Gibbs's New Girl

By Rena Mason

Chapter 19

On Monday morning Gibbs woke at his usual time and after starting the coffee went back upstairs to wake Allison. Since this was her first day back to work they had forgone their nightly ritual in favor of Allison showering in the morning. So after waking Ali and a quick change Gibbs helped Ali with her shower then left her to dress on her own.

After he left Ali's room he went to his and dressed then headed downstairs just as everyone was emerging from their rooms. A few minutes Ali appeared wearing her work clothes.

"Wow Ali! Lookin Good!" called Tony as she headed down the stairs.

"Don't sound so surprised Tony. I'm going back to work today so it's Allison."

"Sorry Allison" said Tony.

As Gibbs looked up he could tell why Tony had said what he did. Allison definitely looked different than she usually did. Today she was wearing a dark blue skirt, with pantyhose and small black heels. A light blue shirt dress shirt with a navy blue jacket over it. He had to say that when she tried she could really look professional. And even at nearly fifty she still looked good.

"Why so dressed up sweetheart?" asked Gibbs as he handed her a glass of juice as she entered the kitchen.

"I've called a meeting with my staff today. I think it's about time I took care of a few things that have been going on at the office while I've been away."

"Good for you sweetheart" answered Gibbs as she kissed her head then returned to cooking breakfast.

As the others entered the kitchen Gibbs passed them a plate, then they headed for the table to eat. Soon everyone was sitting at the table eating breakfast and talking about what they had to do that morning at work. When everyone finished Ali helped Gibbs clean up the kitchen as the others went up back upstairs to get dressed. They were just finishing up the kitchen when everyone descended the stairs and the mad rush to get their stuff and get out the door occurred.

Tony, Gibbs and Ali were the last to leave with Gibbs locking up and walking Ali to her car.

"Have a good day sweetheart. I'll call you later on" said Gibbs as he kissed her on the head and then closed her car door.

They watched as Ali pulled out then headed towards their own cars.

"She sure is different boss" said Tony as they got to his car first.

"That's because she's Allison Tony. This Allison I don't think you've encountered before."

"Well I sure don't envy her staff at work when she's like that." Answered Tony as he opened, then got in his car.

"Oh believe me she can be a little spitfire, but she's fair so they'll get only what they deserve." Said Gibbs as he closed Tony's door.

Tony rolled down the window and answered before starting the car. "Well better them then me, see you at work boss" called Tony as he pulled out.

Gibbs watched as DiNozzo left then made his way to his car wondering if maybe he should may put in an appearance at Allison's office today. Deciding not to Gibbs unlocked his car door then got in. If he showed up it would only undermined Allison's authority in her office and she needed to deal with whatever was going on herself. He had complete confidence in Allison's ability to handle whatever was going on herself but he was going to call her after lunch just to see how she was feeling. With a smile on his face he started the car and headed towards NCIS headquarters to see what the new day brought them.


The office was in total chaos when Allison arrived so when she entered everything stopped. Looking around she saw several of her staff were huddled around one desk and the rest were eating or drinking at their desk with documents in full view.

"I want this office cleaned up and organized in twenty minutes and everyone to meet me in the conference room within the hours. Bring the cases you're working on I want to review where you are on them." Said Allison then left to go to her office.

Allison watched from behind closed doors with her shades slightly opened as her office became a whirlwind of activity. In the twenty minutes allotted time the office was tidy and each individual staff member was working feverishly at their desk.

At the allotted time everyone was waiting in the conference room when Allison arrived. She went to the head of the table, looking over her staff then started her speech.

"I feel like I need to introduce myself to some of you who might not know who I am. My name is Allison Grayson, Dr. Allison Grayson. You can call me Allison or Dr. Grayson, and I'm the head of this department. I realize that some of you might not have seen me before because I have recently spent such little time in the office. Well that's about to change, since my personal life has become settled I feel it's time I take care of a few things that I have noticed that needs changing around the office."

"First and foremost there is going to be a change in the attitude and treatment of the newer staff members. Bullying is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Secondly we are all adults here so I expect everyone to act like one. If anyone has a problem feel free to come to me and we will work it out or figured out a transfer."

"And lastly I've noticed that there seams to be a general laxity about the office. Our department has been put in charge of some very important documents and should be treated as such. So from now on there is to be no more eating or drinking at your desks while working on the documents. You each have a thirty minute lunch and two fifteen minute breaks which you can use to take care of any physical needs you might have. If you must have something to drink at your desk please make sure it has some sort of cover or lid. Now if you would leave your case files on the table I'll look through and then return them to you." finished Allison as she finally sat down in the head chair and pulled the closes stack of files towards her. With that her staff quietly filed out leaving their files on the table.


It was well after 1 o' clock before Gibbs was able to call and check on Allison. He first tried her work number not getting an answer on the third try he finally ended up calling her cell phone number. Allison finally heard it on the fourth ring and spent a few minutes rummaging under the files on the table before she found it and finally answered it.

"Grayson" called Allison as she put the call on speaker and went back to reading the files.

"Allison sweetheart, how are you feeling?" asked Gibbs

"Daddy...I mean Gibbs? You called?" said Allison as she quickly picked up the phone and took it off speaker.

"Of course I did baby girl. How has your day been?"

"Ohhhh fine really, just very busy." answered Ali with a sigh.

"Did you meet with your staff?" asked Gibbs.

"Yes, and I explained they way I wanted things to be from now on. So now I'm going through their files to see how much work they have actually done."

"Have you had a chance to eat lunch yet?" asked Gibbs but he had a feeling he knew what Allison's answer was going to be before she even said anything.

"No Daddy I haven't. Ohhhh damn, it's after 1 o' clock and I've been really busy and forgot."

"Then I expect you to finish the file you're working on then return the ones that are finished. Take the rest to your office and wait for me there. I'm sending someone over with lunch and I expect you to eat it before they leave." said Gibbs as he quickly scribbled a note and waved DiNozzo over to him. He handed Tony then note then watched as he grabbed his coat and left.

"But Daddy..." started Allison

"Allison Desirea Grayson" said Gibbs firmly cutting her off mid sentence.

"Yes sir" answered Allison softly.

"Now do as you're told and we will talk about this tonight."

"Yes sir...and Gibbs?" asked Allison shyly.

"Yes baby girl." said Gibbs softly.

"Thank you." said Allison quickly then hung up the phone.

Gibbs smiled at the dial tone then hung up. Even at work she still needed someone to take care of her.

Twenty minutes later DiNozzo arrived at Allison's office and went straight to her office. As told she was sitting at her desk waiting for her lunch to arrive and when he handed it over she opened it and promptly started eating. DiNozzo sat watching Allison eat as much as she could and when she'd finished he took what was left and rewrapped it.

As he got up he came over and kissed Ali on the forehead saying softly "Sorry squirt"

"It's not you're fault Tony it's mine. I should have watched the time and eaten sooner. Is he really mad at me?"

"Not so much mad Ali as concerned. We all are, little one" answered Tony truthfully.

When they all heard Gibbs's one sided conversation they soon realized that Allison hadn't eaten yet and probably had been working since she'd meet with her staff earlier that morning. They each had been ready to jump if Gibbs had called to them and luckily it had been him.

"Well I'll face it tonight when I get home, but let him know that I'm sorry Ok?" said Allison sincerely wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Will do squirt. Now get back to work so you can finish all of that before you go home" said Tony as he motioned to the stack of files on the credenza behind Ali's desk. "You know Gibbs isn't going to let you take those home with you."

"I know, and Tony...Thanks"

"No problem Dr. Grayson, and take care" said Tony loudly as he opened the door and left Ali's office.

He had known that her entire staff would be wondering just who he was and what he was doing here. So he used her title and made it sound official so they would think it was related to the case they had just worked. If and when Ali was ready to tell them about her relationship with Gibbs, himself and the rest of the team they would find out from her. Not from some overhead gossip behind closed doors.


Working straight through with only an occasional bathroom break Allison was able to finish going through all the files leaving little notes in some. At 5:30 Ali was able grab her bag and the last of the files and leave her office. On her way out she dumped the files on each of the agents desk then called "Goodnight" as she left.

The drive took forty five minutes to get home and even with traffic she still beat Gibbs. Ali quickly changed into her "baby mode" clothes, got herself a bottle then sat down on the couch to watch television.

That's where Gibbs found her when he got home around 6:30 that night. He had called to her when he first came in, not getting a response he quickly entered to find her asleep on the couch with the television still on. As he sat down carefully beside her he noticed how tired she looked and decided to forgo her play session outside tonight and just let her rest on the couch watching TV. He gently rubbed her head until Ali finally opened her eyes.

"Hi baby girl" smiled Gibbs as he looked down at her.

"Hi daddy. I'm sorry about this afternoon" said Ali as she sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I know you are baby girl, but you have to eat. Remember you just got off medical leave." said Gibbs as he removed her arms and moved her back so he could see her face.

"I know" mumbled Ali softly.

At her pout Gibbs couldn't help but smile and she raised her chin to look at him saying. "How about we do this. We fix you snacks and some drinks that you can take to work and occasionally you're lunch. On the other days we make up a list of places that will deliver a nutritious lunch. We can try and see if we they'll let us place a couple of standing orders for you so all you have to do is call and tell them what you want and they'll deliver it. But you have to stop working and eat your lunch. If you don't eat it all bring it home for a snack or whatever later Ok?

With this said Ali once again threw her arms around Gibbs's neck and whispered "Thank you Daddy."

"You're welcome baby girl. How about we have some more of Ziva's chicken stir fry and then spend the rest of the night on the couch. You look like you're tired."

"I am Daddy" said Ali softly

"Alright then, let's get dinner warmed up then eaten so we can spend the rest of the night cuddling." said Gibbs with a playful swat

"Yes sir!" said Ali then jumped up and raced towards the kitchen.

After dinner was warmed up, eaten and the kitchen cleaned Gibbs and Ali spent the rest of the night cuddling on the couch watching television with Ali finally falling asleep against his chest and Gibbs carrying her upstairs to bed.