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Clary POV:

Work was hell, modeling just wasn't the same as when I was ten.

I couldn't wait to see Jace. This whole damn project was killing me.

I drove towards his apartment. We're hanging out tonight at his place to celebrate my survival of assholes in the art world. Jace was a male model and basically got me into that business.

I pulled up next to the curb in front of his apartment and walked over to enter the stuffy building. The sweet lady at the help desk waved at me. I really needed to learn her name.

We're in high school, but Jace was pretty famous from his modeling so he got his own apartment. His parents died when he was seven, and he moved in with his foster parent Maryse and Robert Lightwood. They let him move out as soon as he had enough money to support himself.

My parents wouldn't even give me a response when I asked, they just laughed at me. It was embarrassing.

My mom would normally be mad about me staying the night at a boys house, but I had been having sleep overs with Jace since he moved in with the Lightwoods at the age of seven. We were just friends anyways.

I took the elevator up to the eighth floor where Jace's room was. He was room number 143. I knocked on his door as loud as I could in hopes of scaring him.

He swung open the door with a baseball bat raised and I dove to the floor. He laughed as hard as he could while putting his bat down. Of course he had just been trying to scare me.

"Ass hole." I muttered with a glare at his laughing form. I couldn't help but smile, it was Jace, how could I not?

"Bitch," He responded back. Bastard was still laughing and had tears in his eyes."So do you really want to celebrate? I don't feel up for it. I mean, I know I look like I could do anything, but that's just my perfection clouding your judgment."

"What got you in a mood? You're always an asshole, but now you look sad too. God it's bringing me down, lighten up."

"You know my beautiful girlfriend?" He asked me with a darkened expression.

"Aline." Bitch. Slut. Whore. She cheated on Jace all the time and then would deny it and he would believe her for some reason. He could be a real idiot when it came to girls he could bang.

"I opened the boys bathroom to find her banging Sebastian Verlac."

Silence. Complete silence. He had to be hurting. He told me once he thought he was in love with her.

"How could she do that to you? You forgave her every time even when she didn't deserve your forgiveness! Are you all right, Jace?" He plastered a fake smile on his face.

"We were never official, so I suppose I should have seen it coming. It still hurt though. She tried to tell me it was a mistake and she was in love with me. How could I have been so stupid?" He asked me with tears springing up in his eyes.

"You weren't stupid for trusting her. You were only stupid for thinking you need any other women in your life besides me and Izzy." Izzy was his adopted sister.

He managed a small smile. I opened my arms and he flew into them. All we needed were each other. Jace and Clary. Nothing else would ever ruin that.

Jace looked at me hesitantly. "What?" I finally asked him.

"I have a favor to ask you and I want you to at least consider it before you shut me down. Okay?" His eyes begged me to be okay with whatever he was about to ask me. I nodded hesitantly.

He took a deep breath and avoided eye contact with me. "Well since our break up,, every girl at school has been on top of me and even Aline has been trying to get back together with me. I really need to date someone so they leave me alone, but I can't use a girl like that. I don't want to date another whore like I have been. Will you pretend to date me?"

I couldn't help it, I laughed out loud. "No one would ever believe we would go out! And you have dealt with a little girl drama your whole life. You're 'Jace Wayland Man Whore' so just stop your little joke."

"Clary! I'm serious! It's not just at the girls at school anymore it's my 500 thousand followers on twitter too! I'm getting stalked!" He looked so stressed that I almost gave in right there, but I couldn't, it was too ridiculous.

"Isn't it supposed to be that every man's dream is to be lusted after by every girl in the world. And damn you're all ready that popular?" It was shocking that his twitter was that popular just because he was a model.

"Clary! I'm finally eighteen and Calvin Klein just released a spread of me as an underwear model. And I just got signed with that record label!" Oh right, I forgot about his singing career. He was the most amazing singer I had ever heard. I sang too, but not nearly as well.

"I'm sorry Jace, but no. I won't get rumors spread about me because I'm dating a sexy under wear model!" Everyone would label me as a whore who just wanted his money.

"Everyone has thought we've been dating since junior high when we kissed at truth or dare! People always ask me, when I'm with other girls, why I'm cheating on you! It would be perfect!" He didn't get it!
"Jace, No! End of discussion!" He shut up and turned away.

"Sorry, but if you change your mind tell me all right? And I made you a twitter by the way. You all ready have 300 thousand followers!" He yelled and ran before I could hit me.

I picked up his phone and looked down at the bright screen. Twitter was up and sure enough I had 300 thousand followers within the week he had posted the account. He posted all my modeling photos and shouted me out as his best friend.

"I'm gonna kill you!" I knew I had a lot of followers, but never thought I was that popular.

We spent most of the night screwing with Twitter and watching movies.

_-_-_ Is It Really Fake?_-_-_

The next day I walked into school. I was immediately tackled by Isabelle. "Hey Clary! I haven't seen you all weekend! What were you doing? Or even better, who were you doing?" I laughed at her, but hugged her back. Izzy wasn't a whore, but I swear she had dated everyone male in our school except her brothers.

"No, I just hung out with Jace... as usual. How about you? How was your weekend?" She smiled brightly and launched into a story about shopping.

The first half of school went quickly and soon it was lunch time. I walked towards the cafeteria with Izzy trailing along side me. We were silent since we were both crabby and hungry.

The first thing I saw was a group of girls crowded around Jace. One of them even had her hand on his chest. He sweet talked them, but obviously wasn't interested. I walked over and got my lunch before returning to our usual table.

The table consisted of me, Isabelle, Jace, Alec, Magnus, Simon, Maia and Jordan. And then a bunch of girls leaning over the tables trying to show Jace their cleavage. It was disgusting.

I had to push through several girls before finally taking my seat. Most of the girls glared at me. They all knew that I was one of the prettiest and most popular girls at this school. My friends and I ruled this school since we were seniors.

One girls leaned between Jace and I. She whispered -not too quietly- in his ear. "Are you done with Aline, because I would love to show you what a real woman is like," That was it, I couldn't take it anymore.

I turned to the girl who had whispered in his ear. "Sweet heart, he all ready has a real woman. You don't have to worry, I take care of him. All. Night. Long." With a wink I turned back to my food and resumed eating.

Everyone at our table stared in shock. Even people at other tables were stopping to stare.

The girls after Jace all left quickly. I was one girl they knew they shouldn't try to mess with. I was the famous model who could ruin your whole reputation with a wave of my hand. Jace and I were a power couple.

I sighed in relief when all the girls were gone and looked up to see all my friends staring at us before exchanging money. "What the hell?" I asked them.

"We've been betting for years on when you guys would get together!" Magnus squealed. "Darling, you guys spend the nights together and hang out all the time. We all knew it was going to happen eventually."

"I bet it was going to be when you both had to separate for college!" Simon said handing a twenty to Izzy.

"We bet it would be at Clary's eighteenth birthday next week!" Maia said while Jordan nodded in agreement with her.

"That's ridiculous! We only got together last night!" I said glaring at everyone.

"I don't believe you two are together," Alec said from his seat next to Magnus.

"Why the hell would we not be dating? More importantly why would we lie to you guys?" Jace said defending our fake relationship.

"All Clary did was defend you to that sophomore who was trying to get in your pants. That doesn't prove anything. I could do that for you, but that doesn't mean we're dating. Izzy has been doing that for you since you were twelve." He made good sense.

"What can we do to prove it to you that we're really dating Alec? This is bullshit, I'm not lying!" Jace glared angrily at his adopted brother.

"Kiss her," Izzy suggest. "You guys haven't even kissed each other on the cheek since you were eleven, it proves you're really into each other." Fuck you Izzy. I didn't want to kiss my best friend, but it was that or give up our ruse.

"Fine," I said letting Jace know it was okay to kiss me. He leaned down and gave me a peck on the lips. It wasn't anything serious, but I felt my lips spark it electricity.

"That was bullshit! See I told you they weren't dating! No one in love would kiss like that and we all know they would only date if they realized they were in love!" Alec shouted.

"What are you trying to pull here you guys?" Jordan asked us with a look that was a mix of confusion and incredulousness.

"Why would you lie to us?" Izzy asked me looking hurt.

"Fuck all of you for calling us liars. You wanna see me grope my boyfriend in public, I guess that's a you problem." I was lucky I was wearing jeans. I gestured with my finger for him to spin around do he was facing a way from the table.

As soon as his lap was available, I straddled it. I looked Jace in the eyes for a second before connecting my mouth to his. I couldn't deny the crazy electricity. Like hot and cold fighting for dominance.

After about two minutes I pulled back to regain my breath and turned to look at my friends. "Happy, Assholes?" I asked.

They nodded with shocked looks on their faces. I winked and Jace who had a smirk on his face.

Isabelle suddenly speaks up. "I've seen you do sexy photo shoots, but you're always so shy in real life. You just made out with my brother so sexily that it turned even me on!"

Wait. . . did she really just say that? "What the fuck Izzy? I'm a model of course I can turn any one on with a single look. And I get a shit load of money for it."

"I still don't believe you guys." Alec stated. Damn why did he have to be so perceptive?

I grabbed Jace and dragged him away from the others. "Thanks for this," He said to me.

"I can't take any more of those twig bitches trying to get on your dick. It's disgusting."