Author note: Screw it… The ideas not leaving so write it.

Disclaimer: Only thing I own in the story is Li-Ne.

"I'm all for helping other yokai that wish to have a second chance… But this woman…"

"Yukari, she seeks to be human and does not want to steal souls anymore. What is wrong?"

"I have a kitsune as a shikigama. You do realize they are territorial?"

Yukari and Li-Ne are sitting at a table within the Yukari's house. Li-Ne has placed multiple photos on the table of a particular fox girl. The girl in question's name is listed as Ahri according to one of the photos. Yukari watches as her undead friend sighs.

"Whatever I'm going to get lost…"

"Heading home so soon Li-Ne?"


I am basically sticking my toe into a lake full of piranhas to test if it's safe.

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