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Chapter Seventeen: The End (Yes, it's a real name!)

From the last Chapter:

"Potter takes the quaffle, passes to Kalis, back to Potter, Finnigan, GOAL!"

The game went along at a good pace. Gryffindor was up one seventy to twenty when it happened...



Amos stopped what he was doing and just sat there in mid-air. "*Grab a beaters club...*" Amos did what he was told, he couldn't stop himself. "*Hit Potter*." Amos flew towards James.
James was racing towards the Hufflepuff hoops, Amos got up right behind him. WHACK! James' vision went black as he fell to the smooth ground of the Quidditch pitch.

On the good news front, Lily caught the snitch.

On the bad news front, James was kind of unconscious and crap.

"Holy shit! JAMES!" Lily screamed. She darted towards the ground and jumped off of her broom about five feet from the ground.

Their friends were all there in a matter of minutes. "Come on," said Aimie, conjuring a stretcher. "Lets get him to the hospital wing."

Remus and Sirius lifted James onto the stretcher, and then they took him to the infirmary as fast as humanly possible.

"What in blue blazes happened to him?" Madame Pomfrey asked.

"Diggory hit him in the back of the head with a beaters club, he fell off of his broomstick," Remus explained.

"Right, thank you," said the nurse. "You six can come back later."

Sirius walked with Sarah back to the Ravenclaw common room before joining Aimie, Remus, Peter, and Lily in the Gryffindor common room.


"Brave house."

As Sirius entered the common room, he heard Lily saying, "When I get my hands on Diggory..."

"Now, now, Lily, violence is never the answer," Sirius said, sitting down next to her.

"Why not?" Aimie asked. "Can't it be the answer once or twice every now and again?"

"I'm with her," said Lily.

"Girls, really!" said Remus. "I *am* surprised at you!"

"I'm not," said Sirius.

"When can we go back?" Lily asked.

"Give it a half an hour or so, Lils," said Sirius.

"Yeah," Remus agreed. "Pomfrey'll go nuclear if we get there too early. You know that."

Fifteen minutes later, Lily made them get up and go to the hospital wing. The boys told her to wait for a little while, Madame Pomfrey was strict. Lily wouldn't hear any of it though, she wanted to go up and see James.

When they got to the hospital wing, Madame Pomfrey tried to shove them out. "He just woke up, give him some breathing room." That, however, was *not* the thing to say.

"He's UP?" Lily said. She then proceded to dart between Madame Pomfrey's legs and into the hospital wing. (A/N: What can I say? This girl was desperate...) "JAMES!"

James smiled. "Hello," he said, as if nothing had happened.


"Lils, calm down," James said, very alarmed.

"Sorry, it's just...DON'T *EVER* DO THAT AGAIN!"

Aimie managed to sit Lily down. (Madame Pomfrey had given in) "Lily, it wasn't his fault, remember?"

"Oh, right, yeah..."

"Hey, who did it, Aims?" James asked. "I've got a headache that hurts like a shittin' bitch."

"You guys have definatly been around me too long," Aimie said, shaking her head. "I've corrupted you. It was Diggory, he hit you with a beater's club."

"Yep," said Sirius.

"Then, we had to convince these two young ladies that they shouldn't kill Diggory...hard work..." Remus added.

Everyone laughed.

James got out of the wing a few days later. Lily couldn't be happier. The next Saturday was a Hogsmeade weekend, so they celebrated James' wellness by buying him a few butterbeers at the Three Broomsticks.

Little did six of the seven friends know, that this day would be one of the worst in their school days, maybe even their lives. (A/N: I was gonna leave you here, ya know? But then I figured that I should make up for the last chapter's cliffie...)

Remus, Aimie, Lily, James, Sirius, Sarah, and Peter entered the pub and ordered their drinks. Then they sat down at a table near the door of the Three Broomsticks. For a while the seven of them talked, joked, and laughed toghether.

Just as they were about to leave, a series of small pops were heard. Aimie looked up and her eyes widedned to the size of dinner plates. "Death Eaters..." she breathed. "Get under the table!" she told her friends.

The Death Eaters started to send Unforgivable Curses everywhere. People were dropping dead like flies. It made Lily sick. Just as quick as it started, it was over. Hogwarts professors were in the pub and had chased the Death Eaters out (A/N: Thanks Dumbledore.).

Remus was the first to crawl out from under the table. A horrible sight met his eyes when he did and he wanted to crawl right back under it. Aimie was dead...hit in the back with the Avada Kedavera Curse.

Remus had to throw up, and he did, right on the floor. A lot of people died that day, but Aimie Kalis was the only Hogwarts student killed by the Death Eaters.

Remus took it really hard. He stopped eating, stopped talking to his friends. The hardest part for him was going back to the castle that day. The hardest part, was telling Nick that his sister would never be there again...that she was dead...

About a week after this happened, Remus tried to commit suicide. He failed, thanks to Lily, and got one stern talking to.

Lily had walked into the boys' dorm to get James. He wasn't on his bed so she checked the bathroom and saw Remus with the rasor about a centimeter away from his wrist. She summoned it and then started yelling at him.


After that, Remus started to eat again, little by little. He and Nick hung out a lot, too. All of the Marauders sort of adopted Nick into their group.

And this is where I leave you...

The End

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