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Raven stretched languorously in her beach chair in spite of the weight half on her, luxuriating in the sensation of the warm sun.

It had been a long few months as she fought for control of the demonic fury burning in her core, but her grandmother, grandfather, and mothers all agreed that she was finally the master of that passion rather than its victim ... or its rider, rather; as Mama Mara had told her that day in Auntie Bell and Uncle Keiichi's home, the trick was to direct that fury rather than repress it. And the fight to learn to control her ability to shapeshift had been equally frustrating; in fact, she suspected her mothers had used her frustration with her long lack of progress to fuel the anger she had then had to learn to placate and direct. Certainly permitting her access to the mirror Grandfather had long ago given her for her birthday, in which she could watch the Senshi hunt her lawful prey had been equally frustrating. The ability to watch Rei living her daily life had more than made up for that frustration, though, and along with the letters the pair exchanged through Belldandy and Skuld had certainly provided a powerful motivation for the newly-minted demon.

And now, as she watched the beach party Usagi and Skuld had decided to throw to celebrate her return, she could feel that fury contentedly waiting; it knew that soon enough the party would be over and the hunt would begin. And what a party it was — the Senshi and their families (including a Hotaru looking — and 'feeling' to Raven's empathic sense — much better since the day of the invasion and her parents' deaths, if still shaky and always only a few paces away from Chibi-Usa); Nabiki, Kasumi, and Nodoka; Raven's mothers; Auntie Bell and Uncle Keiichi and their family (apparently Minako's one date with Norihide and then its sequels were showing all the signs of becoming something more serious, while Tamiko had started hanging out with Ami and Makoto to offer her sympathies) ... it was all a bit much. And Raven didn't want to think how much it must have cost Setsuna to arrange for the public beach Ranma had first visited with the Tendos during the Phoenix Pill mess (something that Nabiki or Kasumi must have suggested, making Raven go misty-eyed when she recognized the place) to be completely empty.

There were even some party crashers! Just as everyone had finished gathering, several clear spheres had appeared out of thin air and disgorged their passengers before flying away to the east and fading out of sight. It turned out the spheres were time-traveling devices built and operated by some superhero group from the 30th century that knew Superman somehow, but the passengers had been the Senshi of the future ... including, to the shock of their younger counterparts, grown-up versions of Chibi-Usa, Sailor Saturn, and Raven! (Though Raven noticed that Mama Urd wasn't all that surprised, though the Fury commander had tried to hide it ... there would be questions later.)

It seemed Saturn and Chibi-Usa's own adult counterparts made themselves scarce after Chibi-Usa's birth, to the extent that her parents arranged for a powerful charm to be cast on their daughter preventing her from remembering any mention of them in the histories she studied, so that she wouldn't be able to bring knowledge of her own history into the past ... and she had just kept quiet about her 'Aunt Raven' until after the 'origin story' (to use the infuriating, smirking spore's terminology). They'd taken their young counterparts aside for a few moments' private conversation, and whatever they'd said had put a glowing smile on Hotaru's face that had everyone else smiling back.

Now Raven contentedly watched the hilarious 'future vs. present' (or 'present vs. past', depending on your point of view) volley ball game that had sucked in most of the Senshi, present and future, along with half the Titans, with Setsuna and Rei's grandfather pretending to referee … 'hilarious' because it was a 'no powers allowed' battle, and watching everyone concerned struggle not to use powers that had were second nature was highly entertaining. It didn't help that Setsuna had only recently modified the original spell work that allowed her reincarnated princesses to become Senshi to make those their permanent forms, with only the wardrobe switching now. Already, Setsuna had brought out two replacement balls, one to replace a ball Ami had literally spiked with an ice spear as it was on its way out of bounds and another after Starfire fed some of her starbolt power into her fists just as she was returning a serve and blew tiny leather shreds all over her teammates.

Raven's eyes were especially drawn to her own counterpart. The future Raven was the same height (damn it!), and in all other ways could have been a carbon copy of her much younger demonic self, except for two things. First was that her horn buds had grown into a set of ram-like horns that swept up to curl around her ears, their tips almost touching skin at the hinges of her jaw.

And the other was picked up by Raven's empathic sense, the oddest feeling of serene violence, as if that older Raven were a bomb ready to go off at any moment ... but only if she judged the moment right.

The weight half on her shifted as her lover sharing the beach chair twisted slightly. Raven gasped as the sensation of skin against skin of their almost-nude bodies sparked memories of the exploration of the night before, though that skin-against-skin had quickly become well-lubricated by sweat. She desperately tried to force the memories aside before their effect on her became obvious. (The two-handkerchiefs-and-some-dental-floss they were wearing wouldn't hide anything.) Her attempt wasn't helped by her lover whispering in her ear.

"Ogling other girls already? It's been less than a day." Rei pushed herself up enough that Raven could see her grin ... And Rei could see her fiery blush.

"I was looking at me!" Raven quickly asserted, then winced at how weirdly narcissistic that sounded. And she definitely wasn't going to mention ogling boys — (Aqualad!) — any time soon.

But Rei just laughed, glancing back over her shoulder. "You're quite a looker aren't you? Those thousand years were good to you. But I think I prefer this." She turned back, running one hand along the ivory skin of Raven's arm and shoulder, up into her fiery red hair. She leaned down and Raven's lips parted slightly in anticipation of the coming contact ... and the overloaded beach chair collapsed underneath them. They yelped as they landed in a tangle of limbs, lips jammed together but not exactly as they'd planned, both now blushing as laughter swept along the beach.

Urd broke off her conversation with all the other mothers. (From the smirks, glances, and laughter not to mention the amusement they were radiating; Raven was darkly certain they were exchanging embarrassing stories — she suspected about raising teenagers, from the horror on Haruka's face and that Michiru was radiating even if she was too much her mother's daughter to show it.) Stepping over to the groaning pair, Urd reached down as her angel manifested. World of Elegance hovered above her mistress, ostentatiously ignoring Raven and Rei's glares to silently but clearly laugh at the pair. Raven suppressed her usual twinge of guilt at the sight of World of Elegance — the black of the swirling mix of black and white over the angel's skin had slowly expanded over the years since Urd's 'fall', until it now covered as much as two-thirds of the angel's form. It was a development that World of Elegance faced with a serene lack of concern, though Raven had caught an occasional flash of unhappy resignation from Mama Urd. She didn't ask.

"I know you weren't getting much tanning done anyway, draped all over each other like that," Urd said as she pulled them to their feet, "but really! There are children present! By the way, you're showing."

The young women hastily tucked their breasts back into their handkerchiefs-and-dental-floss tops. Raven felt as if her hair ought to spontaneously combust into real flames from her burning cheeks, and from Rei's own radiating intense mortification and beet-red cheeks she must have felt the same.

Haruka gratefully broke away from the mothers' gathering, pulling Michiru along with her. "Come on, you two, you can pretend to tan any time, that's what you have yards and rooftops for. We're on a beach!" Leaning close, she whispered, "Besides, in the water you can do all sorts of interesting things with your hands that no one can see, and this late in the year the water's temperature is a perfect excuse for your physical reactions."

Raven was actually going lightheaded, and if she was anything like Rei her blush had actually spread down her neck and across the top of her breasts. "Really?" she squeaked, glancing at Michiru.

Her sister-in-spirit (if not genetically, after Ranma's rebirth in Akane's infant body) was also blushing, if not as badly as Raven and Rei, but nodded her agreement. She glanced over to make sure their Mama Nodoka wasn't close enough to hear (or the other two, though Nabiki glanced at them with a broad grin even as she rejoined the mothers' resumed conversation), then murmured, "Just remember that water is the great anti-lubricant."

"There you go!" Haruka grabbed Raven and Rei's hands, pulling them around the resumed volleyball game and toward the waterline, her amused lover following. "Come on, everyone, let's get wet!"

And that's a wrap! Of the series, not just the story. Unlike some of my other series, I have no ideas for a sequel even if there weren't other stories I want to focus on more. Still, it's been a fun ride. If anyone wants to write their own sequel feel free, just please let me know so I can check it out.

The chapter title comes from the song by Gaelic Storm, more for its sense of childhood nostalgia as anything else.

Oh, and the time travel devices were time bubbles owned by the Legion of Superheroes, in current continuity (as far as I know) the team from the 30th century that visited, then recruited, Clark Kent before he became Superman. So yes, there was (or will be) a Superboy.