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Chapter One: If I Knew A Good Name For This Chapter I'd Use It!

"Hey, Lily!"


Lily Evans ran towards her best friends. She was a slim girl, roughly 5'2". She had fiery red hair and beautiful, mysterious emerald green eyes. She hugged her best friend in the world, Mr. Sirius Black.

Sirius was a tall boy. He had black hair that he usually kept spiky and ice blue eyes. Every girl at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was after him (save Lily and any Slytherin, of course). He and Lily had known each other since before they could remember.

Lily moved on to the next in line, Remus Lupin. Remus was a shy boy. The group loved to play pranks and he was usually the one who kept them from getting caught. He had gray eyes and sandy brown hair that was always kept neat. He stood at 6'1" and, though he didn't know it, could make most girls weak at the knees by speaking to them.

Peter Pettigrew was on the receiving end of the next hug. (A/N: I know, EW!) He was short, about five feet tall and slightly pudgy. He had beady brown eyes and a shock of blond hair. Whenever the group got caught, it was usually Peter's fault. He was their clumsy tag-along.

The next boy was James Potter. James stood at the same height as Remus. He had very unruly black hair and chocolate brown eyes that were rimmed by black glasses and just screamed mischief. The same went for James as it did for Sirius, a lot of girls wanted him...bad. Every one except the one he wanted. The four boys were the original Marauders.

The last person in line was the only other girl in their little group. Aimie Kalis was exactly 5'5 and 1/2" with hazel eyes. The last time Lily had seen her, she had had black hair. Now, she had electric blue hair. She wore square black glasses that were heavily outlined and had a pierced lip. American.

"Nice hair," said Lily. "When did you die it?"

"About a week ago," Aimie answered. "My mom was so pissed."

"I can't imagine why!" Sires exclaimed. Aimie slapped the back of his head.

"Shut up!"

"Nope." Sires grabbed the hat that she was wearing off of her head and ran.

Aimie rolled her eyes and took out her wand. "Accio!" She put her hat back on.

The group started walking down Diagon Ally, chatting about the summer. It was decided that the first stop today would be Florean Fortiscue's new ice cream parlor.

The Marauders took their seats and ordered. Just then, two of their least favorite people entered the shop and made their way over.

"Well, if it isn't the idiots and their two mudbloods!" one of them exclaimed.

"Shove off, slimeballs," James said coldly.

The taller one spoke. "What's with the hair, mudblood? And the clothes that are about seven sizes too big? Can't your dirty muggle parents afford clothes? Do you have to steal them from other people's garbage?"

"Malfoy, Snape, get out of here!" Sirius shouted.

"Why?" Snape asked. "Did we hurt the dirty little mudblood's feelings?"

Aimie, who was already known for her nasty temper, snapped. Before Lily, who was sitting next to Aimie, could stop her, Aimie jumped at the closest one. It happened to be Malfoy.

That was the day that Lucious (sp?) Malfoy got the most savage beating of his life. Snape ran out of the shop. The other Marauders hung back for a few minutes before deciding that they should try to calm their friend down.

"Aimie, calm down," Lily said. She pulled the girl off of the grease ball and led her out of the ice cream parlor. "Quidditch shop," Lily whispered to James, who nodded.

The boys helped the shopkeeper clean up the bloody mess. They then went to find the two girls.

Outside Quality Quidditch Supplies, on a bench, sat Lily and a still simmering Aimie. Remus and James took the remaining seats on the bench while Peter and Sires sat in front of the bench on the ground.

"You okay, Aimie?" Sires asked her. "The nerve of that ass hole!" Aimie exclaimed. "He can't say those things about me or my family! You should have let me kill the bastard."

"Maybe next time," said James. "You did get plenty of good shots in though. I think you broke his arm!"

"And his nose," said Peter.

"Not to mention the two black eyes he walked away with," Remus commented.

"And he was missing a few teeth when I pulled you off," said Lily. "You did well."

"Yeah, I guess so," said Aimie. She sighed. "Shall we?"

The rest of the day was spent shopping. They bought all of their school supplies and then some. When it was time to leave the boys all Flooed home. Lily and Aimie took a train to Little Winging. Aimie was staying with Lily until the next day came around.

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