Super Sonic streaked across the starlit sky, passing over a medieval village. That's what stopped him— what's a medieval village doing existing in this day and age? As it happened, that was merely a Renaissance fair that had taken itself a bit more seriously...

A man clad in chainmail and armor plating rode his horse over a wooden bridge, and a similarly dressed guard rolled down the door. Into the castle he went...

Yet the guards and the horseback rider got into defensive positions, swords in their hands, when they heard the faint tapping of feet upon the ground.

"My my! That's an interesting performance you got there."

The knight dismounted and aimed his lance at Sonic. "Halt, hedgehog!"

Super Sonic pressed his finger against the tip of the lance. "Yo!"

All the men exchanged glances.

"Don't mess, sunshine," Sonic said, suddenly throwing in a Posh accent. "I wanna watch your game a bit to see how you play knights and princesses!"

All men began screaming and pointing to the sky. Sonic looked up.

There it was— a dragon straight out of a pseudo-medieval fantasy RPG. "Oh, is that all?"

Rather than letting the dragon make a scene, Super Sonic shot through its chest. Rather than exploding in a maelstrom of gore, the balloon deflated.

"Oh for Chaos's sake, man! We're trying to recreate the middle ages!" the soldier said.

At which point, Sonic assessed the situation and finally saw the crowd of pissed onlookers.

"Ah... I see. Welp!"

The sound barrier blasted to bits. All the actors waved their fists, screaming obscenities and demanding reparations in blood for all their hard work going to waste all because of a psychedelic super saiyan hedgehog.