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Aaron Hotchner was not a man to be trifled with, especially when he had his mind set on something. So when he told Dave he wanted to bring Spencer in to their bedroom the older profiler didn't argue. Besides, Rossi quite liked the idea if he was being honest with himself.

The two agents stood in the SAC's office in utter silence. Aaron was staring out the window, eyed Reid with a look that nearly screamed hunger. Dave was leaning on the desk, surveying his lover. He wondered how Spencer would react when he learned that he and Hotch always shared a room on cases for a reason.

Rossi pushed himself up and strolled over to Aaron. Confident that no one was watching he slipped an arm around his waist and pulled the younger man up against him; his erection pressed in to Aaron's back.

"So... how should we do this?" Rossi asked, his voice was low and filled with lust.

Hotch shuddered when he felt Dave's desire against him. He turned his head and locked eyes with the older profiler.

"Well, you know how Spencer's always the last to leave, barring myself of course..." He pushed back against Dave, causing the other man to groan. "And while I know it's unprofessional, we could always just fuck in my office every night until he walks in on us."

They both knew the secretive, shy glances Reid gave Hotch when he thought he wasn't looking. How he would awkwardly ramble when the Unit Chief place a hand on his shoulder. It wasn't obvious, by any means, but the two experienced profilers were acutely aware of Dr. Reid's little crush. Hopefully he'd take the bait.

"That sounds like an excellent plan." Rossi growled in Aaron's ear. He would have taken him right there if Morgan and Prentiss hadn't still been in the bullpen.

Hotch grinned, "I'm glad you agree. Now get out of here before I tear those clothes off of you. Be back at six thirty sharp."

The elder reluctantly relinquished his hold on the other agent. He grabbed a file to shield the impressive bulge in his pants. Dave had already decided to take matters in to his own hands, literally speaking, when he got back to his office. If anything it'd make him last longer when the time finally came.

Rossi opened the door only to find his boss waiting on the other side. Aaron grabbed Dave roughly and pushed him up against the wall. He kissed the older man with a burning intensity. He pushed his tongue against Rossi's lips, demanding entrance. It was quickly granted. While Aaron explored Dave's mouth he nearly ripped off his blazer. Nimble fingers worked at unbuttoning his shirt.

The senior agent moaned in to Hotch's mouth when he felt those adept hands on his bare chest, and as much as he loved Aaron being in control it was his turn. Rossi pushed Aaron back forcefully, never breaking the kiss. He began to steer them towards the Unit Chief's desk while helping Aaron out of his shirt.

It wasn't long until Hotch stood, naked from the waist up and pressed against the desk. His clothes lay in a crumpled and careless heap on the floor. Dave finally released his boss from the hungry kiss and began to nibble downwards. As he worked his way to Aaron's collarbone the kissing and sucking became more fervent, knowing the marks he made wouldn't be visible. Rossi made his desire quite clear when he pushed his clothed erection against Aaron's thigh. The earned a long moan.

He reached Aaron's nipple and laved at the protruding nub. The stimulation caused Hotch to rock his hips; he wanted Dave to touch him so badly. Rossi wasn't one of keep his man waiting and began to palm at the rock hard length beneath Aaron's pants.

Hotch didn't censor his loud moan of pleasure. After all, their plan was to get Reid to come in to the office. The door had been left partially open so it was unlikely Spencer hadn't heard him. A wicked grin appeared on Aaron's face.

"Kiss me," he growled.

Dave quickly obliged, kissing the younger man hungrily. He savored how Aaron tasted - so fresh and something that was distinctly Hotch.

Suddenly the two men heard a surprised squeak from the doorway. Aaron broke the kiss to stare directly at Spencer with lust-filled eyes.

"Oh god I'm so sorry. I'll go, sorry.." Walking in on the two disheveled men was so very arousing, but he was also greatly embarrassed. Spencer could feel his cock beginning to grow at the sight; especially his shirtless, panting boss.

"Spencer, come here." Hotch ordered, it was not a request.

With his head down Reid entered the office. He felt his cheeks flush when the Unit Chief called him by his first name. He heard Rossi chuckle and blushed even deeper.

"Closer," and Spencer complied.

Aaron gently took hold of Spencer's chin and lifted his head so he could look him in the eye. Reid was just desperately hoping that neither man had noticed the erection straining against the fabric of his cords.

"So it appears you like what you see," Hotch stated, his voice deep and husky.

Reid's eyes went wide. "Oh, sir, no. I'm so sorry I walked in on you."

"That's not what your cock would indicate," Dave chimed in boldly.

Before the young man could pull away Aaron leaned forward and kissed him. Spencer gasped a little in surprise, so Hotch took the opportunity to push his tongue in to Spencer's mouth. After a few moments Reid began to return the kiss, wanting more.

Suddenly Spencer felt a pair of hands under his shirt, gently touching his stomach and moving up to his chest. It took him a second to realize it was Rossi and he shivered. Dave reached a nipple and flicked at the nub playfully. Reid moaned in to Hotch's mouth as his hips rocked slowly, seeking friction.

Dave grinned, "So you like that, do you?"

Spencer wasn't able to reply because Aaron didn't give him a chance. His lips were crushed against Spencer as he kissed him passionately. Rossi placed small kisses on his neck and pressed his throbbing erection against his back. Another loud moan.

Reid finally broke away from Aaron, gasping for breath. The Unit Chief couldn't help but grin, causing Spencer to blush all over again. At the same time David took the opportunity to pull Spencer's cardigan over his head in one swift motion; the youngest profiler stood there, shocked and now half naked.

Before Reid could overthink the situation Hotch attached his mouth to one of Spencer's nipples. He nibbled and sucked at the sensitive flesh, drawing out moans of pleasure that were increasing in volume. Dave slipped out of his own shirt and unbuckled his belt, quickly losing his pants.

Hotch began working on removing Spencer's cords, but didn't stop laving at his nipple. The youngest man put up no protests; he was too caught up in the attentions of his boss.

Suddenly Rossi pressed his newly freed cock against Reid's bare ass. The skinny profiler gasped at the feeling, but pressed back against it.

"You want it bad, don't you?" growled David.

Spencer nodded in silent agreement. The Unit Chief wasted no time in removing his own slacks, finally letting go of the very stimulated nipple. Reid's eyes went wide when he saw the impressive length and girth of Aaron's member.

Hotch grabbed hold of Spencer's cock and began to stroke it firmly. At the same time he led him over to the desk.

"Lay down, Spencer," Aaron said soothingly.

The younger agent complied eagerly. The desk had already been cleared, so he felt the cold, smooth surface on his back.

Aaron tweaked Spencer's nipples with his free hand, but lightened the strokes on his member, wanting this to last as long as possible. Reid whimpered, thrusting his hips upward, wanting more.

"Patience, Spencer," said Rossi. He opened a desk drawer and grabbed a bottle of lube. He slicked up two of his fingers and grinned at the panting boy layed bare beneath him.

Aaron removed his hand from Spencer's leaking cock, but it was soon replaced by Dave's. The eldest positioned a lubed up finger at Reid's entrance and teased it gently.

"God Rossi, do it already!" Spencer barked huskily.

"Keep him quiet, will you Aaron?"


Hotch turned Spencer over, but positioned him in such a way that his ass was hanging off the desk but his dick was still free for Dave to grab. He lined his own aching cock in front of Spencer's face and laced his fingers through his beautiful curls.

"Whatever you do, don't bite down." At that Reid nodded and opened his mouth wide.

Dave gripped Spencer's cock once again as he slowly pushed his index finger in to Reid's virgin hole. Aaron had waited for this moment for so long, and was thrilled when he placed his cock between those gorgeously parted lips.

Reid tried to concentrate on how Aaron tasted instead of the pain in his ass. His own research told him that it would feel better as time progressed.

Spencer put his eidetic memory to work; memorizing what each flick of his tongue would do to his boss. When he sucked in his cheeks and laved at the slit Aaron would moan from low in his throat. He'd grit his teeth and try to keep his hips from rocking in to Spencer's mouth - he didn't want to choke the boy.

Dave continued to work his finger in and out of the quivering doctor; after a minute or two he added a second finger. He waited a moment for him to adjust before he began to scissor the opening, preparing him.

Hotch groaned gutturally when he felt Spencer's moan vibrate around his swollen member.

"Jesus, Spencer," he gasped. "Oh fuck!"

"That's what I'm trying to do," Rossi quipped; that earned a dry smile from Aaron.

"You ready, Dave?" Aaron asked.

The older agent nodded as he removed his fingers. He reached for the bottle of lube again, quickly applying some to his throbbing manhood. He positioned himself at the opening. Right before he started to push himself forward Arron backed up; his cock was now clear of Spencer's mouth.

"Wha-" Dave thrust himself in, managing to enter the doctor around halfway.

He stilled. Dave could feel the man holding his breath so he gave him a moment to grow accustomed to the feeling. When he saw Reid draw in a lung full of air he bottomed out.

"Oh god Aaron, he's so tight."

The Unit Chief just grinned. He could tell Spencer must be seeing stars. When the young agent finally opened his eyes Hotch nodded, directing Rossi to proceed.

Dave did just that. He pulled out almost completely before changing his angle and slamming himself back in. Spencer cried out loudly and clenched his teeth; it was fairly obvious that David's magic touch found that sensitive spot.

Aaron simply stood there, mesmerized by the two men in front of him. Rossi set a fast, but not brutal, pace, hitting that spot with almost every thrust. Hotch began to stroke his own cock - it was so hot seeing Spencer unravel like this. Low moans fell from his lips as the pain and discomfort turned in to sheer pleasure.

"Fuck, oh god, god, Rossi!" Reid nearly screamed.

Hearing those uncommon expletives come from Spencer was just too much. Aaron lined himself up with the young man's mouth once again.

"Open." It was a command Reid eagerly obeyed.

This time there was no gentleness. Hotch pushed himself forward with vigor once he was seated inside the young man's mouth. He was only thrusting about half of his length in and out so as to not choke Reid. Aaron managed to keep in time with Dave's thrusts.

Spencer was nearly writhing with pleasure. He didn't know he could possibly feel this good. His moans vibrated around Hotch's cock. Reid looked up at his boss; his eyes were dark and almost closed, small groans of pleasure fell from his mouth.

Rossi quickened his pace, feeling himself getting close. He bit his lower lip, his tell. Aaron saw this and removed himself from Spencer. "Wait," he barked. "You're mine before this is over."

Reluctantly Dave slowed and slid out of the doctor with a pop. He didn't like stopping so close to coming, but he shivered at the thought of Aaron's tight ass.

Spencer whined, feeling profoundly empty. It didn't take long for Hotch to move around behind him. He heard a small click and assumed it was the bottle of lube. After another few moments Reid felt his boss press his head teasingly at his puckered entrance.


"What do you want him to do, Spencer?" David asked, now sitting on the couch against the wall.

"Just, please." Spencer answered. He felt too embarrassed to say the words.

"If you really want it, you'll beg for it." This time it was Aaron who spoke. His voice was husky, dripping with lust.

"Fuck me, please."


Spencer looked back pleadingly at the older man. The steel in his boss's eyes gave him his answer.

"Please fuck me Hotch, god I want it so bad. Fuck me please!"

Aaron took a hold of Reid's hips tightly, "Good boy."

Spencer was rewarded by the tip of his length entering him. The Unit Chief briefly considered making the doctor beg again, but the velvety tightness surrounding the head of his cock was too damn good. He thrust in to him, hard. Spencer groaned gutturally.

Hotch began pounding Spencer in to the desk. He'd waited too long for this for it to be anywhere near gentle. When Reid started keening Aaron began to grunt speeding up to a brutal pace. He knew he was thicker than Dave, but Spencer seemed to love the feeling.

Sharp cries filled the room when Aaron found the sweet spot. The young man writhed underneath him and the sight drove Hotch mad. The desk was creaking loudly at his exertions.

Then it was like Spencer broke. He began to babble incoherently and seconds later he came harder than he had in his entire life.

Suddenly Aaron stopped and removed himself from the shaking boy. He casually flipped Reid over and cleaned him off with a few tissues.

"D-did you...?" Spencer asked.

"No." Hotch stated simply.

"That's my job." Dave said as he stood, quickly crossing the room. "Damn good show," he growled.

"Glad you enjoyed it. Now fuck me, and I mean now."

Spencer managed to walk to the couch on quivering legs. He plopped himself down, spent. At the same time Aaron moved around the desk so he was facing his subordinate; Rossi soon followed.

The older agent was about to begin coating his fingers when Aaron cut in, "Did you not hear me say now?"

Rossi just shrugged and lubed up his still rock hard cock instead. It wasn't the first time Aaron was too impatient for preparation. He placed the tip of his member at Aaron's entrance and began to push himself inside.

Hotch let out a small hiss at the large intrusion. Though soon his pain would turn to pleasure, and he knew it. When Rossi was completely seated inside the other agent he stilled to give him time to adjust. He knew it was time when Aaron began to shimmy his hips, ass wriggling against the older man.

Dave pulled out almost all the way before slamming back in to him, hitting his prostate with practiced accuracy.

"Holy shit! Yes, David, yes!" Hotch cried out.

Rossi grinned at Spencer and set a speedy pace. He knew Aaron would want it rough, so that's what Dave planned to give him. He dug his fingers in to Aaron's hips, hard enough to leave bruises.

The younger profiler was soon panting and Dave's name fell repeatedly from his lips. Rossi reached around and began to fist Aaron's cock in time with his thrusts. At that Hotch's moans began to increase in volume. He wanted to keep watching Spencer's reactions, but it was just too good to not close his eyes and enjoy it.

"Oh god, I'm gonna, I'm gonna - "Aaron came hard in to Dave's hand. It didn't take long for Rossi to follow suit; he filled his lover and slumped over on top of him. The laid like that against the desk for a few minutes before Dave removed his softening member from the Unit Chief. Spencer grinned at them from the couch.

"Damn good show." Reid said, throwing back Rossi's own words at the man.

The older agent chuckled, "I'd have to say so."

Aaron cleaned himself up and strolled over to Spencer, "You up for tomorrow night, my place?"

"God yes," the profiler nearly squeaked in excitement.

"Then you two go ahead and head out. I've got some reports to finish writing."