Full Summary: Zoro is a cambion, which means he feeds on sexual energy. A small crew like the Strawhats, its not normally enough to keep a cambion satisfied, but Sanji happens to be an abnormally sexually driven cook so it usually works out okay for Zoro. At least, it works out alright until Sanji finds out that Zoro's been taking energy from him through his dreams.

For Sanji, he's trying to wade through the confusing mess of emotions for a certain marimo after a surprise kiss on the battle feild. It's not easy to do on a normal basis. It certainly isn't any easier when the man he has deeper feelings for is a cambion.

Then everyone learns how important it is to keep their local cambion fed, for if they don't, someone might get eaten. literally.

Tags: Cambion!Zoro, Incubus!Zoro, Demon!Zoro, Sanji having emotional congestion. Energy consumption. Follows canon, Lucid dreaming, sexual tension, Top!Zoro, Bottom!Sanji. (Edit as of 11/17/14:) sexual energy, Anthro!Zoro, Slow Build, Emotional Constipation, Canon-Typical Violence, anaphrodisiac, Aphrodisiacs, Alcohol, drugs - mild aphrodisiac, Mildly Dubious Consent, hammock sex

I can safely blame coloursagainstthewall for this wonderful idea. FIRST she gives me the idea for Sanji in Drag, and THEN she gives me Incubus!Zoro before I can even finish the first idea. She knows I love both of these things.

Anyway, I REALLY tried hard to make this a short little fic because I have other things I want to focus on. That didn't quite work out. It's currently up to 23k and rising.

This is really Cambion!Zoro because incubi are dream spirits/demons. But tomato-tamoto, he's a demon that takes sexual energy. I just tend to take kinky plots and make them more complicated.

Zoro was a cambion.

He didn't advertise it. He did not inform any of his straw-hat nakama. To him it was not anything to bring up because it was just as significant to him as being from the East Blue. It just meant that his mother was human and his father had been an incubus.

For Zoro, it was more of an annoying condition he had to maintain. Luckily, it was not one he had to do physically. He could slip into sleep and go into other peoples' dreams within a radius of a half mile or so. He could skim sexually charged people to keep himself sedated. It was like breathing or eating. His body and mind needed it to function correctly. It was never a primal hunger to ignore but one to sedate. It kept him human and in control of himself. As long as he was near people it was never an issue. He never took too much to make anyone sick and sometimes he considered it a community service if someone was really sexually repressed. Those were always good meals.

Being on a small crew in the middle of the ocean concerned him quite a bit, especially since Luffy had as much sexual interest as a rock, Nami's interest was mainly money, and Usopp was still getting comfortable living on the sea. Zoro was thankful for the frequent trips to land while in tiny boats. He thought he'd go insane otherwise. Nami and Usopp had normal interests in sex, but there was not a high lust content for a cambion to feed on for weeks at a time on the sea; not to mention he knew if he did dip into their physical energy he was sure to make them ill overnight.

Sanji was both a saving grace and a curse when he joined. The cook had a very high sex drive; one that could easily sedate Zoro's incubus nature on a day to day basis. It was not only evident in the way he crooned over Nami but the scent of lust rolled off the man in oceanic waves when ever he saw the woman in so much as a tank top or open belly shirt. Sanji was so body focused that what Zoro took from his dreams at night would return the next day while serving the navigator her various snacks.

Zoro couldn't read minds, but he did end up spending time in dreams. He never had anything to compare his dream journeys to until the crew visited Skypiea. Entering one's dream was like pushing through the thick clouds and into the strange foggy sea. It was often just a bubble when he looked at it from the outside but the feelings he got from each puffy cloud was a good indicator of lust, fear, or joy; or pure adventure in Luffy's case. The rules were more intuitive to him in dreams and over the years of feeding -since young adolescence when he hit puberty- he learned what he could do in them. He could take other forms and manipulate them to a degree; especially when they were sexually charged.

The curse to Sanji's grace was the fact that Sanji's swooning over women carried on into his dreams. This annoyed Zoro but he could ignore it for the most part; mainly since his preference was for men. The sexual energy itself was still Sanji's, no matter what stirred the cook's libido.

Sanji also annoyed him on the ship in the physical world. Usually it was minor insults and Zoro was a man who tried not to use his incubus abilities to mess with his nakama. He liked to give people privacy and respect because he liked it in return. People also tended to be very sensitive about sexuality; especially men like Sanji.

But sometimes Sanji REALLY ticked him off or perhaps once in a blue moon Zoro was feeling particularly impish when he was hungry. On occasion, through the months on sea, from island to island, Zoro had seduced Sanji in his dreams. He never used his own image and never took the form of a woman to pander to Sanji's fantasy land. And, even for a dream, seducing the cook was... easy. Zoro had perhaps thought the first time he tried it that it would trigger a spiraling nightmare sequence. On the contrary, Sanji's lust spiked just as it did with women and it dissolved into some very interesting fantasies with the cook. Those nights were always more fun for Zoro, even though it was just sexual energy. There was a difference in taste in energies. Sure he could survive off of any lust, but Zoro's preferences were still his. He tended to stay away from sleazy porn-esque dreams. They didn't satisfy him and after awaking he tended to feel dirty or greasy after feeding. Sanji didn't feel like that. It was often more passion and romance than perverse sexuality; but that was there too.

The most amusing part of showing Sanji homoerotic dreams was the next morning, when Sanji went uncharacteristically quiet and tended to stick to the galley for longer periods of time; presumably to think or work on recipes. Zoro wasn't exactly sure if Sanji was embarrassed about the dreams or if he even remembered having them, but Sanji was always shorter tempered with the male half of the crew and never in the mood for games then. Those days were the most fun to tease the cook though.

Drawing energy from dreams, Zoro didn't need the physical act. There were some benefits for physical contact of course. It was much more potent because lust was so connected to the body. It could heal him faster than skimmed dream lust and acted as an adrenaline rush; giving him strength and focus. It was like a drug. It could be addictive if he relied on it too heavily, but he didn't. He refused to. If he was going to be the strongest swordsman, he couldn't rely on others for his strength.

There were times when he needed it though. Healing from injuries after a severe fight could always be done through dreams, but when he needed to heal in a dire situation in battle, it certainly qualified for a time to use a drug; especially when he needed to protect his nakama. Chopper had his rum ball and Zoro had this.

The crew happened to be in that sort of situation. Luffy had gotten them into some trouble on an island called Bazooka. They'd been separated, mostly because the inhabitants had some high tech weaponry that they hadn't been prepared for. Zoro was with Sanji, Nami, and Chopper. The latter two were unconscious from a surprise attack. Zoro's left arm was numb and he guessed broken because he couldn't grip a sword. Sanji looked shaky on his normally iron firm legs. They had refuge behind a half broken building and laid Chopper and Nami down while they determined their next step. They had to get back to the Going Merry and hope everyone else was there. Unfortunately, the people with weapons were between them and the harbor.

"If you can still run, I can deflect their blows," Zoro told Sanji as he crouched by the wall. They were both bruised and bleeding and Sanji had been pacing.

"I can run," Sanji said in an aggravated tone and was gnawing on the end of a half spent cigarette since they could breath in that spot. "Can you even lift your swords?" It was a fair question since with one arm he knew he could not. It was just held limply to his side. He would need all three swords to hold off those weapons.

"Hey," Zoro gestured towards Nami vaguely, "remember when Nami wore her bikini?" Sanji's scowl quickly dissolved into the dopey expression of happiness and he removed the cigarette to release a puff of smoke. He reminisced, but also looked confused at the change of topic and probably why Zoro of all people had brought it up.

While Sanji was caught up in images of Nami in her fine new bikini that she'd gotten on the island, his lust was piqued. Zoro could sense it; it was really too easy to turn the cook's mind to sex. Zoro stood and grabbed the front of Sanji's shirt with his good hand and yanked him into a hard kiss. Probably the only reason he didn't get kicked in the face was because of the shock value. The lust spike that was brought to the surface led straight to that pool of sexual energy that resided near one's gut. Zoro pulled it with the kiss, devouring what had built up in Sanji's cache but stopped before he started drinking the type of physical energy that would be needed for Sanji to run properly. It wasn't exactly easy to stop when his body was so battered but Zoro managed by shoving Sanji back from him; causing the cook to stumble. Sanji tasted good, better than most. Incubus hunger was not an easy thing to curb when the energy was damn near perfection.

He focused what he took to his broken limb and ignored his other minor injuries. Pain swelled in his flesh for a hot burning moment before the limb tingled as though awaking from being asleep. Zoro shook off the freshly healed feeling and drew all of his swords; which caused even more surprise added to Sanji's face. Zoro savored the expression because Sanji never wore it for very long or often. "I can fight. So now you can play white knight," Zoro said before he put the hilt of Wado Ichimonji in his mouth and bit down.

Sanji's face flushed red, anger and confusion most prominent before he started to yell at him, "What did you do-"

Zoro didn't wait for Sanji to process his 20 questions. He ran around the corner of the building, trusting Sanji to get Nami and Chopper to the ship safely. First: Survival. Second: Awkward shipmate explanations.