The War Years

Chapter One-Merry Christmas

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Authors Note: This story is based on what I think happened with two of our Favourite Explorers during the great war. The story is based on facts, but has a twist of fiction.

Chapter one is based on a song about a true Christmas song about the first Christmas at war.

by Colin Raye-I'll add it later.

Berlin December 24, 1914

The Black Widow cursed to herself as she dropped her pistol and put her hands above her head.

"Damn Germans!" She screamed in her head as they tied her hands together in front of her and pulled a blindfold over her eyes. Great! Now all she could see were her hands. She said not one word as she was pushed into a car and driven around for what seemed like hours, making so many twists and turns that she could no longer tell what direction they were going in. They pulled her out of the car and half pulled, half-dragged her to a basement somewhere.

The soldiers untied her hand and brought her to a pole. They put an arm on either side and brought them together on the opposite side, where they tied them together again. Someone else's hands were above hers, she wasn't alone, someone else was down here facing her.

"Corporal, we've brought you a friend, meet the famous spy, The Black Widow" he laughed as he slammed the door, promising to return in the morning.

"Shit" the spy cursed, "I was so close to completing the assignment."

"Are you really the Black Widow?" The Corporal asked.

"Yes, a double agent for the British, I was on a very important assignment when the caught me, how about you, Corporal?"

"Delivering Christmas letters to the troops, got distracted, the Germans came up behind me and carried me off. When they found out that I wasn't a normal soldier they brought me down here."

" Is there any way out?" the Black Widow asked. "They have me blindfolded."

"Me too" answered the army man. She sighed. It was going to be a long night.

" Could this day get any better?!?" she cynically said.

The two prisoners of war talked about the war for hours, their roles, opinions, ideas . . .

They didn't stop until they heard the clock chime midnight.

"Merry Christmas." The Corporal said.

"Merry Christmas." She replied leaning toward him. Their lips met his. The Corporal gasped for air as she pulled away.

"Stand up." She said struggling to her feet.

"Why?" he asked.

"Just do it." She scoffed. He stood up on the other side of the pole.

"Put your hand down my shirt." She said to him.

"What, why?..." He stuttered, she knew he thought her crazy.

"I have a pocket knife in the top of my chemise, and I can't reach it, I need you to get it and give it to me." He put his left hand on her chest and sent it down her chemise. She revelled in the feel of his calloused hand in her smooth skin,

"Got it!" he almost shouted.

"Great, give it to me." He passed it to her. " Thank you Corporal" she said as she cut the ropes binding her wrists.

When she was free she pulled down her blindfold and started to walk away. Something unexplained made her turn back. She had to get out now. She couldn't risk saving the Corporal. Yet, something inside made her turn back. She rushed over to the Corporal pressed her pocketknife into his hands and kissed him before whispering goodluck into his ear and disappearing.


Veronica sighed. They were at it again. The bickering was never going to stop. CRASH!?!? There went the dishes. She had better put a stop to this fight before it got out of hand. When she reached the kitchen, she found that she wasn't the only person with that idea. Challenger was holding Marguerite and Malone was trying to keep Roxton at bay. All four were yelling. Veronica put her fingers in her mouth and whistled as loud as she could. She suddenly heard nothing but silence as she felt four pairs of eyes turn in her direction.

"I want one person at a time to tell me their side of the story. Marguerite first, then Roxton. No interruptions." She sternly told them.

" Well, Roxton has implied that I owe him. He says that I only ever saved his life the day he was shot and we almost got hung, where he has saved my life hundreds of times. Which as we all know is bloody preposterous!"

"Roxton?" Veronica asked.

" I think she has mentioned my point exactly, except that it's not bloody preposterous" he said mimicking her last to words.

"I think this argument is deeper than either of you think." Veronica wisely stated. " It's December 24. I would like this problem solved by midnight."

"It's like being back at the front in the war." Malone joked.

"I saved lives during the war too, not just here on the plateau" Roxton pointed out. " I was a corporal" he said proudly.

"Hmm . . . " Marguerite teased, "You must have been a big strong Corporal." She said her voice dripping with sarcasm."If we are talking about the war, I saved more lives than any of you, I helped end the war."

"Really Marguerite?" Challenger laughed.

"Yes really!" She said almost yelling."I was a double agent for Britain, I believe you would know the nickname the Germans gave me."

" What was it, were you the infamous Blackwidow?" Malone laughed, not really meaning it. Roxton's heart jumped, the Blackwidow.

"As a matter of fact . . . I am the Blackwidow." She smugly said. "I saved many lives during the war without wallowing in mud-filled trenches."

"I've met the Blackwidow," Roxton started, "She and I spent Christmas Eve 1914 together, you're not her" he stated.

"I'm not? Roxton, what would you say if I said that Christmas Eve, I was captured before I completed my mission and saved myself and a certain corporal caught handing out Christmas cards form sure torture and death."

"I would say that you would have to prove it."

She stood right in front of him, inches away and pulled him up so that they were standing facing each other.

" Put your hand down my shirt."

"What, why?..." he spit out, not understanding.

"I have a pocket knife in the top of my chemise, and I can't reach it, I need you to get it and give it to me."

The others all stared at Marguerite like she was crazy. They held their breath waiting to see what Roxton would do. Roxton leaned his head down and kissed her, square on the mouth reaching into his back pocket at the same time. He pulled something out of his pocket and pressed it into her hand.

"Goodluck" he whispered in her ear as he broke the kiss and took a step back. He watched the smile spread across her face as she opened her hand. It was her pocketknife.

"I've been meaning to return that for while now." He said as she walked over to him.

"I'm glad you did. I've been looking for it." She whispered back as she pulled his head down into a kiss. The other explorers all stood there, jaws dropping to the floor.

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