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Chapter One –The Well

Silence was interrupted by the faintest rustling sound of leaves. Tall trees loomed high above the ground to reach for the rays of warmth the Sun provided. A slender figure leaned against the ancient well in the middle of the clearing. Looking up towards the clear blue sky, strands of ebony hair reached past the figure's tiny waist. No longer the young teenager, Kagome dressed in a traditional miko garb that hid her toned, yet feminine figure. The only visible proof those ten years had passed were the wisdom and confidence in her violet tinted blue eyes.

"Kagome, do you really have to leave?"

Suddenly aware of her surroundings, Kagome glanced towards the owner of the voice. With a wistful smile, she answered, "I must, Shippo."

She had spent five years searching for the Jewel shards and another five more years in the feudal era after Naraku's death. Her decision to leave the feudal era and return home was because she felt the well calling her. The strange feeling grew more and more over the years. A strange feeling, like a hum that streamed through her veins, the well called for her. She did not know why, but she knew she had to leave.

"Perhaps you will see me in the future," she whispered quietly enough for Inuyasha and Shippo to hear. Inuyasha crossed his arms while saying, "Keh, there are no demons in your era, Kagome."

A warm smile tugged on her lips. She knew there were no demons in her era that is why the wish she made upon the Shikon no Tama…

"Onee-chan! Don't leave!" Blue eyes softened towards the young woman she had come to think of as her little sister. Pools of tears burst past Rin's eyes, while Shippo held her hand in comfort. Sango and Miroku stood silently trying to hold up their quivering smile. Feeling her eyes swell with tears, Kagome hushed lovingly, "Good bye, my dear family. I love you all."

Pushing her feet off the ground, she fell down the well that engulfed her with a blue light. The weight of her sorrow seemed to lighten as she floated in the blue mist. But nearing the other side, sorrow continued to sink its way towards her heart. She was certain the well would forever close after this last trip. She had lost her second family. Pale hands brushed against the soil at the bottom. The sound of her breathing echoed in the deserted well. Had she done the right thing?

The distant sounds of chatter slowly began to echo down causing her to shake from her thoughts. Furrowing her brows, Kagome wondered if Ojii-san was hosting a Shrine festival. Glancing up to see a roof, she found it odd that the well house walls were missing. Skillfully climbing her way, the sounds of chatter grew louder. Kagome finally reached the top of the well and jumped out to land on grass.

'Grass?' Kagome thought in confusion.

Did Ojii-san decide to rebuild the well house?

Her gaze slowly shifted to look at her surroundings. It took seconds to realize she stood on top of a hill and below from where the well stood was…what seemed like a scene from an old movie. A chill of dread crawled down her back.

Antique Japanese architecture designed the two story houses that filled the busy streets.

The sound of merchants yelling to sell their items filled the air.

Youkais and humans walked pass each other peacefully as they mixed in a crowd.

Tall walls divided the land to look like a maze.

Kaede's village that was once the only living population near the ancient well was now devoured by a busy town.

"This is definitely not home," Kagome managed to breathe out in shock, "And this is definitely not the feudal era."

Shaking away the sinking feeling of fear, Kagome tried to keep it together. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Exhaling loudly, she slowly opened them.

She thanked her Okaa-san for forcing her to graduate University before a wish was made upon the Shikon no Tama. With a history major, she was quite confident she could find out where the well brought her. Steeling her eyes in concentration, Kagome took in the details of the buildings and clothing. The kimonos were more complex and stitched with more designs. The town was built to hold a population larger than a village, yet looked too small to be a city. Noting the underdevelopment of the streets and lack of transportation, a spark flickered past her eyes.

"Azuchi-Momoyama," she whispered to herself, "I am in the Momoyama period."

Noting the mix of youkais and humans, she wondered if her wish had worked. All myths of youkais ended in the Sengoku period (1467-1477). So if youkais still existed during the Momoyama period (1573-1603), it must mean her wish had worked.

Kagome's brows furrowed in confusion and mumbled, "But what am I doing here?"

Sensing a demonic aura nearing the well, Kagome gripped tightly onto her bow as her fingers inched closer for her arrows. She watched carefully from the corner of her eyes as a youkai entered the clearing. Observing the dangerous glint in the youkai's eyes, Kagome lifted her bow.

"Now, now, no need to be so cautious, Miko-sama. We are working together, remember?" the youkai voiced slyly. Kagome made sure not to reveal her confusion. Perhaps this youkai had mistaken her for someone else. Spotting the youkai pull out something from his sleeve, Kagome raised her bow and aimed her arrow. The youkai noticed this and placed his hands in the air, "Woah, woah, woah, there, Miko-sama~ I am just a servant to deliver the stolen peace treaty."

The youkai carefully eyed her as he lowered the scroll in his hand onto the ground.

"Our leader has handed over the stolen peace treaty, so the condition to join forces with your leader is completed, correct?" the youkai asked suspiciously.

Why on earth would any Miko wish to ask for a peace treaty to be stolen? Though Kagome grasped the gist of what was going on, she needed to confirm if her assumptions were made correctly. She slung her bow over her shoulder and placed a barrier around herself.

"I need to see if you stole the original peace treaty," Kagome voiced stoically. A chuckle sounded from the youkai, along with a twinkle of amusement. Walking towards the scroll on the ground, she picked it up and read through the content.

Peace Treaty

Humans shall not be harmed nor treated unfairly by any youkai. Should one refuse to obey these laws, the youkai shall be trialed in front of the Four Lords.

Youkais shall not be harmed nor treated unfairly by any human. Should one refuse to obey these laws, the human shall be trialed in front of the Emperor's court.

The succession of the next emperor can only succeed should they accept to follow and continue the peace treaty with youkais.

Signed by Emperor Kōnin & The Four Lords

Kagome's eyes briefly widened. Why would any Miko wish to steal this? Her face paled in worry for she had studied about the political culture back in the days. If a peace treaty was stolen or disappeared, then that was the same thing as annulling the agreement. She quickly looked at the streets where youkais and humans continued to walk by each other normally.

'It seems the information that the peace treaty was stolen hasn't leaked.' Kagome returned her gaze towards the youkai and assumed he had stolen it a few days ago.

Mistaking Kagome's shock as disbelief that the original peace treaty could be stolen under strong security, the youkai smirked, "It's the original, is it not?"

"Very well, I shall pass this to my leader," Kagome said coolly. The youkai sent her a wink before leaving. No longer sensing his aura, Kagome released a relieved sigh. She stared down at her hands that grasped onto the scroll with trembling hands. The disappearance of this peace treaty could lead to the destruction of youkais or humans.

Abruptly, a strong force clashed against her barrier causing her to smash into the ground a few feet away. Cursing herself for being caught off guard, Kagome hid the scroll in her miko garb. She rolled to the side to avoid the sword that stabbed into the spot she had just been in. Her glowing hand blocked the incoming attack with a barrier and sent a blast of purification. She sensed the youkai move back a distance as if he had underestimated her strength. Concentrating, Kagome felt several youkais surrounding the clearing. She cursed her luck and hoped not all the youkais were as powerful as the one she fought just now.

"No one interferes," a cold voice ordered. Immediately the youkai auras stilled their approach.

'At least he plays fair,' Kagome thought to herself in relief. The youkai used his demonic speed causing Kagome to see nothing but a blur of him. Barely escaping the attacks, Kagome felt her body growing heavy.

Was this youkai attacking her to steal the peace treaty? She narrowed her eyes dangerously, 'Over my dead body!'

Spotting an opening near his neck, she skillfully pulled out an arrow from her quiver and aimed to stab his neck.

A tense silence rested upon the clearing.

Two fighting forms paused in their frozen positions.

Kagome held a glowing arrow right at the youkai's neck.

However, Kagome noted his sword an inch away from her's.

"Impressive," the youkai muttered impassively. Slightly out of breath, Kagome answered, "Thanks."

Close enough to feel the wave of heat coming off of the youkai, Kagome finally looked to see his face.

Her eyes locked to meet golden ones.

The crescent moon symbol on his forehead revealed his title.

Two magenta strips marked along his cheeks.

Silver hair fluttered silently in the wind.

"Sesshomaru…?" Kagome voiced breathlessly.

Feeling a sudden pain on the side of her head, pitch darkness soon engulfed her vision as she felt her body sinking towards the floor. Before slipping into unconsciousness, Kagome heard, "Lock her up. She will be useful to find out the leader who dares to defy my orders."

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