23 moons later


Glassplt was suprised that he was carring a stick. A elm stick, stinking with the scent of SHadow Clan cats from the forest he usd to live in. He walked back in the cage with the others. He saw that Moonclaw had an oak stick and Bulldawn had a white stick with fancy lines. Finally, they saw other two-leg kits, stretching out their sausage paws at the force that kept them apart. He knew what his mission was, why he had trained 23 moons for, help protect Hogwarts with the kids destend to help Hogwarts. Each cat would help their houses. Glasspelt was sorted to protect Ravenclaw. Glasspelt was in the year of when Glass gave birth to his son.

The humans stroked their cats. Bulldawn and Glasspelt was conforting Ravenclaw and their sticks were called wands which did spells. Glasspelt padded out and heard cats who were banned from being in Hog Warts. they were Parislight and Spikecloud. Parislight's black pelt blended with the shadows, her teeth bared. Her bright yellow eyes gleamed bright and her torn ear nearly twithed. Glasspelt used his pelt to blend down in the wall. Spikecloud had a black pelt with white ears and white dots around his eyes. their mother had been buried underneath the Womping Willow. Glasspelt had seen her, she was beatiful. She was white with grey paws and glazed yellow eyes. Glasspelt looked at Spikecloud, he had looked at Glasspelt. Holding his breath, the black pelt sulking, following Parislight. Glasspelt dared to breath again. Parislight meowed, "Where is Glasspelt, we have to get revenge on that tom." Glasspelt thought, 'What have I ever done to you?'

Spikecloud mewed, "Well, it was Claypelt who killed your mother, just because Glasspelt is his kin doesn't mean he has to be the one how shall be killed." Parislight heard even with her one ear and spun around and scratched Spikecloud.

"YOU KIT! You will be punished, we have to get Metalcloud, he has to be sent to the team that is opposing Hogwarts, Beaxbatons." Parislight meowed, her whiskers twitch as she looked at her allie in discust.

Glasspelt followed them, his pelt ruffled and he was in stealth mode. They turned around the corner and saw the badger, repesenting their common room. Metalcloud was there. He was grey with amber eyes. He had a scared nose and a slash through one eye, like Glasspelt.

"Looks like you finally got a mate," Metalcloud teased as he dropped his wand and smashed it with his own paw. Glasspelt winced at the waste of such wand that had took one month to make.

"Here," Parislight meowed as she pushed something at him, "If you eat it, you will have special powers." Glasspelt watched Metalclaw gobble up the discusting thing, chocked, but swallowed it. Metalcloud soon buffed up and chest came more puffier.

"Let's get Littleclaw tomarrow," Parislight meowed, her tail swished, her gaze never leaving Metalcloud's gleaming amber eyes.

Glasspelt stepped back and a loud creak echoed. Parislight looked at where Glasspelt was. Glasspelt ran away, swiftly, toward Ravenclaw's common room.

Bulldawn was there, he mewed, "Did you see what they are doing?"

Glasspelt put his tail on Bulldawn's mouth and he mewed, "Yes, just follow my lead." Bulldawn nodded and pretended to still be gaurding Ravenclaw with Glasspelt. Parislight came ot with Spikecloud and Metalcloud.

"What are you doing here fur-ball?" Glasspelt hissed, fur rising. Parislight showed her teeth, her allies doing the same.

"You were stalking us, I can smell Ravenclaw on that wall, feathers! Admit it! There is no turning back from the truth!" Parislight hissed as she prepared to pounce, her tail swirling in the air. Glasspelt did the same, his mouth curling up in a snarl.

"You calling us LIARS!" Glasspelt hissed as he shot a spell at Parislight. Then a Ravenclaw student came out of bed and saw the strange cats. She picked up the cats and gave them to proffeser McGonagall.

The next day, the wands were taken from them and they were given collars with powers. Glasspelt's power was about glass. His claws would be sharp as broken glass and his gaze would blind his enemy in the sun light.

They were destined to have this power, and together, they will protect Hogwarts from the evil, but powrful, cats from the school, Beaxbatons.