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The young man nodded then grasped Hotch's hand. The two left the dishes soaking and walked down the hallway towards the bedroom. Aaron opened the door to find a naked David Rossi sprawled on the king sized bed. He was fisting his own cock roughly; his eyes were half-lidded with lust.

"Jesus that sounded hot." Dave's voice was husky.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." Aaron smiled warmly.

"Spencer sure as hell did."

The young man blushed, but didn't take his eyes off of Dave who was still stroking himself, who had completely forgotten that he was naked from the waist down, he felt himself stirring once again.

Dave quipped, "Ah, youth." His strokes grew less firm. No use in coming before the real fun started.

"You look like you'd like to help Dave out with that." Aaron said to Reid.

Instead of answering Spencer simply crawled up on to the bed. He nestled himself in between Rossi's legs. He stared down at the leaking cock in front of his face. Dave removed his hand from the base and his member looked even larger.

Rather than give himself the chance to become intimidated Spencer decided to get started. He swirled his tongue around the head of Rossi's member slowly. To his surprise the precome actually tasted fairly good. He heard the older man moan and smiled to himself.

Spencer looked over at Aaron, who had managed to lose his clothes already. He was stroking his own cock as he relaxed in an armchair watching the show.

Turning his attention back to the man in front of him Spencer wrapped his lips around the tip of Dave's length. He laved at the slit playfully, causing the agent's hips to buck. Reid continued to work his way down, taking more and more in to his mouth slowly but steadily. He'd read enough about sword swallowers to understand the mechanics of controlling his gag reflex; it was just taking the doctor some time to work out the practical kinks.

Dave's eyes went wide when Spencer's lips touched the flesh around his engorged cock. How on earth had the boy managed to take all of him? Suddenly he felt the man's throat constrict and Rossi groaned gutturally. He shot a look at his other lover across the room. Aaron seemed just as surprised as David was.

His attention turned back to Spencer when he began to bob his head up and down. Dave could feel moans vibrate around his cock and he realized that Reid had begin to stroke himself in time with his oral ministrations. He continually swallowed around Rossi's member, in essence milking him.

"Jesus Christ Spencer! Fuck! Okay, okay, you have to stop."

Spencer looked up at him quizzically. His lips were still stretched around Dave's dick but he stopped moving.

"Too good, too soon." Spencer constricted the muscles in his throat again. "Shit! Do you want me to come now and cut this night short?"

At that Reid removed his mouth. "Where the fuck did you learn to do that anyways?" Rossi asked.

The young man smiled, "I read a lot." He looked over at his boss, "So are you going to join us or what?"

Aaron grinned wickedly. He stood quickly and crossed over to the bed. He threw Spencer down and pinned him by his wrists. His subordinates eyes grew wide as he instinctively tried to free himself, but was unable to. Aaron's member brushed against the other man's lightly, causing Spencer to shudder.

"He seems to like being held down," Dave said huskily.

"Then let's oblige him, shall we Dave?"

The older man got off of the bed and headed over to the Go bag in front of the closet door. At the same time Aaron was stripping the cardigan off of the squirming boy underneath him. He kept him pinned to the bed with his thighs and one hand at a time.

Rossi returned with a pair of handcuffs and a sock. Before either were put to use Aaron asked, "Spencer, do you want this?"

Reid looked apprehensive, but nodded. Hotch took the sock from Dave and unceremoniously shoved it in the man's mouth. He then roughly flipped Spencer over on to his stomach. Dave handcuffed Reid's hands behind his back.

"God I can't wait to fuck him senseless." Rossi growled.

Aaron turned to the older agent and crushed his lips against Dave's. His tongue pushed forward hungrily, relishing how his lover tasted. Hotch tugged at Rossi's now neglected erection, ignoring the muffled questions coming from Spencer.

Dave took control, pushing Aaron back in to the wall the bed was up against. He bit him hard on the collarbone, drawing out a pained moan from the younger man. Cuffing Spencer had set a rough tone for the evening. Rossi worked his way down, placing small bites and kisses down Aaron's chest.

It wasn't long before Dave reached his lover's cock. He teased the slit with his tongue. A loud, unintelligible noise came from Spencer.

"Patience, boy." Aaron said roughly.

Dave wrapped his lips around the head of Aaron's cock and sucked in hard. That earned a loud moan from Hotch. He quickly took the entire length in to his mouth, slurping and sucking with vigor. It felt like his tongue was everywhere at once.

Suddenly the heat was gone. As Rossi stood he said, "I think we've made him wait long enough."

"He didn't wait patiently, though."

"So he should be punished," Dave agreed.

Another muffled noise. Aaron moved over to the bed. The younger man's erection was pressing in to the comforter, his bare ass wiggled appealingly. Aaron, without warning, rained two hard smacks on each ass check. Spencer cried out against the makeshift gag.

"Are you going to be more patient in the future?" Aaron asked him.

Reid nodded with tears in his eyes. "Good," said Dave. He'd already slicked up two fingers. "Now you get rewarded."

Also without warning Rossi pushed his index finger in to Spencer's opening up to the knuckle. He didn't move, allowing the boy some time to adjust. He slowly began to move his finger in and out. Spencer began to push his hips back, trying to take more.

Obliging him Dave pushed another finger in. This time instead of waiting he immediately began to use both to work Reid's opening. Rossi curled his fingers, finding his prostate with practiced accuracy. The two men heard a muffled moan. He continued to scissor the opening; he couldn't wait must longer.

Dave removed his hand from Spencer's hot ass and lubed up his cock. He positioned himself at the man's entrance and began to push himself inside.

When he was finally seated in Spencer completely Dave hissed, "Fuck he's so tight."

The Unit Chief was leaning against the wall next to the bed, storking himself. He never thought he could be so turned on seeing his lover with another man. But then again it's a different story when that other man is Spencer Reid.

Rossi pulled out so that only the tip of his member remained inside of Spencer. He then slammed himself back in, hard. After a few more thrust Dave pulled Spencer in to an arch by grabbing the chain between the cuffs.

He whispered in Spencer's ear, "You like it rough, don't you, you dirty boy."

Reid nodded vigorously. He hadn't been aware that he would like pain mixed with pleasure so much; yet the two older men seemed to know him better than he knew himself.

Dave proceeded to fuck Spencer in to the bed. If he could have gone through it, he would have. After a few minutes at that brutal pace Rossi felt himself getting close, so he pulled out all the way. He was fairly certain the unintelligible sounds coming from Spencer were whimpers about his sudden emptiness so close to orgasm.

"You're up."

Aaron positioned himself at Reid's opening. Without warning he slammed himself in completely. He'd thankfully lubed his cock up, so the penetration wasn't very painful. Hotch began to fuck Spencer hard and fast; his balls slapped against the bare ass beneath him.

The older man raked his fingernails down Spencer's back, leaving trails of white. It was a shame to mar such perfect flesh, but Aaron wanted the boy to remember. Though by the way he was quivering it was unlikely he'd soon forget.

After a few more hits to his prostate Reid war nearly screaming through the gag. His wrists were pulling hard against the handcuffs; the red marks were already visible. Aaron pounded him in to the bed forcefully, and Spencer was finally allowed to come. As his release coasted the sheets and his stomach Hotch slowed to a stop.

Dave was already unlocking the cuffs. Next he removed the sock. He flipped Spencer over on to a clean portion of the bed. Aaron wiped the man down with a damp washcloth Dave had brought over.

"Are you alright? Did you enjoy that?" Aaron asked Reid; the boy's silence was growing concerning.

Spencer finally smiled wide, "God yes. Best orgasm I've ever had." Then with a devilish grin he said, "though if you don't mind I'd love to watch you and David fuck, with you in handcuffs."

Dave laughed, "that can be arraigned. Any other requests?"

At this Spencer turned shy. Instead of answering he whispered in Rossi's ear.

"I like the way you think. Go grab them from the bag by the closet. Aaron, lay down." When the Unit Chief began to protest at not knowing their plan Dave cut him off, "Now, Agent Hotchner."

Understanding their code, Aaron not so eagerly complied." He did love it when Rossi took full control; and the thought of Spencer watching him be dominated was more of a turn on than he cared to admit. Aaron laid on the bed smack in the middle. Hotch wondered what on Earth Reid could have asked Dave to do to him.

Spencer nearly ran back to Rossi with a second pair of handcuffs. Without saying a word the elder profiler roughly grabbed Aaron's wrist and cuffed it to the iron railed headboard. He quickly followed suit with Hotch's other arm.

Aaron thought to himself that so far this was fairly tame. Yet a few seconds later Dave produced a rubber cock ring, Hotch's least favorite toy.

The Unit Chief's eyes went wide, "You're to obey, Agent Hotchner. Do you understand?"

Aaron nodded weakly. He averted his eyes from Spencer's; he kept telling himself that Reid had no way of knowing about his aversion to the ring. Silently his older lover slipped the rubber toy on to Aaron's cock.

"He hates this thing, but I'll make sure he enjoys it tonight." Dave moved on to the bed. He spread Hotch's thighs wide. "No preparation tonight. I want to fuck your tight hole too badly to wait."

Rossi lubed up his cock once again and positioned himself at Aaron's puckered hole. He suddenly pushed forward, burying around half of his length in the younger man. Aaron gritted his teeth, but kept quiet. In another moment Dave had bottomed out and stilled. Hotch looked to the side and saw Spencer sprawled in his armchair, watching the show.

David began to pound his lover in to the bed and not long after the cries and moans of Dave's name fell unbidden from Aaron's lips. He could feel the fire burning in his loins but release is out of his reach. Yet for the moment the burn felt good.

Soon the sticky sounds of flesh hitting flesh filled the room, though it was frequently drowned out by Aaron's cried of pleasure. As the forceful fucking continued it didn't take long for Hotch to begin begging.

"Dave please, take it off. Please let me come. God Dave, please."

Knowing the lack of release would become painful soon Dave removed the ring without slowing his thrusts. The younger man came hard, spurts of come landing as far up as his chest.

Rossi felt his own climax approaching. He glanced over at Spencer who was completely engrossed in the whole display. After a few more thrusts he pulled out. He fervently stroked his cock and steaks of white flew out, landing on Aaron in thick strips. The man's eyes widened, then he looked at Spencer and understood that this was his final request.

When he had finished, Dave uncuffed him from the bed. "Spencer, get a damp wash cloth, will you?"