One-shot #1: An Awful Lot of Firsts, 1982

Freddy Fazbear and the gang had just finished their final night of Mr. Fazbach's "Sensitivity Training," meaning that they could now roam around the restaurant on their own, as opposed to having guided conversations as an act. The entire Fazbear clan was nervous, and excited, for their first time mingling with humans. Nathan instilled some advice on the final night of training.

"Alright, guys, this is it! You're going out among the people now, so be ready!" Nathan had said, "Just remember: If you're creeping them out, move on. If you're scaring them, move on. If they seem upset, make them feel good. Got it?" The animatronics nodded, and Nathan clapped his hands.

"Great! Knock 'em dead!" he encouraged.

"What!?" Freddy exclaimed.

"Relax, it's an expression. It means good luck," Nathan explained gently.

"Why didn't ya just say that?" Chica asked.

"Aye, if it be meaning tha same…" Foxy agreed.

"Guys, look, you're gonna have to learn this stuff. Don't go biting my head off," Nathan said. Foxy took several steps toward the mechanic.

"Expression!" Nathan cried, raising his hands up and backing away. Foxy grinned.

"I know," the fox said.

"That's not funny," Nathan shot back, "Not with your teeth." Foxy paused, and frowned.

"Please, both of you, just stop," Freddy policed, "That's incredibly morbid."

"Alright, but seriously, good luck tomorrow guys," Nathan said, and grabbed his tool box and walked out.

Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica kept Nathan's advice in mind as they waited behind the curtain of the show stage. Bonnie fidgeted with her guitar, wringing the neck with her paws. Chica would occasionally huff, and shift her weight from foot to foot, while Freddy was starting to cause his microphone to warp in his grip. The usual recorded voice introduced them.

"Okay kids, get ready! It's time for Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica! Presenting, the Freddy Fazbear Band!"

Music began to play, and the curtain rose up. The animatronics were greeted with a cheer from the crowd, and immediately the show began to start as usual.

"Hi kids! It's me, Freddy! Are you ready to have a good time?" Freddy asked cheerfully.

"Yeah!" the kids in the Dining Hall shouted in unison.

"Great! C'mon, gang! Let's do it!" Freddy prompted, and they began to sing their usual songs. Through the show, they could see one of Foxy's eyes looking out through a small slit in the Pirate's Cove curtain, watching with a smile. The show consisted of several songs, usually pizza-themed parodies of popular songs or kid favorites, spaced out by friendly banter between the members of the band. These were usually filled with groan inducing puns.

Finally, the last song was sung, and the music died down, followed by applause. Most of the children returned to their food, and the adults to their conversations. While most of the guests were distracted, Bonnie leaned her guitar up backstage, Freddy replaced his microphone to its stand while Chica observed the crowd, occasionally waving to a child. The animatronics grouped together, and took a collective moment, then stepped off the stage into the audience.

Initially, nobody seemed to notice the animatronics were on their own, expecting the usual questions and answers, until a family noticed Bonnie standing behind them, looking over their shoulders with interest. The kids squealed in delight.

"Hi!" Bonnie greeted, beaming. The parents reeled in shock, and the father got up and spoke to the manager.

"Um, your robots aren't onstage," the father said, pointing to Bonnie and the others, who were talking to his family.

"Oh, yes, that's fine! They're programmed to walk around, and interact," the manager explained, "Don't worry about them."

"Alright…" the father said uncertainly, and walked back to the table.

"…and Chica makes the pizza!" Bonnie was telling the family, and the kids gasped, looking at their slices, then to the bird. The mother turned to her husband as he walked up.

"Is everything alright with…?" the mother asked, tilting her head in the direction of Freddy and the others.

"Yeah, it's fine. Supposed to happen," the father said.

"Okay…" the mother said, not trusting the machines. Bonnie turned to her.

"And are you having fun?" the rabbit asked.

"O-oh, um, yes, lots of fun," the mother said nervously.

"Fantastic! You know, if you want, we coul-," Bonnie got cut off by Freddy.

"That's enough, Bonnie, leave them be," Freddy told her gently, "Let's go greet some of the others." He led the others to a new table, this one home to what appeared to be a church excursion group. The chaperones watched them with a smile as the robots greeted and talked with the children, when the first challenge appeared: the first real hug. A girl wanted to hug Chica, and the chicken faltered.

"Um…" Chica said, looking to Freddy, who nodded encouragingly. She awkwardly crouched to the girl's level, and spread her arms. The girl ran forward, and Chica gently gave her a hug, letting go quickly. The girl smiled, then ran back to her chair. If Chica could breathe, she would have sighed in relief, and stood up.

Then a man walked up and asked for a picture, leaving his two sons to stand in front of Freddy with Bonnie and Chica on either side. The camera flashed, and the animatronics blinked in surprise. The man chuckled, thanked them, and went back to the table.

Glancing back to Pirate's Cove, Bonnie could see Foxy had practically poked his entire head out in anticipation. Freddy noticed as well, and waved him over. Foxy grinned, and opened his curtain.

"Ahoy!" he called out happily, stepping out of the Cove and into the Dining Hall, raising his hooked hand in greeting. Foxy looked around at the room, seeing many of the guests now staring at him, and he checked himself to make sure he had his eye patch lowered. It was, thankfully, and the pirate joined the others.

The fox noticed immediately that he unnerved a lot more people than the band had. Understandable, since he was a pirate, the scourge of the seas. But he wasn't bad, not really. Eventually, one person did actually walk up to him. It was an adult, a woman, probably in her early twenties.

"Man, you look awesome!" she said, and held up a camera, "Can I get a picture?"

"O'course, lass," Foxy told her, smiling.

"Sweet!" the woman said, and handed her camera to a passing employee. As Foxy struck a pose, the woman put an arm around him, giving a half-hug. Foxy stiffened. Feeling the woman's skin felt… weird. He didn't like the sensation of it at all. The woman noticed, and turned to the fox.

"You okay?" she asked. Foxy quickly shook it off.

"Fine, lass, fine!" he said quickly, and turned towards the employee.

"Smile!" the employee said, and took a picture. Foxy started to pull away, but the woman held tight.

"Hang on, one more?" she asked.

"I don' see tha harm…" Foxy said, the constant touching starting to get him frustrated.

"Alright! Could you crouch down a bit? Can't quite reach ya up there," the woman told the tall animatronic. Foxy looked at her, puzzled, and slowly crouched down, his head now level with the woman's.

"Like tha'?" he asked.

"Perfect," the woman said, and kissed him on the cheek, holding the pose for the camera. Foxy froze in surprise, before growling in annoyance. Wait. Growl? Foxy quickly stifled it, and nobody seemed to notice. Again, Foxy ignored his growing hatred of the contact for the sake of the customer, and forced a smile. The camera flashed again, and the fox quickly slipped away, puzzled by his new emotions.

He felt… like growling again. He did not like it when the woman touched him, and wasn't sure why. He'd ask Nathan about it later. Looking back at the others, he noticed Chica grinning at him, and Foxy felt the urge to growl once more. Bonnie was also looking at him, but she was smiling in excitement.

"Isn't this great?" she asked, walking up to him.

"Aye," Foxy agreed, forgetting about the incident that happened just minutes before. Suddenly, the same announcer came over the speaker.

"Alright, boys and girls, it's almost time for the Pirate's Cove show! Hey, Captain Foxy, why aren't you on your ship?" the voice asked, subtly cuing the fox.

"Blast!" Foxy exclaimed, and sprinted for the stage. Freddy and the others stared after him, never having seen the pirate run before.

"Whoa. Did you see that?" Chica asked.

"I didn't know we could run," Bonnie observed.

"We've never had to. We should try tonight, see how it works," Freddy decided. The three went backstage to avoid stealing attention away from Foxy.

Back in Pirate's Cove, Foxy stood onstage, listening to the murmur of the crowd. Then the usual Caribbean music began to play, and the curtain rose up, revealing Foxy standing on his "ship," hand and hook on his hips, grinning at the audience.

"Ahoy, mateys!" he greeted.

"Ahoy!" some of the children cried. Foxy crossed his arms.

"That don' be sounding like pirates, lads," Foxy said, "I said, Ahoy mateys!"

"Ahoy!" came the roaring reply.

"Tha's better!" Foxy praised, "Now then, who thinks they be ready to join me crew?" A sea of hands shot up. Foxy's grin grew wider, though he was careful not to bare his teeth.

"Excellent! Now, how many of ya joined me crew before?" Foxy then asked. Roughly a quarter of the hands raised again.

"I see. Well, there be a little change, lads," Foxy explained, "Fer one…" Foxy walked forward and carefully dropped off of the stage. The children were surprised, and crawled back.

"I be allowed ashore," Foxy explained, "And there be games, with prizes," The children started murmuring excitedly. Prizes?

"Now, I needs ya ta split inta two groups. Can ye do that?" Foxy asked. The children all nodded, and soon the audience was divided into two nearly equal groups. Foxy climbed back onstage and opened his treasure chest, pulling out a length of rope that had a knot tied in the middle.

"We're gonna play a bit o' tug o' war," Foxy said, and some of the kids cheered, "Tha winnin' team gets eyepatches." Two staff members grabbed the rope from Foxy, and set up little plastic cones on the carpeted "dock" before exiting. The kids all grabbed the rope, and braced to begin to pull. Foxy climbed down to act as referee.

"Ready, an', GO!" Foxy ordered, slashing his hook through the air in excitement. The kids all started yelling and cheering as they pulled and pulled.

"C'mon, mateys, put yer backs into it!" Foxy cheered, waving his hook. Suddenly, the team on Foxy's right gave a large collective pull. This caught the other team off guard, and they were pulled to the floor, landing in a heap. The winning team cheered, while those unfortunate enough to have wound up on the bottom started crying out for help.

Uh oh, Foxy thought, worried his mateys were hurt.

"C'mon, lads, up ya get!" Foxy encouraged, acting as a brace to help some of the fallen children stand. One little girl held her knee, which sported a nasty rug burn, and was on the verge of tears. She had been on the bottom of the pile.

"Don' cry, matey, let's get ya on yer feet," Foxy said, pulling the girl aloft by the back of her shirt with his good hand. He set her on the stage.

"You rest up on me ship 'till ya fell better, savvy?" Foxy told the girl, "I'll get some help. Wha's yer name?"

"Darian," the girl sniffed.

"That be a fine name, tha' be!" Foxy said, then addressed the others, "I'll be right back, lads, got cap'n business ter do." He exited through the Cove's exterior curtains that blocked the noise of the restaurant, and stepped into the Dining Hall. He waved over an employee, who looked confused, and pointed to himself, mouthing, "Me?"

Foxy nodded, and beckoned again. The employee walked over nervously, not really confident on talking to a large metal fox.

"What's up?" he asked.

"There be a girl in there, scraped her knee. Can ye help? I don' know what ta do," Foxy admitted.

"Uh… Sure," the employee said, and followed Foxy back into Pirate's Cove. Inside, the children that won started asking for their prize. Foxy ignored them, instead focused on the girl sitting on the edge of the stage, occasionally sniffing. The employee walked up to her.

"Hey," he said, "You okay?"

"My knee," the girl replied.

"Let's have a look," the employee said, and the girl took her hands off the afflicted knee.

"Ouch! C'mon, let's get you to the nurse," the employee told her, and lifted her off the stage, then walking her out of the Cove. His deed done, Foxy returned his attention to the children once again.

"Sorry abou' tha' lads, let's get yer prizes," Foxy told them, and the children cheered.

Later that night, the animatronics were gathered on stage, swapping stories of their first day being able to roam while Nathan performed his inspection.

"And this little girl had a bow on her hair just like mine!" Bonnie said, happily pointing to her bowtie, "It was so cute!"

"I visited the kitchens. Who knew making pizza was so easy?" Chica said. Nathan scoffed.

"Don't let the cooks hear that. You're lucky they didn't kick you out," Nathan told her. The back of Freddy's head was open, and the mechanic was checking the series of pulleys and wires that allowed Freddy's face to move.

"I had this one young man, he wanted to wear my top hat," Freddy said. Nathan swore and pull his hands out.

"Don't talk, you almost cut my finger off!" Nathan said, sucking on the cut on his ring finger.

"I'm sorry!" Freddy apologized, turning to face him. Nathan waved his hand dismissively.

"Never mind, never mind, turn," he ordered, and went back to work.

"What about you, Foxy?" Bonnie asked. The fox grinned.

"Me crew and I had so much fun! Except for Darian, poor lass," Foxy said.

"Who?" Chica asked.

"A lil' lass tha' scraped her knee. I took care o' it, though," Foxy told the group proudly.

"Nice logic there, Foxy, you remembered training," Nathan praised, wiping lubricant off of his hands with a rag. A happy silence fell, except for the little clicks and clacks the animatronics made as they looked around.

"Nathan?" Foxy suddenly asked.

"Yeah?" Nathan replied, digging through his tool box.

"Did ye know I can growl?" the fox asked.

"Growl?" Nathan asked, confused, "What do you mean?"

"When this wench touched me, I felt… weird… like I was all hot," Foxy explained. Nathan laughed.

"That might be love, buddy," he teased.

"No… It wasn't… happy… then I growled," Foxy told the mechanic. Nathan looked confused.

"That might be anger," Nathan surmised, "Do you like being touched?"

"No' really, no," Foxy replied.

"Huh. Okay, well, I'll look into it. Just ignore it, for now, and avoid getting touched if it bugs you. What about kids?" Nathan asked, worried Foxy would get angry with them.

"The little mateys are fine, they're me crew! It's the landlubbers I don' like," Foxy said, "'Cept, you, o' course."

"Gee, thanks," Nathan said, rolling his eyes, "Just don't let it bug you, and avoid that kind of thing, you'll be fine. I'll look into it."

"Thanks, mate," Foxy said gratefully, mind put at ease.

"I gotta say, you guys really are learning fast," Nathan said, "I mean, when we first turned you guys on, all you did was look around blankly. Yeah, we got your character stuff going, but beyond the show, everything else is on you. It's kinda scary, actually."

"We're scary?" Bonnie asked, concerned, "I don't want to be scary."

"And that's why you're not," Nathan comforted, "You don't want to be. Amazing you guys care."

"Why wouldn't we?" Freddy asked.

"Well, you know, you guys are machines, and yet you have emotions, apparently. It's a big deal," Nathan explained.

"I guess," Chica said, "I don't feel all that special."

"Well, you don't know any different," Nathan told her, "Believe me, you guys are something else."

"Why thank you, Nathaniel," Freddy told the mechanic.

"Why do you use my full name?" Nathan asked.

"It's polite," Freddy replied.

"You're like a robotic, bear-shaped Fazbach," Nathan said, shaking his head in mock dismay. Freddy just grinned. Nathan went around and latched the back of the bear's head.

"Well, that does it for me, guys, go on back to your places, I'll power you down," Nathan told them. The animatronics nodded, and walked to their spots. Nathan walked to each animatronic individually.

"'Night Chica," he told the bird.

"'Night, Nate," she replied, and Nathan powered her down, eyes darkening. He walked over to Bonnie.

"'Night, Bon," Nathan told her.

"Goodnight, Nathan!" she said happily, and she was powered down as well.

"'Night Freddy," Nathan told the bear.

"And to you, Nathaniel!" Freddy said cheerfully as he was turned off. Nathan walked over to Pirate's Cove, pushing through the curtain to find Foxy standing onstage.

"'Night, Foxy," Nathan said.

"G'night, lad," Foxy replied, and he was powered down as well. Walking through the restaurant and switching off the lights, Nathan whistled to himself as he walked out of the double doors at the front, stopping to lock the doors, before heading home.

A/N: I'm still alive, see? To give you an idea of how much time I DON'T have, this one one-shot took me three days to write. That's jacked up. I've gotten some wonderful reviews and PMs recently, and it seems like a few of you fine folks wanted to make comics, and fan art, and things, which is spectacular.

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