Robert had kept up a steady pace, weaving in and out of the trees and down what he assumed was a path. His boots thumped on the ground as he heard his heart pumping viciously. The 400 feet seemed like a million miles. As he neared the clearing he saw what he never wanted to see. He saw several airborne troops bleeding and cut open on the ground. He was still cautious as to what had been killing everyone as he hadn't seen a single sign of German emplacements or troops. As he looked around he saw the supply crate. The clearing was around 30 feet in diameter and the plane had crashed not far away from where he is.

"Well, looks like the pilot got the crates out in time before he crashed." Robert sighed as he walked up to the crate and found that it was covered in blood and a soldier's headless body was draped across the crate. Robert grunted in disgust as he pushed yet another recruit's lifeless body to the earth below. He popped the trunk and looked in and saw the M18 recoil-less rifle that was given to his squad to take out Tiger tanks and Panzers when they landed in France, but this wasn't France. Robert finally decides that if he runs into whatever has killed his men he will need the recoil-less rifle. Just then as he is looking around something catches his eye. He looks and sees a building not far in the distance maybe 2 miles.

"Hell, I have nowhere else to go and everyone else is probably dead." Robert Grimaces as he thinks about what could have killed that many airborne troops. Suddenly he hears branches breaking, not just twigs. He turns and stumbles back as he is confronted by a bear-like creature stands up and towers 10 feet over him. Bone spikes look as though they have erupted from its back and its head is covered in a hard plate armor.

"Shit!" Robert yells as he picks up the recoil-less rifle. He slams a 57mm shell into the breach and locks the "rifle's" Sights on the bear. Red lines pulse on the beast as it starts running towards him.

"Eat shit!" Robert yells as he pulls the trigger on the rocket launcher. The whoosh that echo's from the gun reminds him that it may be "recoil-less" but it sure as hell isn't silent. The shell slams into the chest of the bear-demon-creature-thing leaving a quite sizable hole. However the creature doesn't stop and just before it falls it smashes him with its giant clawed paw. Robert is sent flying into the supply crate which smashes under his weight.

"God dammit!" He grits his teeth as he looks down and sees a piece of the crate logged in his chest. Then he hears the last thing he would have ever thought he would. He hears a girl's voice, young, she sounds young.

"Oh my gosh" The girls says. Robert can't tell as he starts slipping into unconsciousness but he sees a red cloak running towards him.

"Help me…" Is the last thing he says before he passes out.

2 hours earlier

"Yang, what time is it?" Ruby says as she rolls off her makeshift bunk bed. Shoddily put together and held together with rope duct tape and sheets and they were all out of duct tape.

"Ruby!" Yang yells as she jumps and catches Ruby before she hits the ground.

"Please stop doing that Ruby, we have to put a safety net under your bunk or something." Yang was dressed along with Weiss and Blake who were all waiting for Ruby to wake up so they could head into town.

"Come on Ruby, Blake here insists that we wait for you to go into town. Now get dressed, we are late as it is." Weiss says as Ruby jumps around grabbing cloths before jumping into the bathroom to change.

A few minutes later and Bursts into the Living space with a loud "Ta-Da" waiving her hands in the air for effect as everyone sighs.

"OK the parties up and dressed, let's get going" Yang says in a happy tone. 30 minutes and several run-ins with Grimm later they arrive at the city of Vale. Ruby and Weiss decide that they should try and go to one of the waterfront restaurants.

"I'll have the umm…" Yang was taking forever picking what she was going to eat even though it was a Pizzeria.

"Oh my god, it's not that hard sis, just pick the grilled cheese." Ruby said almost like an order and not a suggestion. As she said that Yang's eyes shot open.

"They have grilled cheese… Do you have grilled cheese?" Yang was almost in the waiters face as he shrunk. "Yes, would you like that?" He stood straight up as yang nodded.

30 Minutes later

"That was really fast service, only thing that surprised me more was Weiss' appetite" Ruby remarked as Weiss glared daggers at her even though the statement was true.

"Well what do we do now…" Blake didn't even finish her though as there was a bright flash and a loud clap almost like thunder.

"What was that?" Blake yelled. She saw the others looking behind her as she saw a, was that a plane, flying over the harbor towards the Emerald Forest.

"That doesn't look like any plane I've ever seen. And those marks are not from anywhere I know." Weiss said as she pointed out the markings. The marks were a blue circle with a star in the middle, the circle split into two bars on the sides that had red and white bars inside them.

"That plane doesn't really look like its flying! It looks like its damaged, look at the holes in the wings and main body!" Blake explained.

"It's going to crash in the forest! We got to help the people on board that plane." Ruby jumped up out of her seat and took off towards the Forest. Weiss huffed and got up as well.

"Don't see any point in not helping them. I'll pay." Yang said as she put some money on the table and took off with Ruby in front and Weiss and Blake trailing behind.

10 Minutes later

Ruby, Weiss, Blake and, Yang all sat in the bushes looking at a white object floating down from the sky.

"What do you think it is, I think we should follow the plane…" Just as Weiss had finished they heard the snapping of trees and a loud bang signaling the planes impact with the ground.

"Well… We'll check it out later." The white circle was drifting closer to them and as it did they saw the figure of a man in it, they also saw a similar device in the woods but without a user.

"So what we found carried a human, hmm." Blake was pondering about this.

"So that means that there are more than a few of them on the ground." Yang said. They were all suddenly startled by a little bit of yelling as they looked up and saw a man hanging from the harness in a nearby tree struggling with a buckle on the front when he pulled out his knife.

"What is he doing? A fall from that height might kill him!" Ruby said. Just like that they hear a snap and a little more yelling as they all looked on in shock as the man fell 40 feet or so onto the ground with a thud.

Ruby made a motion to go over and help the man but was stopped by Weiss.

"Shh, we don't know if he's hostile or not." Weiss said as the man pulled out two guns and a pistol.

"Well… he's armed to the teeth." Yang said. Suddenly a twig snapped and the man dove into a bush. Just as he did, another man came into the clearing wearing the same uniform with a flag that had Red and White strips with a blues square, in the blue square were several dozen white stars.

"Why did he jump into the bush when that is clearly his friend?" Weiss stated.

"Maybe they aren't meant to be here." Yang observed. As they sat there watching the first man spoke.

"Flash" He said from the bush. The girls looked at each other like the other knew what it meant.

"Thunder" The other man said. Then the first man jumped up and walked out into the clearing past the other man.

"Holy shit I thought I would never see you again man." The one man nodded at the other and started walking. On accident Ruby leaned on a branch and snapped it causing the one man to wheel around and raise his gun. He started edging towards them.

"You hear that" The other man nodded and started moving as well. Just then there was gunfire in the distance. A lot of gun fire, and screaming that could chill you to your bones.

"What the hell Sergeant" The other man said visibly paling.

"Their military? But whose military?" Weiss said.

"We should help them get to town and to safety." Yang blurted out.

"Yeah!" Came Ruby's reply.

Ruby moved to stand up but was stopped by yang as she pointed out a King Taijitu slithering silently into striking distance of the man. The snake lashed out and bit the man through the chest killing him instantly without making a sound.

"I don't know son, this isn't France I know for sure." The other man hadn't seen the event unfold and he stood shocked at the blood and helmet that were where his friend had been but moments ago.

"Private?" The soldier was scared now, and he took off running as fast as he could into the trees.

"Come on guys we should follow him and find out why he's her, once we get him to safety that is." Ruby said as she stood up.

"Fine come on guys, let's go save that… random stranger army man.

"They said something about France, which to my knowledge, doesn't exist." Blake said.

"We still have to help him, as Huntresses it is our duty to protect." Ruby said standing up and running after the man.

"Tally Ho" Yang said enthusiastically. The man kept running but team RWBY were in pursuit.