Talking to the X-Men

Chapter 1

Gun: Where´s Daddy? He said he´ll go to LA with us!

Emma: No idea! But sometimes he says something and doesn´t mean it!

Gun: Hopefully not! But Uncle Loki gave me his scepter and maybe I´ll use it against Dad!

Emma: OMG! I wanna see that!

Gun: You can join us! First row! Best seats ever!

Erik: Hello Kids!

Emma: Dad! Runs to him

Gun: Oh, fuck it! I wanted to try out the scepter!

Erik: Emma! My favorite daughter! Who´s your friend over there?

Gun: To Erik I´m your daughter, Motherfucker!

Erik: Really? Who´s your mother?

Emma: Dad! What does that mean? How many kids do you have?

Gun: Charleen! The sister of Charles, your BFF!

Erik: ...Oh... Can´t remember anything...

Gun: You can´t remember Mom or you can´t remember uncle Charlie?

Erik: I can´t remember the one who is my child´s, your, mother.

Gun: Nice! But if it makes you feel better: She died years ago.

Raven: Erik! How many times did you cheat on me?

Erik: Not...that often...That was...a long time ago! I did not knew you back then!

Raven: If you think so!

Erik: Yeah! I do! I never cheated on you!

Gun: Hey! What about me? Should I go home? I mean, none really knows me, so...

Raven: Bye!

Emma: I do know you! And Mom and Dad will learn to know you! You´ll come with us!

Gun: Okok!

Erik: But...But...

Emma: Daddy! Let´s go! By the way, who will go with us?

Loki: You´ll take her with you! Sif and me...We just need time for ourselves! And Anja is playing Video Games all the time!

Emma: Dad?! Who is going to join us?

Erik: Well... The 3...4 of us! Charles, Hank, Logan, Ororo, Scott, Jean, Kitty and maybe someone else wants to come with us...

Emma: Great! This is gonna be fun!

Apocalypse: But I wanna join you!

Everyone: NO! They´re starting their journey