CHAPTER THIRTY: What's On the Horizon?

Shipwreck Cove seemed to unfold before their very eyes. The Caribbean was flawlessly sunny everywhere visible to the eye, the water so clear that it was much easier than usual to navigate the rocks and reefs that were the cause of the island's name. A few weeks had passed since Jack and Katie's wedding day and even as they sailed into home, Katie stood with her hands folded neatly over the small protruding bump, a tiny smile playing about her lips.

Many of her past troubles had simply ceased to exist when they left the shores of Barbados: her mother's death, her father's cruelty, the humiliation and assault she had suffered before she ran away… that was her past now, a former life she no longer felt any attachment to. Now, Katie Sparrow was a pirate and in all honestly, it suited her a lot better than being a lady in society. Here, her astute and direct manner were appreciated and respected, not vilified as masculine. She didn't have to marry anybody she didn't want to or get sent to a convent; in fact, she had married exactly who she wanted to and had consummated their love long before their wedding day, to boot!

When they had landed at Shipwreck Cove, Teague seemed to melt into nothing as he was wont to do, and as the crew were rowdily unloading, Jack helped Katie off the Pearl.

"Somebody wants to see you." He told her, with a smirk.

"Who…?" She didn't have to wait to find out. There, looking as if she'd been waiting for them to arrive all day, or at least since the first signs of a ship with black sails on the horizon, was Elizabeth. And, Elizabeth's visibly pregnant stomach.

"You too?" Katie cried, forgetting everything as she flung her arms around her friend.

"Me too? What- you mean-?" Elizabeth garbled excitedly, letting Katie go to look down at her slightly less impressive baby bump. Katie smiled. "I'm so happy for you!" Elizabeth squealed.

"I'm glad I won't be alone!" Katie said happily.

"Oh, Jack!" Elizabeth hugged the surprised pirate captain. "I never thought I'd say this about you, but you'll be a great father! Katie has been a wonderful influence on you, you know!"

"Aye, that she has." Jack smirked over at his wife. "I'm a changed man, me."

"Doubtful." Katie smiled as Jack put his arm around her shoulders. A mew at their feet announced the presence of Angelica, followed by David.

"We make a strange bunch, don't we?" Jack grinned at Elizabeth as Teague stumped up beside his son. "Meet David an' someone I believe ye've threatened before- Angelica." Elizabeth stared incredulously at the cat, mouthing questions.

"Courtesy of Tia Dalma." Katie explained, correctly interpreting these silent questions.

"Least it's not all bad news." Teague grunted, and Katie had to admit that she agreed even as she looked with distaste upon the cat. Even the thought of being stuck with Angelica for the foreseeable future couldn't dampen her contentment. Somehow, running away from her old life had worked out better than she ever could've guessed- even if her life was one of crime and the supernatural.

"Make the most of it while it lasts, I say." Jack said, taking both Katie and Elizabeth by the arms and leading them back towards the fortress. David, Teague and the cat followed.

"So what are you going to do now?" Elizabeth asked the couple as they headed towards the fortress.

"Do?" Jack responded blankly.

"You usually have a plan up your sleeve."

"Me? Plan? Never!" He declared. Katie laughed. "Well, a little birdy tells me we're 'avin a baby so we can't exactly go gallivanting all over the Caribbean right now."

"You were born in a typhoon." Teague reminded him.

"Yeah, an' look at the state o' me, Dad!" Jack cried, and the others laughed. Teague merely smiled to himself; Jack so rarely called him 'Dad' in front of other people. He rarely called him anything at all. It seemed that his son was finally softening towards him after years of resentment.

"You don't look such a state to me, Jack." Katie said, as Elizabeth headed inside the fortress and she and Jack paused in the entrance.

"Well ye should know better than that by now, eh?" He teased.

"I remember the first time I really looked at you. All I saw were your gold teeth." Katie recalled that evening that felt like a lifetime ago now.

"All I saw were those eyes. An' I 'aven't looked away since."

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