Authors Note: I know this is short, but its just an introduction to see if there's interest. I promise the actual chapters are much longer. So please review and give any criticism you have!

"GET HER DOWN!" Vernon Dursley stood from the table, his fat face turning purple with rage as he pointed a stubby finger at the woman bobbing along the ceiling.

"NO! I WON'T" Harry shouted back, moving towards the door.

"What did you say to me boy?" Vernon's voice was a whisper and Harry moved quickly towards the door, suddenly frightened of the look in his uncle's eyes. He looked like a mad man.

Before he could reach the hallway, Vernon grabbed Harry by the collar of his shirt and jerked him forwards.

"Fix her now boy, or I swear you'll regret it" Harry jerked his head no, unable to speak because the material was slowly choking off his airway. The next second the side of his face exploded in pain as Vernon's fist made contact with it. Harry went flying and his head hit the corner of the table sitting in the hallway, opening a gash along his temple.

"I WONT TAKE ANYMORE OF THIS!" Vernon shouted as he advanced on Harry, who was struggling to his feet. "YOU UNGREATFUL, USELESS, FREAK!" He emphasized each word with a kick to his nephew, catching him in the stomach, chest and ribs. Harry groaned again as he tried to crawl away.

He made it to the foot of the stairs but his uncle followed him, the yelling and abuse continuing. Vernon grabbed his nephews arm and jerked him to his feet, eliciting a cry of pain from the thirteen year old. He raised his hand, ready to deal another blow when Petunia stopped him.

"Vernon! Someone's coming up the walk. It looks like the man from number 6. You know, the one whose wife just lost her job" Vernon looked down in loathing at the boy in front of him and threw him roughly up the stairs.

"To your room boy," he hissed "I'm not done with you yet"

Harry groaned and pulled himself up to the landing and crawled to his room.

There was a knock at the door.

Harry collapsed in the middle of his floor. Blood obscured most of his vision and it hurt to breath.

"I am terribly sorry to have bothered you… No, that was me and my son having a row about which channel to watch…"

'Just get to my wand' Harry thought, even as his head began to swim.

"Yes, things got pretty heated. You know how hotheaded kids can be… Sorry to disturb your night…"

Harry dragged himself to his bed and reached between the mattresses for his wand. He knew he couldn't use it, he couldn't even see straight at the moment, but it felt better to have it.

The front door clicked shut and heavy footsteps came up the stairs.

Harry sighed with relief when he glanced up to see Hedwig not in her cage. He slumped to the floor but kept a firm grip on his wand. He felt safe with it.

His door slammed open and his enraged uncle stormed in. His eyes found Harry gripping his wand and his features became murderous.

Not to attack, just safe. Harry's thoughts became more and more jumbled. It's safe. A safe place.

Vernon advance on his nephew and reached down for him.

Safe… place… Harry readied himself for the next blow, curling tighter around his wand, but it never came. His world went dark and his pain doubled as it felt like his entire body was being squeezed through a small tube.