Signs Of The End Pt 3 By Silent Bob Foley E-mail: Rating: Don't know the American rating so equivalent of a 15 certificate in England Summary: Based loosely on a few Post-apocalyptic films and Drew's Enjoy The Silence, No more summary as it'll ruin the plot. Disclaimer: I don't own any of the BTVS Characters, Joss Whedon does Distribution: BBTZ, Slayerette and anyone else who wants it Feedback: Hell Yeah Spoilers: None. Authors Note: This is my first- First person narrative story so give me a break. Also I have seen nothing of season 7 of Buffy so if things don't meld well sorry. Also 'Mickey' is the demon leader of the 'Arrivals' British Words and Spelling

-Monty Python 'I fart in your General Direction!'

Ok Then yes I know that I sound different but it was long time ago now that day, things do change around here from time to time- that was day that shifted the balance of the Scooby gang plus a few other surprises. As you know we had contacted a few out of town places for help- especially in regards to the boca del inferno over there, well as it turns out the Council had found out about the Hellmouth themselves- they contacted us quite quickly as it goes. The council remembered me- especially as I keep on messing up their prophecies regarding the slayers, that and Buffy's infamous 'More Field Time' argument a few years ago. Telling them I was the de-facto head of counter-supernatural forces in this area annoyed them no end- that pleased me more than anything else I had done since coming to this base of operations.

Travers- you don't know this guy but he's the head of the Watcher's council in England, we've met him a few times over the last six years- the guy's an asshole. He has tried to sabotage or destroy our 'operation' many times since we started fighting- the worst part being when he removed Giles and put Wesley in as the field watcher, now I know Wesley has more than proved himself recently- but at the time he was an idiot and no use to us. I don't blame him for what happened to Faith or any of us- it was more than obvious that he was not ready to be a field Watcher and Travers was responsible.

Travers is an old school type of watcher, one of those who wants all slayers to be under their control and to go through all the rituals- like that damn crucementium or whatever it was called. Unlike the newer watchers like Giles, Wesley and Lynda Pryce- Faith's original watcher who want to try and keep the slayer as much as a normal person as she can be, it worked with Buffy and Faith- they have both lived much longer than other slayers.

He said to me in no uncertain terms that this was very much out of my league and to desist all combat against Occult or Supernatural happenstances, I'm sure he almost had a heart attack when I told him about 'Mickey' and his brethren. He demanded I stop all I was doing and that the slayers be sent to England to be retrained, also that the 'Scrappy Gang' disband and stop all we were doing as we had no idea of what we may be getting into.

Did this guy forget we had been fighting this war for almost seven years, well anyway I told him where he could stick his demands- we were all that stood against the evil that was coming through the Hellmouth. Well I slammed the phone down on him and left- I think just before I cut him off he said something about a council battle force being sent to take over the fight from us, it took a few minutes but I realised that Travers had said nothing about the slayer's powers and that shook me up a bit. They didn't know that Faith and Buffy had lost their powers when the Hellmouth blew open, If they didn't know then we may have been in trouble. No slayers meant no real fighters against the evil- the slayers were the only real defence we ever had, the rest of us would fight and even win a few battles but we always had the slayer or slayers to back us all up or that we backed up. I'm not sure really which way to put it but still without them there were few fighters, I'm not knocking any of the gang but none of us are the top fighters for this type of fight and we need the power of the slayer especially if we're fighting Hellspawn.

Well it was now 14 Days later, two days after my episode and I was much better- no-one had said anything and no-one not even the hardened vets around me ever blamed me for what happened to me during that night. They don't know it but I heard a guard patrol talking about me and most of them agreed they might have cracked up a long time before I had, I knew at that point I was accepted by the men of the regiment. Well that wasn't the only surprise that was to happen that day, I was called to the commander's office- I was told it was to do with my unofficial 'head of occult activities' job and liaison to Mickey's 'Arrivals'. In the office Mickey already stood as did Faith, and Oz, Saluting the Colonel he explained that a group calling themselves a 'Watcher's council Battle team' had arrived and wished to see the commander of Occult Activities, the Colonel decided that must have been me and called the leader of the 'Arrivals' as well as available members of the 'Scrappy Gang'.

Sitting in a chair by the Desk sat a man in the almost universal Tweed of a Watcher, how ever he was in a dark corner and we couldn't see much more than his legs. I ignored him and the colonel went on to talk to the four of us- telling us that in order to get the reinforcements and help we needed the 'Arrivals' had to go and I was to step down as commander. Well I was perfectly happy to give up my position to someone that may have a better idea of what was going on- the second well. Read on and see.


"Sgt Major."

"Permission to speak freely Sir."


"Sir the Arrivals have kept this base supplied, built half of it and maintained everything we have, I will not be a party to the removal of all the beings that have kept this base operational- you sir can not allow this. Besides sir as the commander of Occult Activities you will have to relieve me of my rank and remove myself and the remaining Sunnydale residents too."

"Alexander, I do not want to do this, but this task force may be the salvation of this area of the United States- we need the help of our fellow humans to survive this Hellmouth incursion we have to face."

"Sir if you allow them to remove Mickey's people then they will be as dead as if we had put guns to them and shot them ourselves. The other demons out there would rip them apart for collaborating with humans- many of them see us as a threat and a people infringing on their rightful lands. Sir what you are failing to realise is that- the rest of us that are allied to the 'Arrivals' the engineers, the occult group all of us are willing to fight for the demons against any attempt to remove them."

"Is that a threat Sgt major?"

"No sir just like for like."


"Sir as I have said they have put their lives, their very existence to help us after the nuclear attack. Also the members of my occult group all owe our existence to this 'demonic' magic, the same that created many of these demons. Oz?"

The guitarist turned demon hunter looked at me with a dawning comprehension, he concentrated and wolfed out in front of the colonel. To say the boss was surprised was an understatement.

"You see sir, Daniel Osbourne is a Werewolf, Amy Madison and Jonathan Levinson are both accomplished spell casters, while Faith Williams and Elizabeth Summers are as you know named as 'Slayers'. I myself was hit my a spell a few years ago- it turned me into a combat soldier, the chaos wave a few days ago reactivated my abilities. So you see Sir the removal of the demons should include us and if you do you will have no-one at all who knows the area we are fighting in. That is strategically and tactically unwise as well you know."

The Colonel knew he could ill afford the loss of any capable troops under his command, the loss of three veteran NCOs could cripple an entire area of his camp. The loss of the engineers and the demon builders would be a blow too- but he needed the help of the Council more than anything else. I knew that as did the council and so did he, but he also trusted the judgements of the people under his command- myself when it came to the affairs based around the occult, the last thing I expected was to hear a chuckle come from the chair in the corner of the room- to tell the truth I had forgotten about our 'guest'. Looking at him he stood up out of the chair and my stomach dropped into my feet.

"I'm glad that the soldier in you hasn't changed you objectivity Mr Harris, Colonel I request Sgt Major Harris take command of the Battle force I have brought and use his team as the basis of all defences for and around the base camp."

"I agree, Sgt Major Harris. ATTENTION!"

I snapped to attention, it was almost second nature to me now and it happens without me even remembering I did it sometimes- this was no exception and the for the third time In less than a day I was surprised by what happened to me next.

"As a Senior Non-Comissioned Officer you have shown yourself to be a fine soldier and a true leader, for your self sacrifice and in order for you to show your full potential as commanding Officer of the Newly Formed 'Hellmouth Detachment' on this Day 21st October 2002 I hereby promote you by Field Commission to the rank of 1st Lieutenant with all the duties and privileges- what we have of them of that rank."

As you probably have guessed I was more than a mite bit shocked with all that had happened that day, it was the longest and strangely and paradoxically (hey I watch Star Trek OK) the shortest day of my life. It was a very strange day as a whole, anyway as I saluted the colonel and stood down from attention the first thing I saw was a brunette beauty jump at me and hug me tight. Faith had grabbed me and it wasn't totally uncomfortable at all, however the fact she kissed me quite close afterwards was a little more than I was expecting but I enjoyed it- and I know that she did also that she had been wanting to do that since the first kiss just after we left the prison and whispered more would be on the cards tonight. With that she left the office Oz following her, I apologised to the colonel and the Watcher about her actions but the colonel just smiled, turning to the watcher I only said a few words.

"Although you already know what she's like don't you."

"Indeed I do."

I simply walked up to the man and stuck my hand out.

"Welcome back Giles- now how the hell did you survive Sunnydale?"