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Drew almost squealed as she saw Reyna enter the camp grounds with a nostalgic look on face. Drew grinned at Leo, who grinned back. They crept slowly over to Reyna's back unnoticed. "On the count of three," Drew whispered to Leo. Leo nodded. "One… Two… THREE!" Reyna didn't expect to be pounced on to the ground. "Hey, hey, hey! I don't have a football! Stop piling on me - I'm not a quarterback!"

Drew and Leo pouted and got off her back. "Oh come on! You've got to admit, it was fun."

"Yeah!" Drew agreed with Leo.

Reyna blew her fringe away from her eyes as she tried to figure out what to say. Finally, she decided that it was useless to lie to them. They knew her too much. "Fine," she huffed, "You surprised me." She shut them up by waving her hand. "Once," she glared at them. "Besides, I have a slight feeling we're too old for this."

They just smiled knowingly. Reyna tried not to be surprised again when a little four year old ran into the back of her legs, almost toppling her over again. "AUNTIE!" Reyna let an amused smile cross her face. "Hey, hun. How are you?"

The toddler near her feet grinned. Reyna smiled back genuinely, and picked up Lena Valdez, while Drew and Leo watched. "So what adventures have you and your parents got up to, hmm?"

Lena's eyes lit up. She had almost as bad a motor mouth as her father, so Reyna prepared herself to listen to Lena for a while. At least the adorable lisp made it worth it.

"Daddy and Mummy took me to see the Demigod museum, and then I wearned about what happened in the both the Gweat Wars, and then, then I went to see uncle Percy, and guess what Auntie Rey Rey?" Reyna hoped Percy had behaved himself, at least.

The toddler came up with the biggest grin possible. She held up a piece of paper, and almost blowing Reyna's hearing away, yelled "I GOT AN AUTOGWAPH!"

How a four year old could know such big words, and be able to use them always puzzled Reyna. She smiled back at Lena, slightly confused.

Lena started getting fidgety, so Reyna put Lena down carefully, making sure the toddler didn't turn herself upside down at the last second. It had happened before, thanks to her following in her father's silly footsteps.

She looked around the place, knowing the memories that were associated with Camp Half-blood were mostly good, thanks to the two childish adults beside her. If it wasn't obvious, they'd gotten married, and everyone else at the camp had agreed that it was, quite possibly, the most unusual couple they'd seen since… well, since never.

Things had changed, although they'd changed exactly to how Reyna expected them to. Reyna hadn't found anyone, and thank the gods she hadn't. She would never have been happy, and she was completely fine on her own. Well, in the romantic sense. These two were all she needed.

Reyna was happy. And she had a feeling she, as well as Leo and Drew, would be for a long time to come.