Evil, evil, evil Mishistsu. I can't believe I'm trying to write her back story. I do warn you here and now that when Mishistsu is involved things quickly become bloody and gory enough for the story to be rated mature. If you have a problem with such gory ideas don't read this.

Insanity… Beautiful insanity… It's the reason she acts like she does. Killing people in some of the bloodiest ways ever… Her face always a twisted smile that seems to suggest nothing is wrong. Her voice a calm childish voice that suggests innocence. A mind so shattered that it comes up with over a hundred ways to kill a single person the minute she sees them. The resources to carry out anyone of those murders.

She started out small. Killing animals that were innocent creatures like rabbits. She quickly became much darker. Inviting homeless people in for a meal then killing them. Her insanity is the reason the human race struggles now. She managed to play the governments against each other and caused the nuclear war that wiped so much of humanity away. Just so she could kill one person. That is how far her insanity goes.

She's gone now. Well supposable gone. Foundation… What happens there seems to be her idea of killing someone… Foundation's population is likely only in the thirties. Yet it is the best funded city. It is run down yet at the same time it shouldn't be.

The queen of the city, Mishistsu. Foundation of Insanity and Sacrifice.