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They did a perfect job of hiding it. Unless you knew at least one of them like the back of your hand, you would never have noticed it. Piper knew Leo. She even knew Drew a bit. She noticed.

They were very subtle. A raise of an eyebrow, or the wave of a hand, and hey presto! The other person would immediately go back to themselves.

Piper tried to connect the dots. Add 2 and 2. She failed. She just could not come up with a theory.

Bed buddies? No, Drew wouldn't sink that low. Besides, Piper would hear her sneak out.

Secret lovers? Hahahahahahaha - no.

Enemies? Why would they help each other if they were enemies?

All she knew is that they were allies. But what did they ally for? Why? How? So many questions and not enough answers.

Piper had always prided herself in knowing and understanding people. She had trained herself to read people well. After all, they were the skills that every charmspeaker needed. Now? She was lost. Hopelessly lost. This was one mystery she couldn't crack.

The first time Drew and Leo had reminded each other was when Drew had slipped up first.

Drew was being mean. Well, meaner than usual, anyway. Everyone had noticed. She had gotten irritated at Mitchell when he had gotten her the wrong foundation. But, she really blew up when she didn't get her lipgloss.

They were eating dinner at their cabin table in Camp Half-blood. Drew had asked Mitchell to bring her lipgloss to dinner, so she could touch it up.


"Yes, Drew?"

"Lipgloss, hon."

Mitchell visibly paled.

"Um... er..."

"Please don't tell me that you forgot, hon."


Piper tensed. She knew something loud was about to go down.

"Oh my gods Mitchell! You actually forgot it?! If you can't do anything right, then just fuck off!"

Drew might not have been a very nice person, but she always made sure that she never swore in front of everyone. Especially in front of the little kids.

As soon as Drew stormed - sauntered - off, Piper went to comfort Mitchell and her little siblings.

Leo had just happened to walk to the Aphrodite table. For what, Piper didn't know yet.

Just as Leo's and Drew's hands brushed each other, Piper spotted Leo quickly tap Drew on the arm with his fingertip. Drew sauntered a few more steps before stopping, sighing, and turning around. She rolled her eyes, and stomped back to the table.

When she reached Mitchell, he visibly flinched. Drew muttered a quiet and reluctant apology, before sitting back down at the table.

Everyone had watched this exchange with wide eyes and open mouths. Drew? Apologising? Not a chance.

"Oh, what are you looking at?! I only came back because I was hungry!"

It seemed Drew had gotten sick of everyone watching.

That must be a first, Piper mused.

When Leo finally reached the table, Piper raised an eyebrow.

"What? I just wanted to steal some of your food."

"Here. You can have my mashed potatoes and gravy." She knew it was his favourite.

Piper had looked back at Leo after a few minutes. He was laughing and joking with his siblings, but her food had been left untouched.

The surprising thing was that it was Drew who needed reminding the most. But Leo had slipped up a few times too.

Harley was nagging Leo.

"Please please pleeeeaase help me make a winged giraffe! Pleeeaaase?"

"Sorry buddy, I've got my own projects to do."

Actually, Leo had more than just his ten projects.

His siblings had found out the usefulness of his fire powers. So, he had an added fifty projects to help with. He was a busy guy. And it was really getting to him.

Sometimes he wondered if the last fire user had been driven mad by his siblings.

"Please please please pl-"

"I said NO!"

Perhaps it was because Leo adored his younger siblings. Or maybe because he had never yelled at them before.

Either way, Leo had never really done anything like this before, and that's what really puzzled Piper.

Harley just looked at Leo with sad eyes, before letting a quiet apology escape his otherwise loud mouth.

Piper saw Leo few hours later at lunch again, after the incident. Leo was being himself, except ten times more. In other words, he had been annoyingly hyperactive and happy, and told everyone around him bad jokes.

He was in the middle of telling his siblings a horrible joke, when Drew had walked past, and quickly tapped the end of her heel to Leo's leg. Leo's grin dimmed, but he finished the joke, before grinning and letting everyone laugh.

He then hesitated for a few moments, before walking to Harley. The eight year old looked scared, but he relaxed when Leo apologised for yelling at him. He even promised to help the little kid with his giraffe and wings. Piper thought that was extremely sweet of him.

As far as Piper noticed, Leo went back to himself. She spotted him working on a beautiful toy giraffe. She saw him use his powers to attach the wings on to the back of the giraffe, so that the wings could actually move.

When they finished, they came outside to play with the toy, Leo gave a subtle wink to Drew before telling Harley a bad pun - while grinning, of course - and letting him run away to play with the elegant mini winged giraffe.