Chapter 1: A New Princess Arrives

A three months has passed after Princess Rona got married. "That Rona and Derek's wedding was amazing." Tuff said. "It sure was and romantic too." Tiff said.

Kirby smiled at his friends statements.

Meanwhile King Dedede was angry after he lost that duel against Prince Derek. "Arrgh I will get a Princess someday and if the next Princess rejects me I'll take that Princess by force!" He yelled. "Come on your majesty you need to get over her." Waddle Doo said.

King Dedede glared at the Waddle Dee leader." Uh I'll just go now." He said nervously. He was gone and then he saw Lady Like and Sir Ebrum running in the hallway. They ran passed him causing him to spin around. "Man what's their problem?" He asked himself.

"Hey children we got another Princess coming to visit!" Ebrum proclaimed. "Really what's her name?" Tuff asked. "Her name is Princess Tori and apparently she's Rona's cousin." Lady Like said. The kids were surprised that Princess Rona has a cousin. "Princess Tori will here tomorrow morning at 8am so get a goodnight sleep kids." Lady Like said.

"There's more Princess Rona and Derek will be on their way here as soon as they finish their honeymoon." Ebrum said. "Cool it's been three months since we saw them." Tiff said excitedly.

"What about Captain Peter and Commander Vee?" Tuff asked. "Oh they'll be here as well. Lady Like said. "Indeed in the meantime we must keep this a secret from King Dedede." Sir Ebrum said.

Kirby jumped up and down. "Well looks like someone can't wait to see Rona and Derek again." Tuff said giggling.

a short time later Tiff and her brother went to find their cappy friends to tell them the big news. "Really another Princess is coming?" Spikehead asked. "Yes and she's Princess Rona's cousin." Tuff answered. "This is cool." Iroo said.

"Yes but we must keep this quiet from King Dedede.

later the sun was setting Kirby on his way home until he saw a creature lurking around his house. The creature was big and he noticed it was wearing clothes but it looked like his clothes were torn. Kirby tipped toed towards it but then his door opened up it was Tokkori. "Hey can a bird get someone shut eye?!" He spat.

He looked up a saw the creature standing and looking at him. "Aaaah!" He screamed. Kirby ran towards the creature. The creature turned around but it ran off. Kirby went to over to his bird friend. "Man what was that thing?" Tokkori asked. Kirby was quiet. "Oh what I'm kidding you can't talk yet." Tokkori said.

Tiff and Tuff were then approaching them. "Hey you two what's up?" Tiff asked. Tokkori explained. "What there was creature lurking around your house." Tuff said.

"Well we can't find it now it's too dark out here." Tiff said. "Right so let's go to bed so we'll see you guys tomorrow." Tuff said. "Oh Tokkori another Princess is coming here to visit."

"Really what's her name," The yellow bird asked. The kids yawned. "You'll see in morning at 8am. Tiff replied.

"Ok goodnight." Tokkori said.

Escargoon and Waddle Doo wee sleeping except for Dedede who was still angry about Princess Rona getting married. He decided to take a walk when he saw Tiff and Tuff. He kept quiet and followed them.

Tuff felt like someone was following them. He turned around just as Dedede hid in shadows. "What's wrong Tuff?" Tiff asked her brother. "Oh I thought someone was following us." He answered.

"Anyway goodnight sis." Tiff said.

"Hmm I wonder what those kids are up to." Dedede whispered. He then went back to his bedroom and went to sleep.

The next morning the kids and their parents along with Kirby waited for Princess Tori to arrive.

Luckily Dedede was sleeping in and so were his men. Then came Fololo and Falala. "Hi you guys we heard the news." The pink girl monster said.

Then they saw a spaceship that was bigger that Rona's ship. It had a symbol that looked like a rose.

As the Spaceship landed and guard with spiky red hair wearing a Captain guard uniform. "I introduce you to Princess Tori." He proclaimed.

Out she came and she was beautiful. she had green hair with red hair bow, hazel eyes, and a cute smile. "Whoa she's hot." Tuff whispered. "Yeah but who's that handsome guard?" Tiff asked.

The twin monsters giggle at their friends words. The guard walked up to Sir Ebrum and shook his hand. "Allow me to introduce myself I'm Captain Koda."

Koda then noticed Tiff and smiled at her. She was surprised that she blushed.

Tokkori was sleeping in as well. Then he started to wake up until he saw Curio coming towards the house. "Hey old man what's up?" The yellow bird asked. "I was waking up from my house then I heard my sheep panicking so I came here to find Kirby." The professor replied.

"Really why were your sheep panicking?" Tokkori asked. I don't know but I found a foot print in the ground but luckily my sheep were okay." The old professor replied.

"We need to find Kirby and the others." Curio said. "I heard that they're waiting for another Princess is coming to visit." Tokkori replied. " Okay let's go the castle." Curio said. They made their way to the castle.

end of chapter.