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Harry really shouldn't have been so surprised when he saw the books. 'Well,'Harry thought to himself as he raised a slender eyebrow 'I guess now I know why the cabbie laughed at me when I told him my name.' True, many dimensions and universes were intertwined together in some form, be it books, movies, bedtime stories, games or ancient hieroglyphics tales displayed on egyptian walls. It was still shocking to see your own name plastered on the cover.

He had passed through dozens of worlds, some nearly identical to his own while others completely different. Some had wizards like himself, there were also the technology based worlds where magic was a thing of myth. The wizard had felt more joy then he would admit using his most flashy spells for the sole purpose of watching the lab coated humans scramble around and stutter, trying to find logical explanations for their new animal appendages when there were none. They ended up blaming it on mass hallucination.

One dimension he remembered fondly consisted of Disney worlds. That in itself was something that made the green eyed man cackle in glee. When he was younger, the Duslyes banned anything with magic. Heaven forbid Dudley become infatuated by freakishness by watching bloody Peter Pan!

Harry was just enjoying himself getting a suntan in Agrabah when some black cloaked freak appeared through some ominous looking hole and started questioning him. "You have disrupted the balance," The distorted voice breathed out.

"What?" was the intelligent answer Harry gave. Was this dude a jeti? He had no visible lightsaber though. Did he hide it?"

What are you? You clearly have a heart, you walk in the light but a great darkness surrounds you. I do not believe you to be human." What a douche, Harry thought in annoyance. Comes out of some hole from merlin knows where, interrogates him then bloody accuses him of not being human? Then Harry remembered he was in a disney movie. And what did they do in musicals? Why they sang of course. What was a disney movie without random spontaneous singing? Harry blamed his father's side and the twins for what he did next. He turned his near predatory smile to the hooded figure and stared directly into where( he assumed) their eyes were then lazily pointed his finger at the man. And spoke one word.

"Cantare" 'The twins were quite ingenious when it came to spellcraft.' Harry mused to himself. Harry left that world with a skip to his step and a mortified organization member with a dry throat behind.

"Other worlds had a more biblical side. The first encounter he had with angels and demons was one in the same. It had not been long after Harry first started exploring his 'world hopping' powers, and He had yet to perfect his landing. Or look like anything other than a platypus attempting to perform the nutcracker after the worst hangover brought him crashing down on a cozy bookstore in Soho, not unlike the one he was currently in now.

The wizard was surprised at how soft the landing was. That was until he realized the tangle of limbs and groans emanating from below him and a cracked pair of sunglasses lying discarded on the floor. Hours of long explanations, alcohol and high caffeinated tea, Harry had found that his unintentional fall breakers were none other than a demon and an angel. The angel took pity on His cluelessness and let Harry search his worthy book collection. This reality's god, Gods really, considering all the different dimensions was shocking. Was there one larger god that ruled over all the universes?

That was when he learnt one of the most valuable lessons. "Knowledge is power," Harry muttered to himself as he brushed a strand of dark hair away from his eyes. Research proved to be essential for his 'saving people thing'. Nearly getting turned into a sparkling monstrosity for eternity also helped make that point stick. From then on, whenever he travelled between he made sure to study the inhabitants of the worlds. Surprisingly language seemed to be relatively consistent throughout the multiverse. He had tweaked his glasses to read nearly all earth based tongues, and some supernatural ones. The glasses also had a nifty subtitle option for when people were talking. This however had not helped him when he was in space.

That was an absolutely dreadful experience. He died over and over before some bloke in a box helped him. They ended up in a argument about Sherlock Holmes, Harry saying he had honestly met him with the presumed alien disbelieving him.

Since he was the Master Of Death he could not die. He had figured this out when he was first indisposed of. He did not die a hero, a martyr sacrificing themselves to the greater good, he died getting plowed over by a car in muggle London.

'He remembered the darkness, the need to live, the need to stay alive, he remembered the smell of cleaning components and the white room. He remembered the paramedics masked faces looking down. He remembered one, middle aged, obern crinkled eyed, slightly turned up nose and sandy blond hair. He remembered the man muttering about 'I'd take a miracle' and 'poor kid' as he pulled off his bloodstained gloves. He remembered the flat sound the heart moniter made. He remembered the pain. A dull heat in his forehead. Then absolute blinding pain. He was sure he was on fire. He was sure he was in hell. The bones in his body seemingly cracking, and reforming themselves, flesh degrading and re-knitting itself as something stronger. He remembered the muffled screams he heard. He didn't care, all he could think about was the white hot pain. And then Harry, throat raw, finally felt the darkness claim him.

Harry had woken feeling great. He yawned and stretched his arms, behind his neck and took a deep breath. "Hermione I just had the weirdest dream," Harry's voice was clear, though a sleepy ring could clearly be heard in it. "Hermione?" When he heard no response Harry opened his eyes and was shocked at the view that assaulted him.

There was rubble and debris everywhere. Then all at once the previous nights memories slammed back. The whole hospital and what he estimated was three city blocks in all directions were burned and collapsed. The smell of ash, metal, and burnt plastic was extremely strong. Harry's nose scrunched up at the foul fumes. He gathered himself up and wearily stood to his feet. There was a sharp blast of pain directly on his temple. He reflexively cupped the spot with his hands. Had he been hit by excess ruble?

Harry hobbled over to a shard of glass and peered into it. His breath drew in a short breath as he saw his forehead. There was not a gash or inflammation, what was there was the symbol of death. A circle inside a triangle with a line through it. Inked onto his skin as if it was always there. He quickly tore off one of his hospital gown sleeves and wrapped the tattered cloth around his head.

Death was omniscient. No Matter what universe you were in there was always death. Nothing lived forever, 'except possibly myself,'Harry muttered with a wistful sigh.

The wizard returned his attention back to the books. All seven of them. He gathered on of each into his arms and made his way to the cashier. The plump woman currently working had orange hair that reminded him of the Weasleys and warm amber eyes . She raised her dainty eyebrows at the collection he was purchasing. "All of those kid?" Oh how he hated being called that, he was not that short! Cursed eternal youthfulness.
"Yes please, mam." The master of death replied with a small smile.

"Ooh a Brit!, adorable accent kiddo! And so polite! Bet you get all the ladies, amiright?" She wiggled her eyebrows and winked suggestively when she said this. Harry said nothing.

"Though I am surprised you haven't read these yet. Bit of a classic, yeah?" Harry fidgeted under her stare. Then her eyes widened and a knowing look appeared on her face.

"Ahh, you want to catch up before the sixth movie huh? I guess that makes sense. My nice did the same thing." Harry paled and it was only his occlumency skills that stopped him from screaming. There were MOVIES about his life?

"Girl started writing some..." The woman coughed. "Interesting stories about that series. Near gave me a scare when I saw them."

"Oh?" Morbid curiosity caused Harry to push on.

"Yeah, fanfiction. Some genre called slash. Not that I think being gay is wrong, to each his own and all that but… Harry, Lucius, and Snape all doin' it together...In Dumbledore's office, on his desk while all the portraits and Fawkes watch is kinda..." If Harrys face was white before now it was green.

"I see." Harry found that the 'Curiosity killed the cat' rather fit how he was feeling.

"There is some interesting crossover stuff though, especially with the series called 'Supernatural'. Ever heard of it?" She took his silence as a 'no'. "Well, I'm not surprised. It's not as nearly as mainstream as the Potter books but it has a sort of a cult following. I personally love it and suggest you buy them. Besides, there on sale, kiddo, whatcha' say?" Still in a zombie like state from the...Things he had just heard, and not fully processing all that was going nod he duly nodded and payed for the books. "Come back soon honey!"

When he was out of sight The lone wizard shrunk his books and placed them inside his modified ever-expanding pockets and made his way back to his expensive hotel. He hated Mondays.

The next day Harry spent all day speed reading his books. While the majority was right, some facts were completely wrong and the ending was completely off. Ginny? Gack! She was like a sister to him! And Albus Severus Potter? What the fuck was the book him drinking? Basilisk venom? Harry threw the final book at the wall and flopped onto his bed. While sleep was no longer necessary he enjoyed it. He closed his eyes and drifted off into Morpheus's arms.

When Harry got up that morning it felt off. The first thing he noticed was that the books were neatly piled against the wall. The second thing he noticed was the previous day on his calendar was unchecked. The third thing he noticed was the radio, and his emerald orbs widened at the date. "Tuesday?" His voice seemed to have went up an octave or two at the end of the word. He had never liked Groundhog Day.

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