To the (presumably) Legend of Zelda fan reading this,

Hello there, fellow fan! You being here means you sifted through the many many pages of Fanfiction on the much larger menu this story is on, and for that alone I thank you for the patience it takes to do just that!

I've just recently received my 3DS copy of Ocarina of Time back from a friend who decided to jump into the franchise, and one of the first questions she asked was; "What was that about a Civil War in Hyrule? Is that in one of the other games?"
And I had to say, "No, actually. Good question, I'd love to see that, though."

So, here I am, thinking and now writing about what I'd imagine the Civil War would have been like. Can't say I know what Nintendo's writers had in mind when they talked about it, but I can dream, right?

Lastly, I admit that I do follow, in this story, a THEORY in the world that hasn't been confirmed by Nintendo. For those of you who are torn about this, it's the Shiekah/Interloper theory, and most of what comes with it. I'm trying to write a story that, technically, COULD happen in the Zelda Universe and don't want to break any barriers the franchise has already provided us with. Also, that means Original Characters don't exist here.
Point is, if you don't like that theory and refuse to read a story that uses it, then thanks for stopping by, and I hope you find another story you enjoy better! Otherwise, to those who remain, I guess it's just us now! Let us begin.

Oh, and given that this is a fan's work, you've probably guessed I don't own any part of this franchise. All credit goes to Nintendo. And cheers to them!

Kakariko Village.
A little town in comparison to its two neighbors, Hyrule Castle and Death Mountain, but a landmark nonetheless! Founded by the famous Impa, and hometown to many Sheikah, along with several Hyrule Soldiers, the young and nimble Dampé included. The Composer Brothers were visiting as well, traveling through Hyrule seeking inspiration for music.

But the one inhabitant that nobody ever remembered was the man who lived in the middle of the village (go figure). Though his name wasn't a mystery, few people ever cared to speak it, and that was because this man was a Sheikah. And not only that, he was very good at being a Sheikah. So good, the rumors claimed, that he could make himself invisible at any time if he wanted to.
And the rumors, it turns out, were true. This man's name was…

Quick note, if you haven't read the Sheikah Theory and have chosen to stay in the dark for the sake of enjoying this story, I say two things. 1: Wow, you are determined! I'm flattered, thank you!
2: I said no Original Characters, and I meant it, but what do I name a guy that doesn't really have a name? At least, not one I buy he was born with? Hmm… Whatever, he's a Sheikah, and I hereby dub him… Shieh. Yes, I know, How Original. If you all have better ideas, please send them my way! We can always edit. Until then, Shieh.

Shieh! Excellent! This man's name was Shieh, and he could indeed, whenever he wanted, make himself invisible. His secret was closely guarded, even among the other Shiekah, who knew nothing about his ability to defy the senses.

Shieh was also a master inventor. His works had kept him one step of his colleagues and rivals for years, all because of his understanding for chemistry, and more than a few deceptive tricks and moves.

Shieh was currently in his home building the one thing that would be able to defeat anyone who ever figured out his secret, a magnifying glass that would be able to spot him as clear as day, even under his spell of invisibility. Shieh was a paranoid bastard, always afraid to come to a situation unprepared, and always watching his back, fearing someone was watching him, stealing his brilliant secrets. So, his house was always spotless, inconspicuous, and organized in a way that Shieh believed would draw thieves to the worthless trinkets he'd "hidden" rather than his true priceless possessions.

After all, his methods had served him will so far! Only one other person in the world had ever come close to outwitting him, and even then, Shieh had brought three more contingencies to the ready, just in case his favorite rival and fellow Sheikah ever got close to taking his spot as number one!

That rival, Impa, was a little more honest with herself that Shieh ever could be. Sure, she was talented as a Sheikah member, but never loud about it. While Shieh quietly sifted through a crowd and appeared later from behind a tree and boasted about how no one saw him, Impa was, though clearly visible to everyone who looked, faster and stronger. The Hylian Guards knew it better than most; they sparred constantly to stay sharp and pass the time.

Impa was sitting atop a watchtower on Hyrule Castle, an arm resting on a knee as her other leg dangled over the edge of the watchtower, practically nothing between her and the seven story drop to the grassy fields that surrounded the castle and the stiff guards that 'watched' over them.

The wind howled gently over the horizon, the sun shining warmly but soothingly as the time struck roughly 10 in the morning. Impa's day had begun five hours ago, but the business had already been concluded. Her conference with the king of Hyrule had gone nicely and she was spending the rest of her day hanging around the castle, enjoying the view.

The Sheikah had been with the Hylian family for generations. It had apparently started-

Her thoughts were interrupted when a group of Hyrule knights ran down the path stories below her. The knights were quick, which probably meant the tavern had just received the long-awaited shipment from - No, wait, they were carrying their spears. Maybe this wasn't a leisurely trip, and it most certainly wasn't routine.

They had run off into the marketplace down the hill and veered left. From her point of view, that put their destination either the supply shop, or the Temple of Time.

Preferring the former, Impa stood up and jumped off the castle. She'd land safely, as she always did, somehow, and sprint to follow the knights.

I acknowledge the length(lack thereof) of this Prologue. Just testing the waters, getting a start to it rather than dump a rather large chapter on you for no reason. Thanks for reading, folks. I'm flattered!