Author's Note:
This wasn't actually meant to be the end of the series, but my co-author and I were quite burned out by the time we got here and though we planned to pick it up again, it's unlikely that we are going to. And so because this is such a horrible ending, we wanted to let readers know what the future we planned for this was.

Loki struggles to adjust to life on Earth after the destruction of Asgard. During this time, Natasha is assigned to keep an eye on him as well as win him over to the side of the Avengers because Chthon and Set's demons are running out of control and things are getting very bad on earth. Wanda and Steve have a baby boy together. Natasha and Clint have a falling out concerning Loki, which in the end they are able to put aside for the planet but they are no longer able to be together because of it.

Crystal and Pietro struggle with finding a place that they belong between Attalin and the human world. Crystal struggles with her relationship with Medusa while Pietro struggles with his loss of memories and trying to reforge a relationship with Wanda.

Sigyn, Helblindi and Sekhmet arrive on earth. They quickly learn that Chthon's demons fear and obey Sigyn. Sigyn and Loki put aside their past relationship and embrace each other as siblings. Clint and Natasha heal their relationship. Sigyn, Helblindi, Loki and Sekhmet reach out to Agamotto, who reveals he has figured out a way to bring the dead back to life. Together, they tear open the fabric between life and death and allow the dead to return.

Freyja finds herself in a strange position with Ve, Tyr, and Brokk now alive. Brokk is willing to share her and Ve and Tyr are uncertain but want to make things work, but in the end Freyja finds that she can't keep dividing her heart up because she is hiding her emotions behind it all and has to make the painful choice to finally let go of the unobtainable Ve she built in her mind as well as letting Brokk move on since she can't ever give him the same devotion he gives her. She and her daughters and their children work through the emotions and betrayal. She and Frey take back the throne of Vanir and Nanna and Balder rule Vanir as queen and prince consort.

Loki and Angerboda are reunited and rule Jotunheim happily, pulling back from the adventuring lifestyle. Atum and Farbauti are reunited and they likewise settle in Jotunheim, with Loki and Farbauti finding a balance in their lives and getting to know each other now. Frigga and Odin retire from being king and queen, with Thor and Sif taking their place. Chthon and Set have likewise resurrected but Sigyn finds she is far more powerful than Chthon and can command his forces, which strips him of his power. Set stays on the outskirts of civilization but he and Gaea find a balance in their relationship which she holds him accountable for his actions and he stops blaming her for everything wrong in their lives.

In the end, Thoth speaks with Demiurge who says that this wasn't what he wanted and Thoth says that the pattern remains intact once more and that perhaps it's time for him to see things as they are rather than trying to mold it into what he wants and Demiurge agreed that perhaps it is time. Thoth returns to Heliopolis where Sekhmet is waiting, and he says that he has a lot to teach her before he can retire as the librarian of the universe and she says that she's ready to learn.