A/N - Hello! I just wanted to say that I found out this story was nominated for Extreme Tear Jerker at Fanfic-n-tastic Awards and I'm shocked beyond all reason and more honored than I can say. I have no expectations of winning, because the beautiful and amazing story Revival by Tonyamic10 is also nominated in that category and if you haven't read it, you should, immediately and without hesitation. But the fact that my little one-shot is sitting next to hers is incredible and I can be happy with that.

So, to the person(s) who nominated me - THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm really grateful and happy that my story made that big an impact on you. It was seriously the most unbelievable thing I've ever seen.

And you should all go vote, right now, even if it's not for me. No one writes for awards, but it's a pretty cool bonus.


UPDATED - Much to my surprise, this story won 2nd Place for Extreme Tear Jerker on the Fanfic-n-tastic Awards. I'm completely stunned and very honored. It is mind-boggling to me that the first piece of writing I've done in over 10 years made such an impact on anyone beside me.

Thank you very much for your votes, and your support. It's very much appreciated and I'm very grateful.