maxie was walking threw the woods, when she was kidnapped by a group of guys, they striped her and threw her in a dungeaon with animals, that wanted to "have fun" with her.

"damn were am i?" she muttered. she felt something push her down on the ground. ' why am i naked and what does this thing in me want?' she thought. she looked back, and saw a fox. it had her on all fours, and had positioned it's dick near her ass hole.

she felt it slam it in her. "NOO! PLEASE STOP, GO FUCK A FOX, MMM, HNAA, PLEASE THIS IS NOT RIGHT! MMM, NYA, BUT IT HURTS AND FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!" she screamed. the fox started to spray cum in her ass, and then when it pulled out it shot cum on her back. ' am i really going to let this thing fuck me?' she thought.

the fox licked her breast and neck. "mmm, nya, no stop." maxie moaned, her body went limp. ' well, i might as well enjoy it.' she thought.

the fox shoved it's cock in her mouth, and started to growl, and she got the message. she started to suck his cock. she bobbed her head back and forth. while the fox made whimpering and grunting noises. she felt his cock explode in her mouth and then she heard a man on a speaker. "well, i hope you know this fox will rape you for a long time." said the man and he left.

maxie looked at the fox. ' this thing was going to have fun with her!' she thought. terrified. the fox started to lick her pussy. maxie started to moan and whimper. "mmm,yes oh my god yes,mmm, your fox tongue feels so good." maxie moaned.

then the fox stuck it's tail in her pussy, and started to move it in and out. "OH MY GOD YES!" she screamed as she cummed all over the fox's tail. she licked it off of his tail.

' i hate to admit it but i'm actually enjoying this, and i think i love this fox, or i want him to be my master.' she thought.

she pinned the fox on the ground and started to ride him. "OH MY! I HAD NO IDEA A FOX COULD HAVE SUCH A HUGE DICK MMM, YES!" she screamed. the fox started to thrust his hips to make his cock go deeper. "OH FUCK YES! MAKE ME YOUR BITCH!" she screamed. she got off the fox. the fox walked away. "see you later." she yelled.

(next part)

maxie was walking around the dungeon thinking about that fox when she felt something pull her into a room. she looked around and saw what had pulled her into the room. a tiger. "shit." she muttered. the tiger jumped on her, and shoved it's cock into her ass, and the slammed into her. "OH FUCK GOD THAT FEELS GOOD!" she screamed. she felt the tiger spray cum in her ass and on it.

then it bit her on the shoulder gently, and she sat on her knees, and started to suck it's dick. she felt it shoot cum in her mouth and she pulled it out and swallowed. the rest exploded on her face and in her hair. she hated this tiger. "I ALREADY HAVE A MATE! A FOX!" she screamed, this seemed to make the tiger made, and it slammed her on the ground and punder her pussy, with such force she screamed as loud as she could. "OHHH FUCK! YOU FUCKING BITCH STOP! NO, IT HURTS NO I WANT MY FOX TO FUCK ME YOU FUCKING BITCH!" she screamed. the man that brought her there, called the tiger off, and got on the intercom. "our animals never may have the fox as a mate after you see what many animals on this earth are like." a man said and then left.

she got up and wiped the tiger's cum off her. she saw the fox. "hey you can have me soon, i'll let them fuck me." she said hating each word. 'i just want to get fucked by the fox again." she thought.

that's done...anyway let me know what animal, or mytheical creature or anything you want her to het fucked by, this is my new long term one, so make sure you pm a tune of ideas of anything that's an animal, mytheical. MAKE SURE IT'S A PM.