part it had to play. Even as the earth around them cracked apart to form the new shell of a second moon and her thoughts grew sluggish and broken, and the biju were somehow removed from her body and allowed freedom once more, she knew she would still have the last laugh regarding the fate of the world...

No matter how long it took.

Hunkered down on his knees with his back to the wind, Naruto reached into his small pack and retrieved one of his oldest possessions besides good old Gama-chan. The ninja never knew if he'd ever need the green goggles of his youth again but the foresight of keeping them around for nostalgic value finally paid off. Adjusting the straps, he pulled them over his eyes and sighed in relief that the grains couldn't irritate those bright blues of his anymore. Next he undid the long black cloth tied around his forehead and wrapped the length of it around his mouth and nose in a makeshift bandanna, no longer having to breathe in so much of the messy air either. Re-zipping his tattered black and orange jacket allowed him to duck his chin into the thick black collar for an added layer of protection too. At the moment it was the best he could do until Naruto figured out his next course of action.

Low on chakra for the first time in awhile meant he was stuck wandering the wasteland for the time being.

Running a tired hand through the messy blond spikes on top of his scalp, the sage took another look around before shaking his head. Just great. That bitch had sent him into the beginnings of a damn sandstorm and he had no idea how to get back home. As far as he knew they'd won; Kaguya was in the process of being sealed away as they hoped and the Shinjuu was essentially out of commission. They could manage without him until he made his grand reentrance. So, hopefully if he picked a direction and started walking he'd either find society...or at least some type of shelter before the elements swallowed him whole to never be seen again.

But with every step the footprint was consumed up by the shifting dunes and ever increasing fury of the gale. The heat was also a nuisance and no matter how much he walked, everything looked the same through his darkened lenses. Already thirst was starting to set in as body fluids continuously left through his pores in an effort to cool down the temperature. Was this what Gaara and the others had to deal with all the time? Screw that. The sand was getting everywhere and only exacerbated the situation.

"THIS FREAKING SUCKS!" he cried out angrily, muffled voice unable to be heard over the wind while shaking his fist towards the concealed sky. All this power he obtained to save his friends and yet it currently couldn't do squat to get him back to the proper realm nor even find out if he was completely isolated. Meditating to find energy signatures in sage mode and maybe even get some rest was a terrible idea, unless of course he wanted to be buried alive while sitting around like a statue. Hell, no matter how loud he yelled no one would probably hear him over this mess.

He was partly wrong, but in the weakened state the blond boy remained blissfully unaware.

Most of the shifting sand was caused by natural occurrences but every time Naruto moved something picked up on the slight vibrations his weight created and began stalking his path. Contrary to the ninja's belief, the area was not as devoid of life as it appeared. They were just...hidden away, suited to the harsh environment unlike the yellow-haired male and his temperate homeland. Had the warrior been able to see unhindered, or able to pay better attention to his surroundings, it was possible the teenager would have realized the ground behind him was rising and parting not because of the inclement weather.

A glowing golden stinger slowly dug itself out from the sand followed by a black exoskeleton in the shape of a massive scorpion with dusty white plates covering most of its form. The starchy, thick bonelike armor with red markings appeared eroded, pitted, and worn down; possible results of living in the severe location for years upon years. Large mandibles flexed in anticipation as the great beast slowly caught up with its target, joined by three other similar monsters as a multitude dull orange eyes focused on the lone human wandering through their territory.

The one in the lead tensed as its pincers clicked together before violently stabbing forward with its tail. But instead of piercing the small target and leaving his body to be swallowed up by the sands, Konoha's maverick dove out of the way of the dangerous tip and took off at a sprint. No matter how much effort the giant scorpions took to try and conceal themselves in the sandstorm they were all still big fucking arthropods. Even a goof like Naruto eventually realized something was amiss at the very last second as he constantly turned his head to look around and noticed faint but large shapes coming up the rear through the sandy haze.

Part of him thought it might just be his mind playing tricks. The other half was still on edge in the strange new land and with every right to be. There was no feeling of ill intent, or fluctuation in energy...in fact, there was absolutely no sign that these things could be sensed at all. If that didn't set of warning bells then nothing would. His instincts hadn't really failed him before so when one of the huge silhouettes suddenly darted forward Naruto knew it was time to move. A quick leap put the dirtied blond out of harm's way and the chase was on. Segmented legs skittered silently over the sands as the monsters moved in pursuit, however they were completely unfamiliar with the abilities of a shinobi as well as the utmost fact the blond boy was really somebody you didn't want to mess with.

Even in his weakened state.

Tapping into the dregs of his chakra, Naruto rushed deeper into the huge volume of airborne sand only for seven copies to leap back out again with fire in their hidden eyes. Four remained at ground level. The remaining three plus the original jumped high above out of sight. The large animals didn't even pause at the sudden intrusion of new prey; each fake jinchuriki quickly broke off and targeted one of the trailing scorpions to draw their attention and keep them busy while high above their counterparts started the attack. Good thing those stingers lit up bright enough to see even in this storm because it gave the quartet of Narutos a landing zone as each one created a large ball of spinning chakra about the size of an overinflated basketball cupped against their palms. Gravity brought them all zipping back to the earth and in tandem drove the energy attacks right into the chitinous pale overlay wrapped around the creatures as they landed.

"Oodama Rasengan (Big Ball Spiraling Sphere)!"

The multiple ninjutsu drilled into the thick armor before suddenly expanding into gigantic versions of the technique with the kinetic force of a bomb. Every single scorpion was shoved deeply into the sand as their backs simply ceased to exist under the onslaught, with the drill-like effect of the chakra grinding away their bodies in a spray of chalky, vibrant blood staining the new craters formed underneath their figures. As the attack ended with the predators' remains now mostly just disjointed legs, separated tails, and sets of unattached pincers missing just about all of their midsection, the male landed on his feet with his clones popped away into smoke. Breathing a sigh of relief Naruto was glad he still had enough juice left to take out the strange animals stalking his steps. As big as they were he figured the stronger rasengan would do the job (as evidence now suggested). Their plating had been so thick it was a guess whether or not the regular version would do more than just scrape away the shell.

The only way to really know was to find some more of the freakishly colored animals and test it out...which he would not be doing for as long as the shinobi could help it.

Watching silently as the beasts' remnants began to disintegrate and were slowly overtaken by the blowing sand Naruto was forced to take a knee as a fresh wave of fatigue struck his body. The humidity was making it hard to breathe even though his veil and the ninja's throat was in dire need of refreshments. It felt like ages since he last ate or drank anything. But, like a genie granting its master's wish, he swore a water bottle appeared right in front of his face...hovering there...tantalizingly, just waiting for the man to take it for himself. It even shook a few times before growing irritated at the blond's lack of movement and thrust itself right into his nose hard enough to jar him from his self-pity.

Scowling Naruto swiped his hand out and grabbed the blasted item only to stop and stare at it after blatantly comprehending it was real. Peering further than his nose revealed an outstretched arm, which in turn was attached to a person swaddled in thick protective wrappings staring down at him from behind their own biker-styled goggles. Blinking in surprise the blond looked around, noticing others checking the broken remains of the dangerous beings while a few stood protectively around with their weapons not-so-blatantly trained on the unfamiliar kneeling shinobi. The swords and such he understood, but the sight of the oblong, hollow metal cylinders sort of aimed in his direction were completely foreign to him.

But that didn't matter right now. Instead the Uzumaki reached up to tug an opening in his layered headband and inserted the mouth of the bottle, allowing the cool sweet liquid to flow down his throat and drain it dry in only a few big gulps. A hand at his elbow gently but firmly helped Naruto to his feet as he dropped the empty container before steering him away from the evaporating corpses, occasionally having to catch the tired warrior when he stumbled. Starting in the direction the blue-eyed warrior originated from it wasn't long before the party arrived at what Naruto would later learn to be a hydraulic sand skiff used for fast travel through the desert. Something that could match the speed of a sprinting ninja, but came with the added benefit of not wasting energy trying to move about under the scorching sun like an idiot uninformed about the dangers of the unforgiving atmosphere.

No matter who these people were, they were currently his saviors. Good or bad...whatever their intentions, it wasn't like the boy could just escape later on once he recovered a bit. Settling down on the wide platform while the last of the...bandits? Soldiers? Mercenaries? Locals?...whoever they were, hopped on, the one who originally gave him the drink raising a finger in the air and quickly spun it in a few tight circles. At the unspoken sign the engine started up with a roar and they were off to parts unknown.

Naruto jolted in his seat, unfamiliar with the contraption skimming over the surface without trouble. But after fifteen minutes passed and the heavy fog of the storm thinned to the point he could actually see the man was able to lift his goggles without fear of getting something in his eyes. The gesture left a wide tattoo around his sockets, the sand sticking to his face making him look like a raccoon. Some of the people snickered as they got a good look at him before turning their sight back to destination quickly growing in the distance. In a few moments they were entering a high-walled city he'd have never found on his own, stopping at some form of security checkpoint before continuing on.

The wide streets were surprisingly filled with people and traffic despite the midday heat and constant attack of the sun's rays. Naruto had to wonder a few times if he was seeing things again, because he would've sworn there were a few residents walking around with horns or animal ears poking out from their heads. There was no time to dwell on the matter though as the vehicle pulled up to a large business building and he was pushed inside. Now noticing that those working within wore sharp suits and gleaming badges, talking to civilians and escorting handcuffed criminals through the halls, the wayward jinchuriki groaned and finally understood where he had been taken and who had found him.

It was a flipping police station.

"So let me get this straight. You claim you're from another dimension. That you just barely survived a war and the enemy somehow opened a 'portal' and knocked you through at the last second, dropping you off in an unfamiliar desert where a squad of my patrolmen eventually sensed a large release of aura, aka YOU, in the middle of a dust storm and so they were forced to put their own lives on the line to check whether or not somebody was dumb enough to be there. Lo and behold it was the truth, finding the bare remains of four Deathstalkers and you calmly in the middle of it all. Not only that but you somehow did it using just a dinky little knife and, as you claim, the power of aura in a highly destructive manner far stronger than ever documented."

The grizzled man pointed out the interrogation room's clear window where three cops stood guard while another went through his item pouch per standard regulation. Poor Gama-chan had been emptied of its contents and The Legend of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi had been set off to the side for later scrutiny. The only weapon they'd found during the pat down was the one winched inside his jacket. Honestly it was the only kunai he had left; the weapon pack normally taped to his thigh had been lost long ago during the battle for the biju and he never really kept any others hidden on his person.

"Do you really expect me to believe all that?" he asked blandly, causing Naruto to frown and lean forward in the uncomfortable chair he was seated on.

"I told you it's called chakra, not aura. A knife wouldn't have done much against their armor so I didn't even try to use it at all. And yes I do. Why the hell would I make any of it up?"

"I've never heard of any dimensional travel taking place besides fiction, but then again I've never set foot too far outside of Oasis before or even Vacuo for that matter so I'm not exactly up to date on any scientific breakthroughs. I bet it's still a no though." The interrogator slapped down a few photographs on the table between the two showcasing the bony shells of these 'Deathstalkers' taken up close from different angles. It was all that was left after the bodies had vanished. "But most importantly, there's no way aura or chakra or whatever you want to call it could effectively erase a creature of Grimm like this by itself. These monsters' hides are far too tough to break unless you have a proper weapon or immense aura control. I simply cannot believe one person destroyed them, by himself, without a high-yield weapon to augment their strength."

"Well from where I come from it's not hard to believe a person could use their own energy or even bare fists to break through rock and steel."

"And I'm telling you aura just doesn't let you grind the Grimm into nothing!" There was no give with this disillusioned kid! He was way too thickheaded, stuck in that fantasy world he created involving ninjas and other realities, and his aura was so powerful that probably everybody in the city could feel it. No matter how many times they corrected him he stubbornly refused to acknowledge it.

"Chakra!" Naruto countered, standing up and slamming his palm against the desk. The officer was immediately on his feet ready to respond to the incoming threat but neither continued to move, only staring at each other with tense eyes. With an annoyed snort Naruto disregarded the other's wariness and dropped back into his seat with arms crossed over his chest like a huffy child.

Feeling his eye twitch the cop slowly un-tensed and sat back down himself. "Of course..." he said with a sigh, writing more additions on the police report that was clearly running out of space. Oh, that was another thing the sage had noticed about this place. They spoke the same language, although certain things were different, and the writing system was made up of completely unrecognizable characters. Silence reigned for a moment before the tapping of a pen against wood was heard as the older man ran a hand through his dark hair.

Somebody knocked on the door, breaking the tension before slowly opening the thick wooden object. In walked a woman dressed in a white dress shirt and black slacks, long brown hair pulled back into a bun and slightly droopy green eyes. She was kind of pretty but what made Naruto's jaw drop open was the pair of dog ears poking out from the sides of her skull that hung down like Akamaru's covered in soft brown fur. She noticed his look of shock and promptly stiffened before ignoring it and addressing her senior.

"Sir there's a bit of a problem regarding this young man. There's no record of him anywhere. We even checked with the big cities by way of the Cross Continental Transmit system for something like a birth certificate or schooling but to no avail. We're still waiting on more than a fair amount of responses from the farther continents but for all intents and purposes our detainee has nothing in the books. I thought I'd tell you now and then update periodically."

"It wouldn't be the first time we've had this trouble."

"That's what I said. Certainly there's the possibility he originated from a small village or the like that stubbornly chose to live outside the safety of a city's protective walls. It happens all the time and their records slip through the cracks until they move somewhere else-...may I help you with something?" she suddenly asked smartly, addressing Naruto who still had yet to look away or close his mouth. The jinchuriki in orange methodically raised his hand and pointed towards her more defining features he was still having a hard time understanding through the short time he'd noticed her.

"You have dog ears."

"I do."


She crossed her arms over her smaller bust and stared at the rude teenager. She was used to the stigma of being 'less than human' and while their town wasn't openly against her race, that didn't mean she'd still just stand there and take it from a bratty teen. "You're acting as if you've never seen a Faunus before."

"...does that mean dog person? Are there a bunch of you? Is this normal here?"

With a slight inhalation through her delicate nose the woman/animal hybrid promptly dismissed Naruto in favor of her colleague. "Is he being serious?"

"I don't even know anymore."

Shaking her head (and causing the canine bits to flop around in sync) the Faunus turned on her heel and promptly left.

Naruto watched her leave and only the sound of the door clicking shut broke him from the trance, turning at the waist to face forward again with an incredibly curious expression. "I mean it. What the hell is a Faunus?"

With a sigh the other man simply rubbed the space between his eyes in irritation. He didn't get paid enough for this shit.

As it was, Naruto was eventually released despite the evident problems his presence was causing ever since the desert patrolmen found him during their rounds. He had done absolutely nothing wrong. Except coming off as incredibly ignorant and delusional about the real world...something they couldn't exactly arrest him for unless he hurt somebody. Being out in the desert and killing Grimm were not grounds for incarceration. Yes he had a concealed weapon but everybody and their mother carried something like that, hidden or not. There were no warrants or outstanding crimes for a person that effectively did not exist. Sure that meant he was unregistered, and the ninja ID he kept in his pack didn't work since there was no Konoha in this world to begin with...plus no one but the sunny-haired teen could read it regardless. And so they had to convince him to at least record his person there in the city of Oasis to stop anymore surprises in the future. Naruto wasn't happy about it but at least he was finally out of the damn holding cell as a free man again. Even here the cops were just as annoying as the Uchiha Corps used to be back when they were Konohagakure's police force.

The current problem though was he had no idea what to do now.

No proper money, no contacts, surrounded by sand in some kind of futuristic town with flying machines and animal people. His 'aura' was like a damn beacon to those who could sense it...which was technically just about everybody since this energy of theirs supposedly came from the soul and able to harness it or not, it picked at your awareness. Naruto still called it chakra; screw their proper titles. His own energy essentially came from the soul too, or at least part of it before mixing together. Theirs sure as hell felt like the power he'd known for all sixteen-going-on-seventeen years of his life.

Which was kind of scary if you thought about it. Dear lord...please please PLEASE let it be just some sort of coincidence and not the horrifying idea that there might be a Juubi here in this world as well. The next part, while helping, didn't calm the wind-user as much as it could have when Kurama had assured him that no, he wasn't growing insane. The land stank of yin and yang energy just as much as their own did but the essence of any chakra beasts was either too far away to notice or (hopefully) didn't exist. The chakra in nature merely wasn't expressed as much, if that made any sense. The fox biju was unable to properly explain and Naruto didn't really have the proper brains to decode it himself. So he simply moved on.

Dropping onto a bench with a heavy sigh the misplaced combatant stared up at the barely cloudy sky and wondered about his next course of action. His chakra was sluggishly coming back which was a nice change of pace, and once all the multiple energies within him recharged he could fly and get the hell out of here. Wherever 'here' actually was.

"...I wonder what's going on back home?" he asked himself. Surely those who were trapped within the genjutsu has been freed after Kakashi-sensei severed the bond, or at least stopped losing their chakra to the Ten-tails. The rest of the biju had been inside Kaguya, who was once again a part of the incomplete Shinju, so for the time being the beasts were trapped as well. Urg! He hated not knowing what was going down in the proper dimension!

He didn't know they had been freed but then again that happened after he vanished.

Dreading how he would reopen the portal, Naruto stood and started walking in a random direction, sidestepping residents and merchants without really paying attention to anyone. At least the sounds of the market were familiar to his ears.

Eventually the boy's black sandals came to a halt as he passed by a store with glowing crystals displayed in the window. Even from here his newly honed sensing abilities unlocked through the power of senjutsu could zone in on how the colorful gems utterly radiated with chakra. Elemental chakra. He'd been around and used enough of it to tell the different types by now. So with that in mind Naruto entered the aptly named The Dusty Dunes and swiftly grabbed the attention of the man working behind the counter.

"Excuse me, but what are those?" Naruto asked, pointing at the crystalline structures set out beneath glass cases while simultaneously noting the tinted powders inside large clear tubes lining the walls possessing the same type of signatures. There was also a bunch of other items placed along shelves. The clerk stared at him dryly before propping his chin in hand and resting it on the counter. Dark lidded eyes stared impassively at the stranger before grunting out a reply.

"You hit your head or something? Everybody knows what Dust is."

Seeing an opportunity he reached out and took it. "Oh I, uh...yeah, I did actually. Got some kind of amnesia and figured going around to places might jog my memory." Naruto quickly and effectively lied.

The employee's head lifted slightly in guilt before taking in the full appearance of the man visiting the store. Vibrant orange clothing with black contrast marked by noticeable wear and tear, a headband and matching open-toed sandals. Wide-eyed curiosity and a head full of shiny gold spikes. Poor kid...he must have been a Huntsman injured in battle with a dirty getup such as that. All those warriors had flair in their clothing choices but this one looked more like he belonged in an academy instead of out in the field. Possible a prodigy? Well, if he got hurt so bad it screwed with his mind then perhaps the schools would rethink just how early graduation should be. "Oh! I-I'm sorry! You just surprised me is all! There isn't anybody in the world who doesn't know about Dust, so I just-" He cleared his throat and adjusted the lapels of his own jacket. "Right."

Pointing down into the nearest display the man began his explanation. "I'll do my best then to try and trigger your memories on the subject. Anyways it's a source of energy, mined right out of the earth itself and refined for personal use. Normally they're found in large crystalline veins but if carefully ground down can be made into a useful powder. Both are highly explosive if handled incorrectly although it takes a lot less for the powdered form to be set off. As it is, they're used as power sources in machines and weapons due to their own inherent elements. Red is mostly used as a heating supply or to create fire. Yellow is lightning, and so on."

'That makes sense, solid chakra or not.'

"Most Huntsman and Huntresses make use of Dust for combat as they're rather effective against the Grimm. It gave us an edge over those soulless monsters after its initial discovery and we've used it ever since."

"I see. Well, thanks for the explanation mister."

"No problem. Did it happen to help at all?"

"A little."

Naruto made some extra small talk with the staff member, learning a few more odds and ends about the other items in the shop after the initial learning. Waving goodbye the blond once again thanked the male before returning to the street and walking away. Reaching what he considered a good distance he stuck a hand into his pocket and pulled out a squat green gem gently thrumming with the power of wind. Naruto didn't have any proper currency to buy one and so felt kind of bad for stealing it, but it wasn't the first time he'd taken something illegally. He was a ninja after all. And it was too good an opportunity for grabbing one sneakily to study later on.

By then the sun was just beginning to set, lengthening the shadows and reminding the blond that he was still in a bit of a pickle. Sliding the crystal back within his pocket since apparently it would take nothing short of a solid hit to jostle it, Naruto looked around for anything else that could help him out. It eventually came in the form of a passing mother dragging her hyperactive child along in an attempt to get the struggling youth home before night fell. Said woman was kind enough to notice a boy looking down on his luck and gave him directions to the nearest Hunters Lodge after he asked if there were any cheap places to crash, a building where the mercenaries who were stationed or working on jobs in the area gathered in their down time. She must have believed him to be one of the Huntsman like the shopkeep; he just had that warrior's aura but the messy clothes played a big part in making her think he'd seen battle recently.

Uzumaki Naruto started to think it might've been a good idea to keep the illusion going for as long as he could if it worked to his advantage in this strange new world.

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