Author Note: No update to Another Day for now. Instead Ahri's back with more antics.

"Switch it back!" Ahri yells at Ripple. Ripple sighs before changing the illusion back to the fairy. The fairy sits down. "What?"

"I need to explain the basics about our combat style since it is obviously different from what you are used to. Combat here exists as danmaku. You should be able to use your basic magic to attack the fairy." Ripple says as she steps to the side. Ahri bounces her orb amongst her tails before launching it into the fairy. The orb bounces off the fairy and flies towards Ripple. Ripple calmly swats the orb back to Ahri.

"Heh… Basic danmaku is a rebound type. One second please… Training Sign: Power Two." Ripple says as she activates a white spell card. A faint glow surrounds both Ripple and Ahri. There is also a noticeable change to the fairy.

"What was that?" Ahri asks.

"In danmaku basic magic can upgrade and power up over time. Go ahead and attack the fairy again."

Ahri sighs before flinging the orb again. This time three orbs hit the poor fairy.

"Good. You'll need these until you learn your own spellcards." Ripple says as she hands Ahri the blue spellcards. "See you around."

"I don't have a home… Any ideas?" Ahri asks. Ripple laughs before disappearing. Ahri growls before a gap opens behind her. She stares at the unblinking eyes within the gap. She reaches out and sticks her hand in the gap. She pauses before taking a deep breathe. She then steps through the gap. She finds herself standing in an empty room.

"Welcome to your home, Ahri. I'll leave you alone so you can figure out how you want to decorate it." A mature female voice chimes. By the time Ahri turns around the speaker is gone. Ahri groans before looking around.

"It's an empty house. I don't know how I'm supposed to decorate it if I have nothing to use." Ahri sighs as she steps outside. She pauses upon seeing the mailbox. "It's worth checking…"

Ahri walks up to the mailbox. She opens it and smiles. Within the mailbox are three books. Ahri takes the books out and looks at the titles. The first book is titled Genskyo and Connected Realms. The second book is titled A List of Species and Individuals. Both of these books are written by P. Knowledge. The last book is titled Control of Personal Pocket Spaces. It is written by M. Erasure. Ahri looks at the three books before deciding the third book is likely the most relevant of the three. She opens the book and skims the index. She smiles before flipping to the article she wanted. She calmly walks inside while carrying all three books.

"So all I have to do is visualize the furniture and it should appear. Then I can place it where I want. Seems simple enough. Let's get a bookshelf for these books." Ahri says. Sadly for her the bookshelf she wants lands on her foot.


I had to update this considering its popularity. Next time we will see Ahri meet Yukari.