Author Note

Damn it's been a long time since I posted something. This story and the one shoots held within it come from one question I've had for a long time? Are Nana and Stella Sing Love's daughters or sisters. Nana acts like their daughters while Sing seems to view Stella as a sister. To the story!


It was one of those days. A lazy Saturday in summer where one does not want to get up. And that was what was on the mind of one Stella Love. Stella was one of those girls that had most things going for her. Her figure was cute, not showing her actual age but still seeming mature. She had a wonderful singing voice. She had an older sister that seemed to know more about machines then most engineers. Her mother was a world famous singer. The only odd thing about the girl known as Stella was the fact that she wasn't human. She happened to be an alien that seemed almost perfectly human. The only giveaway were her eyes. Eyes that at this moment in time were determined to stay shut.

"Rise and shine sweetie! It's a wonderful day outside. You shouldn't be wasting it lying here all day!" Stella's mother chimes as she enters the room of her unfortunate daughter. Stella's mother pauses for a brief moment to ponder if her daughter will get up by her own voluntary will. Upon receiving her answer that sounds like a muffled groan of go away and an alarm clock smashing into the wall she reacts. Picking up the smashed alarm clock she heaves it back at her unwilling daughter. The clock bounces off Stella's head but elicits no response from her. She sighs before walking up to her daughter. Disobedient daughters deserve to be punished after all.

"I warned you sweetie…" She hums into Stella's ear before blowing into it. Stella turns over just as her mother planned. Her mother grabs her twin tail hairstyle by the longer tail before throwing Stella out of the room. The multiple thuds that resound through the house indicate that her mother did indeed hit her target, the staircase leading downstairs.

"You okay Stella?" Stella's sister asks as she walks up to the dazed Stella.

"Hi Nana… Why are their multiple of you?" Stella asks as she slowly gets up from her unceremonious landing at the bottom of the stairs. For those of you that are wondering she went down head first on her back.

"Mother. Did you have to resort to throwing her?" Nana sighs as she watches Stella limp away. Stella will be fine. She just has a bruised ego. That is the thought that crosses Nana's mind. Stella always limps away when her ego has been bruised.

"No daughter of mine will sleep all day." Their mother says as she skips down the stairs with much more grace then her daughter.

I'll do the first sister plot soon. One other thing I got to thinking though about the ever loveable Nefe. Something about her personality that strikes me as weird. She hates Sing Love and wants to aid Stella. It's almost as superiority complex. Add to that the fact that none of the other Greys were seen makes me wonder. Was she a Grey that fought Sing Love, lost, but was spared? She does wear a similar uniform. I mean think about it. You are a clone of one person that is helping humanity fight against aliens. You manage to meet the alien leader and find out it's the person you are a clone of. That would cause some hostility even if you work for her now.