Harry emerged from his hotel room with fire in his eyes. A broad smile strained his facial features as he slammed the door shut (or at least attempted too because it was one of those doors that close slowly, to make it easier to get luggage in or something. Harry was never quite sure why they had that feature) and pranced down the hallway in a way no person should prance. -That was reserved for elves and fairies- But nonetheless in a cheerful manner he made his way down to the lobby and puffed out his chest. "I would like," He stated in a way that hid nothing of his jubilance. "to check out."

The receptionist's cheeks clouded in a powdered pink as she was bedazzled by the brilliant smile directed at her. "Yes sir," She paused, nervously giving him a once over. "Can I have your name please?"

Harry's smile twitched, he had actually forgotten what name he had checked in under. After the incident with the cabbie and the bookstore had didn't want to use 'Harry Potter', for obvious reasons. Without missing a beat Harry deposited his room key on the desk.

"Room 117, really lovely service you have here. I've visited this area before but never stayed at this particular hotel. I'll be sure to come again, Miss…" Harry's eyes darted down to the receptionist's bosom, where a name tag was attached. "Alicia. Alicia? That's a really nice name, see I once knew an Alicia- my friend's cousin. I met he-" Harry had been using his hands to gesture, when his right reached eye level he stopped violently, as if it captivated him.

"Sir?" Alicia queried in a concerned tone, surprised by the sudden halt of chatter.

"Oh bollocks my boss is going to kill me I- I really have to go," Harry darted out of the building muttering about 'not again' and seemingly praying for his life. Once out the door, Harry apparated, seemingly disappearing into the crowd.

Where in actuality he arrived at an amusement park- Disney World. Harry decided to feel no guilt about the childish fantasy's he was about to live out- it was Wednesday, Wednesday! The wait was over and he was finally free, fuck all else he was going to have a great time.